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Lost: Season 4, Episode 2 Sunday, February 10, 2008

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Hello all, we’re just going to assume that you caught the season four premiere of Lost. If you didn’t, here’s the main highlights:

  • It was a Hurley flash-forward showing him running from an imaginary Charlie who finally catches up to him to tell him that “they need you.”
  • Jack and Locke disagree about the intentions of the crew on the freighter and go their separate ways. The survivors split into two camps. Some go with Locke, some with Jack. Locke is now headed to the Other’s barracks.
  • In one of Hurley’s flash-forwards, Hurley is visited in a mental hospital by a man with an African accent. The African asks Hurley, “Are they still alive?”
  • Later, in another flash-forward, Hurley is visited by Jack. Hurley tells Jack that they have to go back to the island.

The episode 2 recap is after the jump. 4 8 15 16 23 42…Execute!

The episode opens up with a POV shot of an underwater camera. The camera is panning around the ocean floor as the camera’s crew is joking with each other over a radio about finding doubloons. As the camera is moving, it comes across the tail-section of a passenger aircraft featuring the Oceanic Airlines logo. The camera moves around the sunken plane and the crew realizes that it’s the wreckage of Oceanic flight 815.

We’re then shown a newsclip that describes the discovery of flight 815’s wreckage: a freighter was searching the Sunda Trench in the Indian Ocean looking for sunken trading ships. (Like the Black Rock?). Watching the newsclip was a man visibly shaken up about the news. An unidentified woman addresses him as “Dan” and asks him why he’s upset.

Flashing forward to the island, we see Dan and three other people in a helicopter experiencing trouble due to a thunderstorm. As the other passengers are getting ready to bail out, Dan is thrown out of the helicopter. He releases his parachute and abruptly lands on the ground. Disoriented, Dan pulls out a gun and cocks it. Immediately after that, Jack and Kate walk out from behind the trees. At this point we’re at the end scene of the last episode where Dan looks at Jack while asking him if he is Jack. Dan introduces himself as Daniel Faraday and tells Jack and Kate that he and his team are on the island to rescue the 815 survivors.

Commercial Break

After the commercial break, we see Jack, Kate and Dan walking through the jungle. Dan states that there were a total of four people on his helicopter, including himself. Claiming that he lost his pack that contained his phone while parachuting from the helicopter, Dan is given Naomi’s phone by Kate. Dan uses the phone to call the freighter and states that he made contact with the survivors. George, Dan’s contact on the freighter, asks Dan if they are on speaker. Dan excuses himself from Jack and Kate and moves away from them. Jack and Kate spot Dan’s gun as he’s talking to George. After finishing his call, Dan states that the location and status of the rest of his team is unknown, but they’re equipped with GPS transmitters and their phones will be able to pick up the signal.

The next scene cuts to Locke standing in the middle of the jungle, basking in the rain. Sawyer questions Locke about the direction their group is moving. Locke tells Sawyer that they have to make a quick detour to a cabin before they head to the Others’ barracks. Hurley then tells Locke that he thought the cabin was in a different direction. We then see Ben (still tied up like a dog) looking both pissed and shocked that Hurley knows the cabin. (Obviously, Ben is realizing that he’s not the only one that can see Jacob and his cabin anymore.) Sawyer asks Locke who Locke is getting his orders from. Locke replies, “Walt.”

Back at the original camp of the 815 survivors, we see Sayid and Juliette sitting on the beach, looking for the freighter. Sayid asks Juliette why Ben would claim that the freighter’s crew is intent on harming everyone on the island. Juliette replies that Ben lies and is trying to scare them, or, that Ben is telling the truth and the freighter’s crew is there to do everyone harm. Juliette then asks Sayid how many guns are remaining.

As Jack, Kate and Dan are walking through the jungle they find a tool box that was dumped from Dan’s helicopter. Jack opens the tool box and finds a gas mask and other biohazard protection materials. Jack asks Dan what the gas mask is for. Stammering, Dan replies that he wasn’t in charge of packing “stuff.” Jack then asks Dan why Dan had a gun. “Precaution,” claimed Dan. Dan then tells Jack and Kate that his team’s primary objective wasn’t the rescue of the 815 survivors. Dan’s phone picks up the GPS signal of one of his teammates. “It’s Miles,” Dan said.

Cutting back over to Locke’s group, Sawyer presses Locke about Walt. Locke replied that he saw Walt, only Walt was taller (oh, so that’s how they’re explaining Malcom David Kelly’s growth: It’s Locke’s visions). Locke claimed that Walt saved him from a gunshot wound he suffered when Ben shot him and threw him in a ditch. Revealing the gunshot wound, Locke stated that if he had a kidney there, he’d be dead (did Ben shoot Locke there on purpose?); Locke goes on to say that since Walt saved him, he believed what Walt had to say.

