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Gauntlet III Recap – Girl Fight! Sunday, February 3, 2008

Posted by The NY Kid in Fuck You Nibbles, MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

This episode opens with Nehemiah talking to Beth about how their “relationship” was portrayed by her on the Duel. He is pretty pissed off that she said things like “Nehemiah is following me like a sick little puppy”, and he wants everyone to know that they never hooked up because she is not his type. After his big speech, everyone starts clapping. Join me after the jump to see how the rest of these little bitches get along.

That night, the cast gets a clue that says “tomorrow you’re getting screwed”, and this is immediately followed by 17,189 sexual innuendos (seriously, these people need to get laid). While some of the Rookies sit around discussing strategy, we see Tori go off on a paranoid rant about how some of the Rookies are being shady.

The next morning, the cast arrives to the “Screw You” challenge where they are faced with some sizable bolts and nuts interspersed throughout an obstacle course. In teams of 2, the cast must unscrew the nuts off of 3 separate bolts, thus making them dizzy and making it difficult to complete the rest of the obstacle course (confused? Good!). The Rookies decide to start off with all guy-guy teams in an attempt to build up a sizable lead, but the first Veterans team of Kenny and Ev (which may also, in fact, be a guy-guy team) starts off very quickly and crushes the Rookies on the first leg. A few legs later, Tyler and Ryan catch up for the Rookies, causing Tyler to note that “the 2 gay guys smoked the competition” (no comment). However, the Veterans edge back into the lead when Brooke shits the bed for the Rookies because she is completely useless, and Casey and Adam finish off the win for the Veterans.

The Veterans then have to deliberate on who to “save” and who to send in to the Gauntlet for the Rookies. They choose to “protect” Brooke, who thinks that Ev spoke up for her since they have been kissing buddies, when in reality they kept her because they feel that she is the weakest player of all time. The Veterans decide to send Jillian into the Gauntlet, and the Rookies choose Angel for her to go up against. This causes Tori to start spouting off again about shady alliances, leading someone to call out Ryan for his alliance with Coral (who is on the opposite team). Before we can explore this exciting controversy further, we see Angel and Jillian ready to face off in “Ram It Home”, which basically involves pushing your opponent who is on the opposite side of a blocking sled. The girls start out fairly even, but Jillian creeps into the lead, which is followed by Angel making a big comeback. However, just when it looks like Angel might hold on, she begins to falter and Jillian makes a big push and wins the Gauntlet. On her way out the door, Angel tells TJ (our host, TJ Lavin), that she “gave 200% here.” Really? 200%? So, since she could never give more than maximum effort (i.e. 100%), can we assume that if she gave everything she had in the Gauntlet, that she was only giving out 50% effort in the challenges? Well, no wonder her team didn’t care about losing her.

Back at the house we see the Rookies talking about needing a win, while the Veterans are discussing how the game is more mental than physical (oh, those wise Veterans). We also see a whole lot of making out and flirting, as the cast lets off some steam (and quite a bit of clothing). The cast gets their clue for the next day, and it says “back and forth, side-to-side, 1 of you will go for a ride.” After this mysterious clue, we see Tyler talking to Ryan about the fact that he has a crush on him, but Ryan says that they only made out because he was drunk and that he doesn’t want to lead Tyler on because he does not want a relationship.

The next morning the cast is faced with “Roped In”, where one of the male players must sit on a rope swing and have the rest of theam maneuver him to obtain puzzle pieces and place them in their correct positions. We get Adam (Veterans) and Ryan (Rookies) on the swings, and although it is close, the Veterans wind up winning. The Veterans choose to “protect” Tyrie and send Tyler into the Gauntlet. Johnny gets quite the thrill out of announcing Tyler’s name, since Tyler was responsible for sending him home on the Duel. This causes Tyler to bitch out Johnny, which in turn causes Janelle to call Tyler a coward (now that’s team-building!). The Rookies choose Frank to face off against Tyler.

The Gauntlet for Frank and Tyler is Force Field, where they are attached to each other by a rope and must get across the opposing end line. They start out evenly, but Frank digs in and wears Tyler out, eventually winning the Gauntlet. Everyone, but especially Ryan, feels less stressed now that Tyler is gone.



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