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Gauntlet III Recap – Wait, Ev is a Lesbian? Thursday, February 7, 2008

Posted by The NY Kid in Fuck You Nibbles, MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

This episode opens with Brooke and Ev flirting, and Ev tells us that she would rather have things work out between them than win the $300,000. Brooke, on the other hand, informs us that she doesn’t want Ev to get the wrong idea about where their “relationship” might be headed (which, apparently, is nowhere). We see the rest of the Veteran girls discussing the idea of picking your own Gauntlet opponent, and all of them seem to think that they are first in line if they lose. Join me after the jump to find out what the fuck is going on here.

That night, the cast gets a clue that tells them they may be “hung out to dry” (these clues are always so clever). While contemplating what this might mean, we see Derek stating that he feels the Rookies are getting better, since they have gotten rid of their weaker players.

The next day, the challenge is “Wring Out”, where some players must put on clothes and jump into the ocean to get them soaked, other players must take the wet clothes and send them on a large clothesline to a bucket station, where the remaining players must wring out as much water as possible from the clothes. On the Rookie side, Brooke is adamant that she wants to be a “soaker” so that she can demonstrate that she is not entirely useless. While the entire team thinks that this is a poor idea because she is, in fact, entirely useless, Brooke decides to go off on Johanna and calls her a bitch. Eventually the competition gets underway, and the Rookies work very well despite being down 3 players, while the Veterans are busy bitching at each other. Eventually, however, the Veterans go on to win the challenge.

The Veterans choose to “protect” Tori and to send Jillian into the Gauntlet. They choose Jillian because they think that the Rookies want to Brooke into the Gauntlet, and Jillian is the only person that Brooke could possibly beat, thus ensuring that the weaker player (i.e. Brooke) sticks around. The Rookies realize this strategy, put they put Brooke into the Gauntlet anyway. So Brooke and Jillian face off in “Ball Brawl”, where they must grab balls of various sizes (one at a time), and bring them back to the starting line. Jillian is much quicker than Brooke, and she gets the 1st and 2nd balls fairly easily. Brooke actually manages to get the 3rd ball, but Jillian informs us that she let Brooke have it in order to tire her out. Jillian then gets the 4th ball (which was worth 2 points, as opposed to the first 3 which were worth 1 point each), giving her 4 points and the win. While Frank celebrates with Jillian, Brooke goes over to hug Ev and they both cry. Coral lets us all know that the last time she saw a good-bye that emotional she was watching “Titanic”, and then caps it off by noting that “Brooke’s not even a real lesbian.”

Later that evening, we see Ev extremely pissed off, which makes the Veterans happy since they think that she will be a stronger player. Then the kids start partying, as it is Katie, Johnny, and Adam’s birthday. During the festivities, CT and Evan tape down Zach and shave off his afro, and Johnny amd Casey are caught naked together. All in all, a fun night.

The next morning, we see Tyrie on the phone with his girlfriend. Although she is about to have open-heart surgery, she wants him to stay in Mexico and finish the Gauntlet experience. The Veterans are happy about this turn of events, because they think that he might leave anyway. Later that night, the cast gets the clue to “shut up and listen.”

The next day, the cast is faced with “Blind Man’s Maze”, where 1 player must act as the “eyes” of the team and guide everyone through a maze as they are blindfolded. The “eyes” are Johanna for the Rookies and Coral for the Veterans, which works out well since they are both loud-mouths. The Rookies feel they have an advantage, since the first team to get everyone to finish wins, and they have 4 fewer players. In the end, they were correct, as their last player crosses the line with the Veterans team still having 4 players to go.

After their first win, the Rookies choose to “protect” Adam and send Evan into the Gauntlet. Walking back to the house, CT asks Evan who he would like to face, and Evan says Johnny. Back at the house, CT mentions Johnny’s name, and says that Evan will “smoke” him, which obviously pisses Johnny off. After all of the screaming is done, the Veterans choose Johnny anyway. So, it’s Evan against Johnny in “Sliders”, where they must complete a giant puzzle. Right before the Gauntlet starts, Johnny asks Evan if he called him out, and Evan says no, which prompts Johnny to start yelling at CT again. The Gauntlet finally gets underway, and although it is close, Evan wins (with the help of most of the Veterans’ directions).

Back at the house after the Gauntlet, we see Tyrie packing his bags, as he has decided to go home and be with his girlfriend for her surgery. Some of the Rookies are upset that they are losing a player on a day where they won their challenge. Yes, obviously Tyrie is being a selfish bastard.



1. Shenanigans - Thursday, February 7, 2008

I know someone who went to High school with Ev. But she was a He then. Dead serious. Coral alluded to it, as did Evan (“she’s our 9th man”), but i know that is more than just a rumor. enjoy that tidbit of info

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