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Real World Recap – Dunbar Continues to Make Baby Jesus Cry Sunday, January 13, 2008

Posted by The NY Kid in Fuck You Nibbles, MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

The final episode of this season opens with Dunbar talking to Isaac about the situation with Ashli. Dunbar starts off the episode in keeping with his usual douchebaggery by stating “The only time that Ashli doesn’t talk is when my dick is in her mouth.” Isaac is surprised, since Dunbar has just confirmed that he and Ashli did have sex (yes, oral counts Bill!), and tells him that he should call JUlie and tell her that he cheated. At the same time, the girls are all talking about how Dunbar wants all of them to like him. We also see Cohutta and KellyAnne talking about how they will handle their relationship after the show, and it appears that Cohutta is all but ready to get married (seriously, settle down fella). Join me after the jump to see how Dunbar continues his streak of being the biggest asshole ever to appear on The Real World.

Everyone goes out to the bar since it is one of their last nights in Sydney, and KellyAnne begins grinding with some random dude (not totally random, since the roommates kind of knew him, but still). Obviously, this pisses of Cohutta, who tells her to “quit acting so damned slutty.” KellyAnne gets offended, and goes back to dancing with random guy, and she also flips off Cohutta (nice!), so he pulls her away and they argue. KellyAnne gets upset and runs into the bathroom to talk to Ashli about things, so Ashli comes out and talks to Cohutta, telling him that he is all that KellyAnne ever talks about. They all go back to the house, and Cohutta calls his grandfather for advice, who tells him that he needs to “set some rules.”

In the morning, KellyAnne gets into bed with Cohutta to talk to him, and she tells that she is very ashamed and very sorry. He doesn’t say too much, and they go back to sleep. When they wake up again, they talk about the situation some more, and Cohutta says that he is worried that KellyAnne would hate him because he “might have been a little mean last night” (seriously? Cohutta is the nicest person to ever appear on this damned show). KellyAnne tells him that he should hate her since she acted like an idiot, and he forgives her. We also see Dunbar call Julie, but he doesn’t mention the fact that he is a cheating asshole.

That night we see Dunbar talking to Isaac and Noirin about Julie, and he says that he is worred about how Julie’s mom will react since she “worships” him. He also says “for the first time in my life I feel really bad about something like that” (did he just admit that he regularly cheats on his girlfriends?). Everyone goes out, and at one point Dunbar gets pissed off thinking about how Ashli has been reacting to him, so he tells everyone that Ashli gave him a few blowjobs in order to demean her (classy!). Ashli confronts Dunbar, but he doesn’t admit that he told everyone, so she leaves the bar all pissed off.

Back at the house, Ashli is pissed off and talking to Parissa about Dunbar. She gets really worked up and goes to confront Dunbar again. After ripping into him, Dunbar obviously gets pissed off, and he says that she is trying to control him (presumably by threatening to tell Julie). Dunbar that gets off another fabulous line by telling Ashli “You could get hit by a bus and I wouldn’t give a shit” (what a guy!). Ashli starts crying, and goes to talk to Noirin. At the same time, Dunbar goes to talk to Parissa, and she notices him wiping some blood off of his hand (he had punched a bench outside while arguing with Ashli). Dunbar continues his streak by noting that “She’s a ruthless bitch during the day and on my shit at night. She’s already destroyed my life since my girlfriend is going to leave me” (umm, you did that to yourself, buddy).

The next night, KellyAnne and Cohutta go out to dinner and do the whole getting-to-know-you thing (a little later for that, isn’t it?). They also talk about what they have learned during their experience in the house (hey! your insightful introspection has no place on this show, dammit!). Back at the house, they continue to talk about their relationship, and the fact that their time in Sydney is coming to an end. Everyone then goes out to the bar, where Parissa gets on stage and sings Amazing Grace, impressing all of the roommates with her abilities.

The next morning, we see Dunbar looking at a picture of Julie. At the same time, we see Ashli talking to Parissa about Dunbar, and Parissa encourages her to go talk to him. Ashli goes to talk to Dunbar, and she tells him that she felt degraded. Dunbar, of course, makes the situation about himself, and tells her that the next few days of his life are going to be extremely shitty since he has to tell Julie that he cheated. Ashli tells Dunbar that she wasn’t “just a piece of ass”, and Dunbar tells her that he never felt that way about her (really? you could have fooled me).

Later that night, Dunbar asks Ashli if she wants to spoon, since he wants to prove to himself that he can be in the same bed as her and not have sex. Ashli says no, and Dunbar replies “I can’t believe that you’re that mean” (wow, is he deluded or what?).

The next morning we see everyone packing while Cohutta and KellyAnne continue their conversation about their relationship. Parissa also goes around and gives each roommate a personalized gift, giving them something that reminds her of them.

The last morning in the house, we see everyone’s suitcase lined up while we are treated to the traditional season-ending flashback sequences as everyone says goodbye. Ashli leaves first, and she says that “everything has been worth it.” Isaac is next, and he leaves with Noirin and Dunbar. Cohutta and KellyAnne leave together, and then Parissa goes in to the confessional to cry about being alone. We see Cohutta and KellyAnne at the airport saying goodbye to each other, and then we see Parissa leave the house to end the season.

NOTE: Fear not! The Real World may be over, but the Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Gauntlet III is just about to begin!



1. Suzanna - Sunday, January 13, 2008

I want more real world. :(

2. DougOLis - Monday, January 14, 2008

Dunbar did seem sincerely worried about Julie not wanting to take him back. He’s a douche but he’s not completely cold hearted. And I respect him for wanting to tell her face to face instead of over the phone. Isaac may have been right about the reasons for the contrition though.

I think my favorite part was Cohutta talking so frank to his grandpa about KellyAnne (screwing her/her booty dancing).

Dunbar saying that Julie’s mom will like him for another few months was pretty hilarious.

Does twice count as “always” being on Dunbar’s dick?

Did Parisa lying on the ground and yelling at Ashli remind anyone of the Hasselhoff video?

Yep, Dunbar’s a douche. That fight with Ashli was pretty fucking brutal. Their final makeup was pretty adult though.

3. sherry - Thursday, January 24, 2008

where can i find the gift that parissa gave to issac

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