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My Growing Pains-Was A Cute Episode Friday, November 30, 2007

Posted by Shakarean Hutchinson in Filler material, Reasons why I am single, Scrubs, Things too long to read, TV.

Which is something I never thought I would say about a television show that didn’t involve baby tigers or cartoon characters. But Thursday night’s show was. Hey, who needs the NFL Network when you have a brand new Scrubs to watch? I know I sure don’t. Also I don’t get the channel. But I wouldn’t have watched the game even if I did. Really, honestly, not pulling your leg.

But back to the show. We got three distinct stories that interconnected at the end. And the return of Hooch. And in case you forgotten, Hooch is crazy. Really, Hooch is seriously crazy.

Sorry about that. I’ve missed Hooch the past two seasons. Back to what took place. JD is with Sam (glad that we got to see him this week) and he and Turk lament how they never really get to spend any time together lately because of work and their kids. So the two of them along with Sam and Izzy go to the park and talk. The only reason I bring this up is to remind everyone of that funny and downright adorable scene where JD and Turk are making the babies talk and then “Sam” giving the baby in the stroller some dirty talk. Smacking that ass indeed Sam. Smacking that ass indeed. Anyhoo, the next day Turk and JD talk about how fun the park was and they both realize they have the day off and start planning their next prank and how it’s going to be the biggest prank they ever pulled. It’s going to be world’s most giant black doctor, but how can that be a big prank when they’ve done that before? It’s not even a prank. Anyway, the two of them starts planning, getting giant supplies and everything when JD runs into Dr. Cox and Cox lays into JD, telling him about growing up and having an epiphany two weeks ago but being back in the same position again. JD starts to feel bad and takes Cox’s mini meltdown (more on that later) to heart and tells Turk he doesn’t want to join in the giant doctor prank and tells Turk to grow up. Turk doesn’t seem too depressed about this and makes it his mission to get JD back into the prank. JD is not feeling it and runs into Cox who’s following Carla (more on that to come). The four of them are in the cafeteria and Turk tells JD that when he spoke to him about growing up two weeks ago, he said that JD needed to become more responsible, not change who he was. He needed to let the kid inside of him come out because that’s what he would want for Sam, to stay a kid as long as possible. At the end JD and Turk does World’s Most Giant Black Doctor and all is right with them. I get the point of this story, but I tire of it. Enough of the JD growing up stuff. We know already. I guess it would only be natural for him after his realization of the last episode to go to the opposite extreme of his personality, but does it really need to be told? I guess. It does fit into the episode so…

Next story was Dr. Cox. We first see him talking to Jordan and Jack, as they are still at Jordan’s mother’s house. She tells him that Jack can’t fall asleep unless Cox does the funny voice for him, but Cox doesn’t want to do it anymore as Jack is getting older and shouldn’t need it. Next scene is at Sacred Heart and we find out that Cox’s new patient Josh has leukemia but Josh’s parents don’t want to tell him. Cox can’t believe this and is very upset by it. After telling JD off he lets Josh know about the cancer. Carla gets upset by this and Cox can’t understand why this would bother her so much. He thinks not telling Josh is far worse than what he did. At the four person table meeting in the cafeteria, Carla tells Cox that after telling Josh about his leukemia, he was looking up information about the cancer since. She had to give him Turk’s autographed basketball to get him to stop thinking about it all the time. She tells Cox that yes, Josh would have found out about his cancer eventually, but not so soon that he losses his childhood. Because he wouldn’t want that to happen to Jack. Last scene of Cox is back at home talking to a laughing Jack in the webcam making the funny voice. I think this one was very nice, but overwhelming boring. The Ted lawyering part where he hopes the parent’s lawyers won’t take Cox to court was funny. And I liked the ending. But boring overall. Yet, another one those stories that fit into the overall subject of the show. Ok, pet peeve time. Cox is 47? 47? Really? That would have made him 40 when JD, Turk, and Elliot were interns. He had been there for 20 years already so Cox was, at the very least, an intern at age 20? I can’t be the only one who thought about this. But maybe I am as I tend to over analysis all the little things that shouldn’t matter all that much.

