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Real World Recap – Why is Isaac So Awesome? Thursday, December 27, 2007

Posted by The NY Kid in Fuck You Nibbles, MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

Many of my recaps have focused on why Dunbar is such a huge douchebag. He still is, but several commenters have noted that Isaac is also quite possibly the coolest cat to ever appear on the Real World. Why? Well, follow me after the jump for an example of the awesomeness that is Isaac.

This episode opens in the morning with Isaac, Ashli and Parissa making a rap song for their Contiki tour, and it is just as corny as it sounds. However, Isaac manages to turn it into a pretty cool affair. At the same time, Cohutta calls their boss to tell her about his ankle, and she tells him to go to the doctor to get it checked. While he lays around at home, everyone else goes to work to meet with Sarah about their tours, which are scheduled for the next day. She tells them all that there are two things to remember: (1) no drinking; and (2) videotape everything for their presentations.

The next morning, Cohutta goes to the doctor while everyone else goes to meet their group. We first see KellyAnne and Dunbar standing around with their clients looking clueless. Next we see Isaac, Ashli and Parissa on their boss, singing their song and having a great time. As KellyAnne and Dunbar get their group going, we see that most of their clients appear to be extremely bored. We also notice that KellyAnne is not videotaping anything. Unfortunately for her, their boss notices also, and she is not impressed.

Later that night, Isaac, Ashli and Parissa take their group to a Latin restaurant where they have good food and do some dancing, while KellyAnne and Dunbar take their group to a Greek restaurant where everyone begins to drink as much as possible (presumably to blot out the memory of their shitty tour). On the way to their next stop, KellyAnne bets one of their clients that she can drink an entire bottle of tequila without puking, and once they get to the bar they all continue drinking. Of course, their boss notices this and she yells at them and sends KellyAnne home.

Back at the house for night, everyone gets together to talk about how their tours went. Isaac, Noirin and Ashli decide to go to the hotel where Dunbar and KellyAnne’s group was hanging out. When they get there, they proceed to party, and tell everyone in the group to rate Dunbar and KellyAnne a “zero” on their customer satisfaction survey.

The next morning, KellyAnne and Dunbar tell Cohutta about Isaac and Ashli trying to sabotage their group, but he is more upset that KellyAnne got sent home for drinking. Everyone goes out for Day 2 of their tours, and we see more of the same – Dunbar and KellyAnne’s group all look bored, while Isaac, Ashli and Parissa’s group are all having a good time. Later in the day, their boss gets mad at Dunbar and KellyAnne again because their videotape is low on battery power. Dunbar gets mad and blames KellyAnne, and then he winds up getting mad at a client. KellyAnne pulls him aside to tell him to be nice to their clients, and he gets upset at her, so Cohutta comes over to calm them both down.

The next morning, Cohutta is trying to talk to KellyAnne about the previous day, but she is mad that he did not stick up for her when she was arguing with Dunbar, but they eventually make up. Everyone goes in to the Contiki office for their presentations, and we find out that the 14-day European vacation goes to…Isaac, Ashli and Parissa (no big surprise there).

That night, Dunbar tries to talk to KellyAnne about their argument the previous day, and he actually manages to do so in a mature manner, thus bringing about Armageddon.



1. The Fan's Attic - Friday, December 28, 2007

I can’t wait to see Dunbar on some of the RealWorld/RoadRules Challenges when those women don’t back down to him one inch. He may actually snap and start beating them down.

2. Boom- Pittsburgh Loves RW? - Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dunbar is an absolute nutcase. I can’t stand when he talks, yells, walks, or is on-screen. I would love to see a Gauntlet event called “Drag Dunbar” where classics like CT, Abe, Derek & Coral pull Dunbar through a field by his feet while he blabs on and on about nothing that makes sense.

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