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Gauntlet III Recap – Why is Frank Such a Girl? Friday, February 15, 2008

Posted by The NY Kid in Fuck You Nibbles, MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

This episode opens at night, with the cast receiving a clue that says “Hope you don’t run out of gas” so the immediate assumption is that the challenge has something to do with a vehicle. Join me after the jump to figure out what the fuck is going on.

 NOTE: To those of us who felt that Frank really burst out of his shell and become a super-cool dude on Real World: Las Vegas Revisited, I beg you to skip this recap. Frank should be ashamed of himself, and immediately turn in his man card.

The next morning we see the Rookies talking about Tyree having left, but they console themselves that they are stronger since they also got rid of Brooke. We also see Diem and Ev talking about the advantages of having fewer people, so perhaps the Veterans are not as dumb as they look (and boy, do they look dumb). Meanwhile, Frank is going off on a rant over the fact that the Rookies have put Jillian into the Gauntlet 3 again last episode, and he tells Adam that they have to break up the “Team Austin” alliance.

At the challenge, the Rookies find out that MJ (Real World: Philadelphia) will be replacing Tyree. The viewers find out that MJ just had a baby (well, not him, but his wife? girlfriend? Phillipino sex slave?) 3 months ago. On one hand, this makes you think that he is a douchebag for leaving his family. On the other hand, he makes the point that winning the money would be a huge financial boost to his new life. Eh, he’s still a douchebag.

The challenge is “Push It”, where the teams must push an SUV across a stretch of sand. Here is the key point – there are boards under, just ahead and just behind the SUV that the teams can use to create a “road”, but the Veterans ask TJ if they must use them and he says “No.” The Veterans decide that they will use the boards, but that if they fall behind they will just try to push the SUV across the sand without them. The race starts, and the Rookies start off well thanks to MJ (unknown if anyone has been injecting him in the butt with steroids). Close to the end of the race, the Veterans are about one car length behind the Rookies, so they put their plan into action and forego using the planks. In a rush of speed, the Veterans win the challenge and the Rookies are devastated (and whining about the Veterans not using the boards). We also find out that Melinda had been hit in the head by a board during the competition, so she is taken to the hospital, which Brad says is not necessarily a bad thing since it will keep her out of the Gauntlet. Derek makes the philosophical comment that “it is completely demoralizing not only to our team but to the morale of the team as well” (Really? Something demoralizing affected your morale? That’s strange and completely unexpected.)

The Veterans deliberate and decide to “protect” Johanna and send Janelle into the Gauntlet. The Rookies must then deliberate, and Janelle says that she wants to face Jillian. This obviously sends Frank into a full-on PMS attack and he proceeds to whine about how unfair it is to send Jillian again. After 15 minutes of whining, the Rookies completely ignore Frank and send Jillian in to the Gauntlet.

So the Gauntlet is Janelle vs. Jillian in “Ball Brawl”, where they must each try to accumulate 4 points total by grabbing balls. Janelle gets the 1st ball, for one point, and Frank almost begins to cry. However, Jillian gets the second ball for one point, and Frank goes ballistic, yelling out such gems as “Yeah, you deserved that ball” and “That’s right.” Jillian then gets the third ball for one point, and Frank continues his annoying shenanigans. Jillian then gets the fourth ball for two points, giving her four points total and the win. Frank goes absolutely nuts, yelling his head off and crying tears of joy. On her way out, Janelle warns Frank that he is playing the game too personally.

That night, we see CT talking to some of the Rookie guys about cutting some dead weight, and he begins talking trash (shocking, I know) and telling them that they won’t win. These pleasantries are interrupted by the clue, which says “be ready to man up and rise to the occasion.” Soon after they get the clue, most of the guys go off to spy on Frank and Jillian making out (ooooooooooohhhh, they’re gonna get cooties!)

The next morning, the challenge is “Man Overboard” where each team must put between 3-5 players on a platform and use a pulley to navigate between both ends of a 120-foot track. At each end, one team member must jump into the water, and 3 players must jump into the water during each heat. The Veterans feel that they have an advantage, since they can place 5 members on the platform to pull, and only 3 of them have to jump. However, the Rookies think that they have an advantage, since some of the Veterans girls are afraid of heights (Beth, Casey). Melinda gets on the platform, but at the last minute she decides that she shouldn’t compete due to her concussion, since if she jumps and hits the water wrong she could die. This upsets her Rookies teammates, because competing is obviously more important than your health.

The challenge begins, and the Veterans win the first heat, finishing in barely less time than the Rookies. Heat 2 is also close, with the Veterans once again finishing slightly faster than the Rookies. In Heat 3, however, the Veterans absolutely crush the competition, finishing in under 2 minutes. The final overall time is 7:45 for the Veterans and 9:44 for the Rookies, so the Veterans win. During their deliberation, the Veterans choose to “protect” Ryan and send Frank into the Gauntlet. The Rookies let Frank choose who he wants to compete against, and he chooses Zach.

The Gauntlet is Frank vs. Zach in “Sliders”, which is the puzzle. They start off fairly evenly, but eventually Frank wins. As Zach leaves, he lets us know that he “was their best chance to win $300,000” (possibly because of his newly aerodynamic head).

Later that night, we the Veteran guys talking about sending some of their girls home, and they mention Beth, Katie and Robin specifically. They agree that they should start throwing challenges on girl Gauntlet days.



1. Matt_T - Saturday, February 16, 2008

Completely agree with you on Frank, I was yelling at the TV for him to shut up, that was embarassing.

didn’t even realize that 5 of the 7 Austin kids were there until they said it that episode.

And since when can a first time concussion kill you?

2. undergroundbto - Saturday, February 16, 2008

I didn’t realize it either, but there is obviously a “Team Austin” conspiracy going on. I mean, why the hell would MTV take almost the entire cast from 1 season and put them on the show?

Also, Trent Green thinks Melinda is a whiny bitch.

But, I am contractually obligated to ignore your comments after your crushing defeat of me in the Deadspin Commenter Bracket. :-)

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