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Real World Recap – So Long, Farewell! Friday, November 30, 2007

Posted by The NY Kid in Fuck You Nibbles, MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

This episode picks up right where we last left off, with a nice recap of Trisha and Parissa raising holy hell. Trisha rushes back to the phone and tells her father, “I just pushed a fat girl” (her religious parents must be so proud!). She and Parissa then have this brilliant exchange: Parissa – “Go ahead and talk to them. You’re better than me in every way!” Trisha – “I know.” (Hint: She will be tasting some humble pie, although she eats it completely obliviously). Join me after the jump for all of the repercussions.

Back on the phone, Trisha’s dad tells her that she should apologize, and Trisha asks him if she should lie to Parissa, since she isn’t really sorry (uh-oh, moral dilemma for the religious family!). Trisha eventually comes out to apologize, but as soon as she starts speaking, Parissa absolutely goes off on her, telling her that she doesn’t want to hear it. Surprisingly, this leads to even more shouting between the two of them with all sorts of pleasant language. Ashli comes out to check out the ruckus, and KellyAnne tells her what happened, and mentions that Trisha might have to go home for “getting physical” (Olivia Newton-John is ecstatic!).

While Parissa goes to cool off, the three other girls and Cohutta discuss the situation. Parissa then comes back inside and calls her sister to ask for some advice. Her sister tells her that she should stand up for herself and “send her home”. After her phone call, Parissa comes out into the living room and calls for a house meeting. When she asks the other roommates about their feelings on what happened, she doesn’t feel a whole lot of love. Dunbar – “Well, consider that it happened in the heat of the moment”; Cohutta – “It was classy not to retaliate, so don’t retaliate now”; Ashli – “Use this as an opportunity to grow” (said while Trisha sits there shaking her head); KellyAnne – “You’ve gone through more than this”. After everyone else has said their piece, Trisha tells Parissa that she began crying right after their altercation, because she knew that she was wrong (I call bullshit – she absolutely did not cry). Parissa is wise to her game, however, and tells her “you’re apologizing because you know the consequences, you didn’t look sorry” (no, no she didn’t). Parissa then drops the bomb – “I don’t hate you, but I don’t want to live with you”, telling her that her time in the house is done. KellyAnne responds with “You’re not going to have a good time for the next 2 and 1/2 months with us hating you” (alrighty, then).

KellyAnna and Ashli go help Trisha pack, and they all begin to cry. Trisha continues her blinding self-awareness, and says “that shows that I’m a bigger person”, followed immediately by “I hope you guys make her life a living hell” (ahh, yes, way to be the bigger person). Trisha then goes back out into the livign room and tells Parissa “you’re sending me home because I’m the one who speaks what everyone thinks you’re worth – nothing.” Parissa then gets off my favorite moment of the season so far when she responds simply with “Enjoy your flight.” As Trisha goes on her way, we see various flashbacks of the other roommates while she talks about how much she will miss them.

Later that night, Parissa is on the phone with her friend, while Ashli and KellyAnne talk about trying to get Parissa to go home. Their first brilliant idea is to register their displeasure by spitting on the glass of the phone room from the balcony.

The next morning, Parissa is sleeping on the couch while everyone gets ready for work. KellyAnne and Ashli decide that they are going to call themselves “Team Tricia”, and the two of them go to the aquarium with Cohutta and Dunbar. Meanwhile, Parissa is on the phone with her father discussing how Ashli and KellyAnne are acting like little bitches. Shortly after that call, Parissa gets a call from Sarah, the boss at Contiki. She tells Parissa that since the rest of her team (Trisha and Isaac) is gone, they need to figure out what to do. The other team is pissed off because they felt that they had a good team and could win the competition for the trip to Europe. They all go over to the Contiki office, and Sarah tells them that Parissa and Ashli are now a team, although she makes Ashli the Team Leader. Obviously, this upsets Ashli since she feels that she is now forced to work with the Anti-Christ.

Back at home Parissa is talking to Dunbar about the entire situation, and Dunbar comes off as slightly less douchey than normal by saying “You made the best decision for Parissa to make, and I kind of like you for it.”



1. DougOLis - Friday, November 30, 2007

Most hated housemate ever?

I don’t understand her motivation for wanting to stay herself? Not letting Tricia and the other housemates win? That’s a lame fucking reason to live with people you hate and that hate you. Tricia should have gone home for the lame “no-contact” rule (what is this? baseball?) but that atrocious dive on her part would have actually received the card in soccer. I just don’t get why she would want to be there.

2. The Fan's Attic - Thursday, December 6, 2007

Things will be better once Isaac comes back with his acid flashbacks.

3. Adam - Saturday, April 25, 2009

Trisha got thrown out. Great. What a raucous unkempt filthy woman she was. She made such a big fool out of herself and Parrisa played her like a violin looking absolutely elegant. Trisha is this girl who’s probably barely managed to scrape through high school and probably has parents like that too in comparison to Parrisa who’s a perfect grader. She needs to distance herself from uncouth people like Trisha. Yuck! Trisha and gang wouldn’t even pass the door in my parties.

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