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1520 Sedgwick Avenue: February 19th, 2008 Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Posted by Andy Hutchins in 1520 Sedgwick Avenue.

New Music Tuesday, yeah, but it’s also Terrible Tuesday.

Do not dance with Crazy Town. Ever.

So I swapped it from Teamwork Tuesday because that just seemed too easy, spotlighting good posse cuts. It’s possible that that’s going to be an every other Tuesday feature. Instead: Unspeakable abominations!

The mission of Terrible Tuesday is to give you the absolute worst in hip-hop and let you dissect it or write it down as something to avoid. Crazy Town’s “Butterfly” is one of the worst songs ever, the perfect example of how limited musicality (Really, someone was playing those instruments? That wasn’t Garage Band?) and first-grade lyricism (“Whatever tickles your fancy/Girl, me and you like Sid and Nancy,” the second rapper says, referencing a relationship that ended particularly well.) can, indeed create something. That something happens to be a vortex of suck. So be it. 

Hell, the Chipmunk version is terrible.

Anyway, New Music Tuesday brings us…

Pastor Troy, Attitude Adjuster: In which our hero does nothing of note except serve as a suitably “street” reference for another Kanye song.

Foxy Brown, Brooklyn’s Don Diva: In which our heroine may or may not be incarcerated/pregnant/actually releasing an album.

Kanye West, Can’t Tell Me Nothing: In which our hero inexplicably releases a single on CD nearly eight months after his album dropped.

Janet Jackson, Discipline: In which our heroine boasts, “My swag is serious/Somethin’ heavy like a first day period.” (No, really.)

Jim Jones, Harlem’s American Gangster: In which our hero is, in no way, trying (nu-uh) to ape his rival, Jay-Z. (Nope.)

Lil Wayne, (Insert Mixtape Title Here): In which he smokes/sips/raps and I write the same thing in perpetuity.

Other than the Jones and Weezy, I’m not sure any of these are really out; it appears the Janet album was pushed back to next week, and I can’t understand who would buy the Kanye single. Just give me the benefit of the doubt on these Tuesdays: I will almost always be wrong on the official release date of an album, but I may have it beforehand if you’re curious.

Except Detox and Chinese Democracy.

See everyone tomorrow for Wisdom Wednesday.



1. mingusmonk - Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spot on.

Look, I’m no purist, but this is a classic worst-case scenario for sampling. They took a 10 second cut of an RCHP song, looped it, and then pulled their 6th grade english homework out of a shoebox for lyrical reference. Then pick up instruments and pretend to play them! That’s gotta do a number on the ol’ self esteem. It’s no wonder Shitty Shellshock is hooked on the Vic and Crack and named his kid after a video game (Halo).

Oh, and just like morning rock NMT, I’ve got nothing to add. A weak week for my listening tastes.

2. Rockabye - Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How bad is this week? Coolio and Rick Ross, whose releases both got pushed back, would have EASILY been the best new stuff.

3. DougOLis - Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Holy fuck! Was that DJ AM? Was he in Crazytown? I was unaware that he was capable of putting out such epic crap or that he was “somebody” before Nicole Richie.

The song definitely brings back memories to high school in a kind of fondness way for how bad and cheezy it was.

I think any mention of Can’t Tell Me Nothing requires a link to this video.

4. Rockabye - Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yes, indeed, that was DJ AM/Adam Goldstein. He left the band, then came back, then left again. A good choice, in my view.

And, yeah, you’re right about that Zach G video.

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