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DeadOn Holiday Advent Calendar Friday, December 14, 2007

Posted by athleticsupporter in CDNMoose, jerkwheat, Jesus confusion, JukeboxHero, Lady Andrea, liveblog.

holly - christmassy shitEvery week, leading up to Jebus’ birthday, I am going to be pulling a couple choice lines out of a long-lost DeadOn Liveblog that never saw the light of day. The game is simple… After the post each week, post your guesses as to what the movie is that we liveblogged.

We had some good guesses last week, but nothing correct. So here are another 5 lines from the liveblog to help narrow down the movie.

Jukeboxhero: Not Kobra Kai material

Andrea: I like it when it hurts a little

Jerkwheat: how do you watch my sex tape? I filmed it in b&w to make it seem classier?

LidleFlightClass: like seriously though. Man Who to Fell Earth. David Bowie bites a girl in the ass while having sex with her

CDNMoose: The disfigured men of NAMBLA loved this movie

I think this is probably the last week to make guesses, and I’ll post the actual liveblog sometime next week. So have at it and try to crack the puzzle!



1. Cedrick (BTO) - Friday, December 14, 2007

You guys were clearly watching “Mask” (with Cher). Not sure why you were, but that’s gotta be it, right?

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