Third and final story dealt with Dr. Kelso. We find out that it’s Kelso’s birthday and Elliot wants to throw him a birthday party. He doesn’t want one and tells her that he’ll be 59. Except he has told several people in different years that he was turning 59. This leads Elliot into wanting to find out what Kelso real age is; Janitor and Ted wants to help her out. After going into the records office (remember, Janitor has the keys to everything in the hospital), they find out that Kelso is really turning 65. Elliot confronts Kelso about it and leads him to his party where Ted has decorated it with Hanukkah decorations (because they were on sale. Or cheaper. Something to that affect). After everyone getting cake (with Kelso having a piece with those big number candles on it) a member of the board finds out Kelso’s real age. We see Kelso extremely disappointed by this and the last scene we see of him is the board member telling Kelso that, as he know, they like for their administrative staff to step down when they turn 65 and in the next few months they’ll be looking for his replacement. This story made me sad. You could see it coming, especially when we found out that Kelso was really 65. Which leads to pet peeve #2: I’m not liking Elliot this season. She seems really bitchy. I would say it was because of the breakup and canceling her wedding, but she was the one who broke Keith’s heart, not the other way around. I understand that she found out about Kelso’s age, but why would she throw that back in his face? Why wouldn’t she realize that 65=retirement in this country?

With that, there were some funny moments, although few and far between. I loved every single scene with Hooch in it, especially when he told Rex that he’d burn him if that coffee Rex made him spill would have burned his (Hooch) skin. (Note: Rex is following Hooch around because JD told him to do so. Although I don’t remember exactly the reason JD gave for Rex following him around. Anyone know?) Liked seeing Turk getting three more interns (or was it residents?) to follow Hooch around, and eventually finding out that Hooch was involved in a hostage situation. Oh, and nice added effect of Carla and Kelso saying “Hooch is crazy.” I know I just got carried, but I really wish they had made Hooch into a recurring cast member after they introduced him in Season 4. Caramel Bear (a college friend of JD and Turk’s named Ricky) was great. Sam and Izzy at the park was funny and I liked Janitor riding around in the elevator all day just to tell Kelso that he’s old. But the very first scene of Sam daydreaming about the men all having breasts and lactating? Umm…they could have left that out. I wasn’t disgusted per se, just didn’t like it. And the bells ringing in Janitor’s head went on too long in my opinion. Maybe it could have been cut in half. We got the point of it.

So overall an alright and cute episode. But not that funny and seemed like a better done filler episode than that green one they did for NBC’s going green week crap.



1. metschick - Friday, November 30, 2007

He had been there for 20 years already so Cox was, at the very least, an intern at age 20?

I think at one point in the series, they say he’s been there 10 years, because I always wondered about that gap between med school and his working at Sacred Heart.

(I could be wrong.)

Only one place to ask: the nerds at TWoP!

I really liked this episode. I watched it during the halftime of the Rutgers-Louisville game, and was laughing my ass off at the opening scene. Loved that the baby that “Sam” was hitting on was topless, chilling in a Bugaboo.

Although I don’t remember exactly the reason JD gave for Rex following him around. Anyone know?

JD told him he’d cover for him, so Rex can have the weekend off.

But the very first scene of Sam daydreaming about the men all having breasts and lactating?

Yeah, I didn’t think that sequence was funny

2. DougOLis - Friday, November 30, 2007

The lactating scene was disturbing, very disturbing.

I felt bad for Kelso at the end. Then I started thinking back at how much I’ve come to like him and how amazing that is. I remember hating him early on for being a dick and loving when he felt so hurt after Cox put up that memorial picture as a joke because no one was distraught.

3. Yostal - Saturday, December 1, 2007

Great recap SA. And yes, the opening scene was exceedingly disturbing.

4. Chris - Saturday, December 1, 2007

Actually I thought this was one of the 2 or 3 best episodes of the last few seasons. The pacing was on, the jokes weren’t dragged out too long, and the sweet stuff wasn’t too sappy.

5. SA - Saturday, December 1, 2007

Metsy-thank you! I downloaded the show yesterday and finally heard it. I might try to do that for now on, download the show and write my recaps after re-watching it. And maybe they did at first say that he was there 10 years prior, but in the latest seasons it has always been that he’d work for for 20 years.

DougO, I know what you mean. My local affiliate is playing seasons 1 and 2 and Kelso was an ass on those seasons, especially season 1. I’m glad the writers made Kelso much more of a human being as the show went along while keeping him the same person (still bashing his wife, etc.)

Chris-Glad someone did. The show didn’t just jive with me. Hey, I loved the season premier and I know some people didn’t. Different strokes I guess.

Thanks Yostal.

6. Ivan - Saturday, December 1, 2007

I like the episode. The park scene was priceless. The lactating scene was kind of weird. My favorite Kelso thing “What has 2 thumbs and doesn’t give a crap? Bob Kelso” made an appearance. The story lines are progressing towards the end of the series. The Kelso thing this week, and i feel we will have more of them as it goes along.

I loved the Hooch return “Hooch is crazy!”

The story lines weren’t great. But i liked them none the less.

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