Following the signal they picked up on Dan’s phone, Jack, Kate and Dan find Miles unconscious on the shore of the island. As Jack approached Miles, Miles pulled a gun on Jack. As Dan is trying to talk Miles down, Miles sees Kate and asks her where Naomi was. Miles then asked Kate, “Where’s the woman you killed?”

Commercial Break

After the break, we see a flashback of Miles. He pulls up in front of a house as he’s listening to the radio describing the discovery of 815. Miles gets out of the car and retrieves a suitcase from the trunk. Miles walks up to the house and is greeted by an elder lady. The lady asks if he can help her, but Miles replies that the fee is two-hundred dollars. His fee had doubled because her grandson was murdered. Miles opens up his suitcase and pulls out parts of a glorified dustbuster. After he assembles his dustbuster, he asks the lady where “it” is. “The room is upstairs,” the lady replied. Miles enters a vacant bedroom and turns on the dustbuster. Sitting on the bed, Miles starts shaking and asks, “Where is it?” After hearing some strange rattling, Miles found a vent behind a bookcase. Miles took the vent cover off and found a bag containing money and drugs. Taking the money, but leaving the drugs, Miles spoke, “You can go now.” (I’m guessing that Miles is a ghostbuster…I’d hoped that the weird shit would stay on the island, nope!)

We’re then brought back to the beach where Miles has a gun pointed at Jack. Dan is trying to calm Miles down and tells him that Jack and Kate are good people. Miles tells Dan that Naomi used the “code” that their team was supposed to use if they were captured and had a gun to their head. Jack and Kate tell Miles what actually happened to Naomi and that Locke was no longer with them. Miles then demands to see Naomi’s body. He claims that he’d know if Jack and Kate were telling the truth.

Locke’s group had stopped at a stream to rest and bottle water. While Ben was tied up to a tree, he had asked Sawyer why he left Kate behind. Ben then compared Sawyer to Jack and claimed that Sawyer now had no chance with Kate since Sawyer left her and that Jack was a successful surgeon. Sawyer had managed to kick the living hell out of Ben before Locke intervened. Questioning why they were keeping Ben around, Sawyer told Locke that they should finish Ben off while they had a chance. Sawyer claimed that Ben was going to get them and that he already knew how he was going to do it.

Kneeling over Naomi’s body, we see Dan rocking back and forth (similar to his flashback). Miles then approached Dan and told him that Naomi died as Jack and Kate said he did. Dan’s phone picked up another signal from their crew: it’s Charlotte. Jack asks Miles to put the guns down. Miles refuses and asked Jack why he should do so, Jack (in a moment eerily similar to his first encounter with Mr. Friendly and the Others) told Miles that there are guns pointed to his and Dan’s head. Sayid and Juliette shoot at Miles and Dan, prompting them to put their guns down.

Commercial Break

We get another flashback of one of the freighter’s crew members and it’s set in Medenine, Tsunsia. A Range Rover pulls up t an excavation site. The aforementioned Charlotte picks up a newspaper with the headline: “815: Retrouve!” Charlotte’s friend asks her how many times does she have to read it to believe that it’s true. Charlotte replies, “How many languages are there?” Charlotte then goes to a skeleton of a polar bear (again, a polar bear pops up where they shouldn’t…) that was found in the excavation. Digging around the skull of the polar bear, Charlotte finds a collar with the Dharma “Hydra” station logo.

After the flashback, Charlotte is shown hanging over a lake from here parachute that was caught on a tree. Charlotte releases herself from her parachute and falls into the lake. Getting her head above water, Charlotte approaches the shore where she is met by Locke and his group.

Charlotte and Locke’s group exchange the obvious questions with each other before Locke declares that Charlotte is going with them. Charlotte refuses, claiming that her GPS transmitter will lead the other crew on the freighter to rescue them. Locke replied, “We don’t want to be found.”

Meanwhile, as Jack’s group is walking through the jungle, Sayid is tinkering with Dan’s phone. The phone picks up Charlotte’s GPS signal. Jack’s group run towards the signal only to find that Locke had taken the GPS transmitter and tied it to Vincent the dog (be sure to watch the video posted below for more Vincent highlights).

Commercial Break

More flashback fun with the freighter’s crew! The scene opens up with a toy airplane sinking to the bottom of an aquarium. A drunken Nick Nolte look-alike is watching a newscast showing the wreckage of flight 815. Part of the imagery shows the body of the pilot witch prompts the Nolte look-alike to call the TSA and claim that the body isn’t the pilot as the newscast claims. The operator from the TSA asks how the Nolte look-alike knows so much about flight 815. Nolte replied, “Because I was supposed to the the pilot of 815.”

Back on the island, we see Nolte (later introduced as “Frank,” so we’ll use his proper name from here on out) crawling around the island with a leg injury. As Frank climbs to the top of a hill, he is greeted by a cow (WTF? This is stranger than the four-toed statue.). Settling at the top of the hill, Frank pulls out a broken phone. Realizing that the phone can’t be repaired, Frank pulls out a flare gun and fires it.

