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Real World Recap – Isaac Takes It To Another Level Sunday, January 6, 2008

Posted by The NY Kid in Fuck You Nibbles, MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

This episode opens with the roommates doing some white-water rafting (random!) while we see Isaac saying “Everyone who knows me knows that I am deathly afraid of any kind of commitment.” He goes on to note that “after this ordeal, it’s time to move on to the next level” (whatever the heck that means). Join me after the jump to find out just how f’ing cool Isaac truly is.

That night we see Noirin and Isaac sitting around talking, and she asks him if he will do some traveling with her after his time in the house is over, noting that it would only cost $600 to go on a booze-cruise four a few weeks. This leads Isaac to muse that “all Noirin wants to do is drink, party , and get down. Do I want a 4-month excursion with that?”

The next day, we see Dunbar asking KellyAnne about her parents, and she mentions that her father continually cheated on her mother. This conversation about parents prompts Isaac to reveal that he has 2 kids – a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old. Ashli says that she doesn’t believe him, because he is not the kind of guy to have come out to Sydney and leave his 2 kids behind. Isaac insists that he is telling the truth, and he asks everyone not to say anything to Noirin. Back at the house, Parissa and Ashli are talking about Isaac’s kids, and wondering if it is all a prank, which pisses Isaac off. At this time we get flashbacks to all of the crazy stories that Isaac has told to the roommates, including two whoppers – he claimed that: (a) he was a secret priest in the KKK; and (b) he had killed someone.

That night we see Parissa and Noirin talking about Isaac, and Noirin says that she is “absolutely mad about him.” At the same time, Dunbar and Isaac are talking about Noirin, and Isaac says that he has not said “I love you” even though Noirin has said it several times.

The next morning, Alex (remember him?) calls Parissa to find out what the roommates are doing since it’s his birthday (ah, yes, I always call people on my birthday to make them hang out with me). Parissa is upset that he never calls, but KellyAnne gets on the phone and invites him over to the house.

That night, Alex comes over and talks to Parissa about their “relationship”, telling her that he didn’t call because he felt that it was an awkward situation. Parissa caves in (naturally), but she at least tells him that he should have been more straightforward with her. Alex tells her that he simply met Trisha first, but he liked them both, and that he’s “not the bad guy.” As the conversation turns to one-night stands and relationships among all the roommates, Noirin tells Isaac that he had “better not have any babies” (uh-oh). Isaac doesn’t really say anything, so Noirin asks the girls if Isaac has kids. The girls start giggling, which pisses off Isaac since he feels that they are not keeping his secret. Noirin goes outside, and Dunbar goes out to talk to her. Eventually, Isaac comes outside to talk to Noirin, and she finds out that he has kids, but she says that she still loves him (awww, how sweet).

We then see Noirin, Isaac, Dunbar and Ashli going out to the bars (although it’s not clear if it’s the same night), and they meet Alex. At the bar, Noirin asks Isaac to go to Ireland, and they discuss the seriousness of their relationship. Isaac is glad when Noirin says that she wants more than just getting drunk and having fun, and this proclamation is followed by some flashbacks of various points in their relationship. Everyone, including Alex, goes back to the house and gets in the hot tub (where Ashli takes her top off). At some point Isaac goes upstairs to go to sleep (and leaves his girlfriend in the hot tub with other dudes?!?), and Alex goes upstairs to wake up Parissa. Parissa does come down and get into the hot tub, and they all play Truth or Dare, which results in: (a) Noirin, Ashli and Dunbar sharing a “triple kiss”; and (b) Alex and Parissa sharing a very steamy kiss.

The next morning Alex leaves after saying goodbye to Parissa, and we see Parissa saying that last night she “acted [her] age and finally just cut loose” (although we’re not sure if they had sex). Parissa then talks to KellyAnne about the rest of their time in the house, noting that she is “not trying to fall in love.”

That night Isaac is talking to Noirin about having to leave Sydney in 2 weeks, but he tells her that he has good news. He goes inside the house and comes back with 2 bottles of champagne, and he tells her that they can travel whenever and wherever they want because he doesn’t have kids. PUNKED!

NEXT WEEK: The season finale.



1. DougOLis - Monday, January 7, 2008

Did Isaac pull the “KKK” thing before or after dating Noirin? I’m just trying to determine the absurdity of it; if it was before it’s somewhat possible I guess. Knowing Isaac’s good natured personality it’s absurd but if he said when they just met, who knows.

Parissa is utterly depressing; she’s smart, but still depressing.

2. undergroundbto - Monday, January 7, 2008

It’s not clear when exactly Isaac said that he was in the KKK, but I assumed that his membership and the murder story were obviously false, given that it’s doubtful MTV would have allowed him to appear on the show if they were true (hopefully).

3. jessica - Monday, January 7, 2008

what’s the song that’s playing in the very beginning of this episode when they’re white water rafting?

4. undergroundbto - Saturday, January 12, 2008

Unfortunately, MTV is really bad at identifying the music playing in their shows, so I have no idea what that song is. It’s pretty ironic, don’t ya think?

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