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Gauntlet III Recap – That Bitch is Crazy! Sunday, January 27, 2008

Posted by The NY Kid in Fuck You Nibbles, MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

Welcome, my friends, to the latest incarnation of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge – the Gauntlet III. This season will pit the Rookies (anyone with 1 or 0 prior Challenges) vs. the Veterans (anyone with 2 or more prior Challenges). Sorry this recap is getting up so late – sometimes Real Life takes precedence over the Real World (/Road Rules) – fuck, I’m clever. Join me after the jump for all of the details of the opening episode.

So, our cast this year is as follows:

 Veterans: Evelyn (from Fresh Meat), Katie (Road Rules – the Quest), Adam (Real World – Paris), Casey (Fresh Meat), Eric (Fresh Meat), Beth (Real World – Las Angeles), Brad (Real World – San Diego), Robin (Real World – San Diego), Danny (Real World – Austin), Paula (Real World – Key West), Kenny (Fresh Meat), Coral (Real World – New York II), Johnny (Real World – Key West), Evan (Fresh Meat), Diem (Fresh Meat), and CT (Real World – Paris).

Rookies: Nehemiah (Real World – Austin), Janelle (Real World – Key West), Tyrie (Real World – Denver), Angel (Road Rules – Viewer’s Revenge), Rachel (Real World – Austin), Tyler (Real World – Key West), Brooke (Real World – Denver), Melinda (Real World – Austin), Derek (Road Rules – Viewer’s Revenge), Frank (Real World – Las Vegas / Real World – Las Vegas Reunion), Zach (Real World – Key West), Tori (Road Rules – Viewer’s Revenge), Alex (Real World – Denver), Jillian (Road Rules – Extreme), Ryan (Fresh Meat), and Johanna (Real World – Austin).

 So, anyone else notice that for a supposed Real World/Road Rules Challenge we only have 4 contestants from seasons of Road Rules? Stupid MTV. Our host, as usual, is TJ Lavin, and the setting is the lovely Puerto Vallerta, Mexico (well, it looks lovely – I’ve never been there). As TJ separates the teams into Veterans and Rookies, we see Danny and Melinda (who are on opposite teams) promising each other not to vote each other off. We are then informed of the new rules – the winning team in each challenge gets to pick 2 individuals from the oppoising team, one to go into the Gauntlet and one who is guaranteed safety from the Gauntlet. The losing team then picks a second contestant from their own team to go into the Gauntlet. The second rule change? No team bank accounts – $300,000 goes goes to the members of the winning team who make it all the way to the end.

TJ informs the team that they will engage in a tug-of-war to determine who gets first choice of the sleeping arrangements. The Veterans win fairly easily, and they get the big fancy house with all of the nice rooms/beds, while the Rookies are stuck living in a filthy hut with bunk beds and only one shower.

During the “getting to know you” phase, we see Tyler talking about how excited he is to meet Brooke, since she is batshit crazy. Brooke obliges by announcing that she is now a lesbian. To prove it, she makes it with Evelyn (wait, is Ev a lesbian?), which prompts Tyler to make out with Ryan (poor kid). This then causes Paula to flirt with everyone under the sun (but mostly with Derek and Adam).

The next day the cast gets a message that it is “time to get dirty”, and they slip on their bathing suits and head out to the Challenge. The game is “Pinata Pit”, where a pinata is suspended above a mud pit. The pinata is filled with green balls for the girls and orange balls for the boys (no word on who got blue balls). In a “musical chairs”-style arrangement, whoever is left without a ball at the end of each round is eliminated. TJ announces that this is a no-holds-barred event, as tackling and stealing balls are allowed. The cast takes this a bit further once the game starts, engaging in some choking, kicking, biting, etc. The Veterans take the lead quickly, and start eliminating the Rookies one by one. Janelle and Tori notice the trend, and they decide to team up to ensure that Tori makes it to the end. The last woman standing comes down to Tori and Robin, and Tori wins it for the Rookies. Eric is the last male standing, and wins it for the Veterans. Since the teams are split (1 Rookie, 1 Veteran), they must choose players for a face-off.  The Rookies choose Derek and the Veterans choose CT. Derek starts off well, but CT starts to diminate and winds up winning.

TJ announces that it is a male Gauntlet, so the Veterans must choose which male Rookie is safe and which male Rookie they want to go into the Gauntlet. They choose to “save” Ryan and to send Nehemiah into the Gauntlet. The Rookies ask Nehemiah who he wants to face in the Gauntlet, and he chooses Alex since they are similar in size.

The Gauntlet is a game called “Force Field”, where the players are connected with a rope suspended to a pulley system, so that when one of them moves forward, the other one is pulled back). Nehemiah starts off well, but Alex makes a come-back so Nehemiah decides to try and wear him out. After a while, Alex eventually gives up, and Nehemiah wins.

Back at the house, after the Gauntlet, Katie and Robin talk about the guys on their team are focused on eliminating the girls since they see them as a weak link. The rest of the cast, naturally, starts to party, which leads to CT getting drunk and obnoxious (SURPRISE!). CT starts talking shit to everyone around him, including his teammates, so Coral gets in his face about disrespecting them, which leads to an argument. Diem comes along and tries to intervene, asking CT to come to bed, but he refuses. Diem gets pissed off at CT, and storms off to bed.




1. Shenanigans - Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ev is, in fact, a man. I have sources. In high school she had a penis. Enjoy that info.

2. SA - Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wait-Road Rules is still on the air?

This episode reminded me why I actually liked the challenges, as opposed to the the individual shows now. Something is wrong with every single one of these people. I wonder if it’s in the contract they sign that they have to participate in these challenges after their season is over?

3. The Fan's Attic - Monday, January 28, 2008

I wish Isaac were on this one. Not that he would necessarily do well, but he would be a card. Actually, he might be quite adept at the mind games that go on in this show especially considering the lack of intelligence of most of the participants.

4. Matt_T - Monday, January 28, 2008

I’m so glad this is back, and I’m with SA, I like this better than the RW or RR by themselves.

And there’s maybe so few RW contestants bc they’ve only had one new show in the past 5 years*

*something like that

I hope they keep Brooke around for a long time.

5. The Fan's Attic - Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Could Brooke become the reality tv version of Britney going on a bipolar meltdown?

6. iloveyou - Saturday, February 9, 2008

im sorry to tell you but i think CT is kinda hot. the challenges are the only thing that makes “the real world” worth while.

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