Locke’s group sees the flare and prompts discussion as to go towards the flare, Ben (who lifted a gun) shoots Charlotte. Predictably, Sawyer beats Ben down again (it’s a good thing that the island has healing properties). When Locke tends to Charlotte, he discovers that Charlotte was wearing a deus-ex machina bulletproof vest.

Jack’s group finds Frank. Miles asks Frank where the helicopter crashed. “What kind of pilot do you think I am,” replied Frank, “It’s over there.”

Commercial Break

It’s the last flashback! In an empty office, we see pictures of Dan, Miles, Charlotte and Frank laid out on a desk. We hear Naomi speaking to someone else in the room. “Yes, I’ve read their profiles, but they’re the wrong people for a mission like this,” she said. We then see the African that appeared in Hurley’s flash-forward last week. Naomi then asked him what they should do if they found any survivors from flight 815. The African told her that there were no survivors and that she shouldn’t ask questions, just get her team on and off the island safely.

While Sayid is inspecting the helicopter, Miles asks Jack for the phone. Jack wanted to know what Miles and his team were doing on the island. In exchange for the phone, Miles would tell Jack their objective.

Juliette was tending Frank’s wounds when he asked her for her name. When Juliette tells him, Frank immediately knew that she wasn’t on flight 815. Frank tells Miles that Juliette wasn’t on the plane and calls her a “native.” Angrily, Miles asks Juliette, “Where is he?” Miles then asked if Jack’s group wanted to know why he was there, it was to find Benjamin Linus. Miles then pulled out a photo of Ben in an office-type setting.

The final scene of the episode sends us back over to Locke’s group. Ben is tied to a tree while Sawyer is pointing a gun in his face. Locke states that Sawyer was right earlier that Ben would try to do something to compromise the group. Sawyer asks Locke if he should kill Ben and Locke said that [Ben] was his mess and that he’d clean it up. Pleading for his life, Ben said that he has information Locke needs. (Doing something that the fans have wanted to do to the writers since the first season) Locke points a gun at Ben and asked him what the smoke monster is. After Ben claimed he didn’t know, Locke cocked the gun and told Ben goodbye. Frantically, Ben rattles off information about Charlotte and the other members of her team. When asked how he knew about her, Ben replied that he had a person on the freighter.

Holy hell…I have a newfound respect and appreciation for the rest of the DeadOn crew and their concise re-caps.! I promise next week’s re-cap will be shorter, funnier and on-time. Any theories? Anything I missed? Leave your comments below or e-mail me at pqcrash@gmail.com.


The following video is part of the official canon of the Lost storylines. This was part of their 13-week “mobisode” run on Verizon Wireless and ABC.com. I assure you that it will warp everything you think you know about Lost in less than two minutes.

All of the “mobisodes” can be found at ABC.com



1. DougOLis - Monday, February 11, 2008

I wonder why Daniel was so upset when he learned about Oceanic 815. The name Daniel Faraday intrigues me because of the chemist/physicist Michael Faraday who was probably the most important scientist to the fields of electricity and magnetism. Obviously we already know Daniel is a physicist, but hopefully he’ll be able to provide us some more answers. A Faraday Cage is used for electromagnetic shielding protecting whatever is inside from some force outside (or vice versa), kind of like how a car can be hit by lightning but you’ll be fine inside. Interestingly enough the island was kind of in a Faraday Cage when the Looking Glass station was operational, but now that the shielding is down the island is susceptible to outside forces.

The way Ben told Carl, “Carl, now that you’re going to sleep with my daughter, I insist you call me Ben,” was pretty fucking hilarious. Then when that was promptly followed by Jack’s “I dunno Miles, how stupid are you” line, it made for a sharp 5 minutes.

This video might explain the polar bear in the desert. Oceanic 815 at the bottom of the sea and the Black Rock on the island for that matter too.

Is it strange that Vincent might be my favorite character on the show? I think I’d be more upset if he dies or gets cut out than anyone else.

I’m pretty sure that cow was at the Pearl Station with Mikhail. If Frank put the chopper down safely, why was he way the fuck up the hill?

I don’t think the black guy is supposed to be from Africa. He uses the same accent on The Wire and that’s in Baltimore. I’m going to keep calling him Cedric Daniels until we find out his name. Have we found it out yet? He probably told Hurley but I’m still calling him Cedric Daniels.

If what the rescuers want is Ben, what prevents the Losties from giving him up?

2. DougOLis - Monday, February 11, 2008

I meant The Flame station not Pearl

3. Grammar Dick - Monday, February 11, 2008

Great great detailed recap, but the continual tense disagreement made this a tough read.

4. PQ Crash - Monday, February 11, 2008

“…but the continual tense disagreement made this a tough read.”

I agree. Next episode’s recap will be a bit shorter and to the point. Thank you for your feedback.

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