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Real World Recap – Dunbar Reaches Legendary Douchebag Status. Also, VIOLENCE! Friday, November 23, 2007

Posted by The NY Kid in Fuck You Nibbles, MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

This episode opens with Trisha on the phone with Jarod. While she is on the phone, Parissa’s family calls (apparently several times, if Trisha is to be believed), which interrupts her conversation. When she is done, she tells Parissa that it was rude that her parents called “50,000 times”. Parissa responds by telling Trisha that she is the one being rude and of course they begin to argue.Trisha finishes up with the brilliant “I apologize, but not sincerely”. How does this go over? Join me after the jump to find out.

Parsissa storms off after Trisha’s non-apology, and calls her mother once again to bitch about the situation. Her mother tells her that “no one by your family really cares about you” (ain’t that the truth).

That night, we see Dunbar talking to KellyAnne about how much he misses Julie, and we get several flashbacks to when she was in Sydney. He misses her so much that he goes inside and calls her, but she isn’t home. Because he is insane, he calls her again approximately 5 minutes later, and she answers. Dunbar immediately tells her that he finds it suspicious that she didn’t answer his previous call, and she tells him that she left her phone in the front room. They argue, and she tries to calm him down by telling him that his nickname is “Dummy-Bear” (uh-oh). This obviously sends Dunbar into a rage, and he tells her not to ever call him that again or he will “fuck the shit out of” her (disclaimer: Obviously, this was bleeped out, so I am not 100% sure he said ‘fuck’. I initially thought he said “beat the shit out of you” but I realized that they wouldn’t bleep out “beat”. Any other suggestions as to what he might have said?). When Julie says that she thinks the name is cute, he gets more and more upset, and tells her to “shut the fuck up” (ahh, romance), at which point Julie decides to do the right thing and she hangs up on him. Dunbar goes to talk to the girls about his conversation, and they all decide to go out to a new bar together. Of course, since he is pissed off at Julie, Dunbar immediately begins to get very physical with Ashli, grinding on her, rubbing his hands all over her, etc. Back at the house, Ashli tells Dunbar that he doesn’t “have anough balls” to spoon both her and KellyAnne. She then comes to the brilliant conclusion that “his penis wants him to be single” and that “if he knew he wouldn’t get caught he would rip my clothes off.” In a stunning turn of events, they do not wind up in bed together.

The next morning, we see KellyAnne, Trisha and Cohutta cleaning up around the house, bitching about how dirty things are. Parissa is on the phone with her mother (again), saying that she isn’t close to her roommates, and is afraid of the violent behavior in the house (FORESHADOWING, BITCH!). Trisha then tells Parissa to “grab a sponge”, and Parissa responds that she is going to go work out first. The other girls all bitch about Parissa not helping out. At that same time, we see Dunbar on the phone with Julie and he tells her that “things would be a lot better if you did what I told you”. He follows this up by telling her that he doesn’t want her to cry anymore (hmm – maybe she cries because you’re such a douchebag?).

That night, KellyAnne tells Ashli to sleep in Dunbar’s bed, and she agrees. Dunbar finally caves, and the climb into bed together. They get a lot of snuggling in, but that is as far as it goes. Dunbar manages to restrain himself yet again.

The next morning, we see Parissa on the phone with her family (again!), and Trisha comes in to ask her if she will be off fairly soon. Parissa says that she will “take it into consideration”. Some time later, Trisha bitches to KellyAnne that Parissa has been on the phone for exactly an hour, so KellyAnne goes in to ask Parissa how long she will be. Of course, this leads to an argument with Parissa stating that “I won’t go out of my way for someone who won’t do it for me.” Parissa finally gets off the phone and then bitches to KellyAnne about the situation. Trisha (on the phone herself now) overhears their conversation and comes running out, yelling at Parissa. Trisha pushes Parissa, who falls over. Parissa gets up and gets in her face and then goes to call MTV production to tell them that Trisha hit her. OH SHIT – We know what that means.

NOTE: I am not sure how most people feel, but I am actually mostly on Parissa’s side in these situations. Although she can be a little bitchy, she is definitely more mature than the other girls. Trisha’s arguments in these situations are just childish and non-sensical. That said, I wouldn’t want to live with any of these psychos.



1. DougOLis - Sunday, November 25, 2007

Yes, because running to the production crew is the mature thing to do. I hope she goes home because all she brings to the show is being an annoying twat.

These were the lines I got out of the show and none of them sounded like “fuck the shit out of her:”
“Don’t ever say that again.”
“I’m serious, never fucking say that again.”
“Baby, shut the fuck up.”
“Just fucking respect my wishes and don’t call me something I don’t want to be called. That’s all you need to fucking know.”
“If you don’t do that I’m going to look at it like you being disrespectful to me and I’m going to hang up the fucking phone.”
“No, I’m not, you’re pushing this shit too far.”
“Cause you keep fucking saying it like it’s a joke and it’s not a joke to me.”
Maybe they edited the online version different.

2. Gradavid Sizewright - Monday, November 26, 2007

I totally agree. Parisa has been the maturest of all and yeah she’s a bit of a bitch but she’s got some class. Parisa has taken on the role of peacemaker and now she sees that none of the girls give a damn about her. Trisha should go home. Ashli is going to eventually get Dunbar to do the nasty with her. She knows what she’s doing. Like when she told Greer in the club that she was a slut, totally jealous.

3. DougOLis - Monday, November 26, 2007

I dunno, I didn’t find Parissa to be mature at all during the episode. Her mom: yes, but her not so much. Trisha was a bit snarky referring to Parissa’s mother, but Parissa blew up over nothing. She made a huge deal over one passing comment that wasn’t even that bad; it’s not like Trisha called her mom a whore. Even though Trisha was pissed she at least had the courtesy to get off the phone, whereas Parissa dragged on for an hour to prevent Trisha from using it. That seems pretty fucking childish. Then when Parissa started talking shit behind Trisha’s back she got called out on it. Trisha shoving her probably wasn’t a great idea, but it was also the greatest bit of reality diving I’ve ever seen. Right up there with this dive. I lost a bit of respect for Trisha running off, but Parissa was a giant baby by running to mommy and crying about it. I feel like the only reason she want to be there is to make everyone else’s life hell, so why should be the one to stay?

4. Lee Stone - Tuesday, November 27, 2007

anyone who could possibly find it reasonable for someone to physically harm another for something so stupid needs to get their head checked. There was NO REASON to push someone. TRISHA was without a doubt in the wrong! GO HOME PSYCHO TRISHA !!!

5. TrishaSuxAss - Thursday, November 29, 2007

Uh.. it’s part of most reality tv contracts; physical violence means your ass is going home. I’m so happy that Parisa finally got a spine and stuck up for herself. It was about bloody time!!! Trisha and her fat obnoxious ass, needed to go ASAP. And her little junior high school brainless clique of Kelly Ann and the other hoe… they need to grow the fuck up.

6. The Fan's Attic - Thursday, November 29, 2007

I don’t know, watch the next show and see who looks childish then…

7. Christina - Thursday, November 29, 2007

I don’t really like Parisa but Trisha is a stupid annoying twat! I love how on the phone with her dad she was like “Dad I just pushed a fat girl”. Like that was some sort of rationale? They are like the same size! Ugh. Also I love in the next episode how Trisha makes a feeble attempt to apologize and is like “I started crying right after because I knew it was wrong…” I saw no tears! Shes a lying manipulative cow. So glad shes gone. Oh and extra maturity points for dumb chick 1 and 2 spitting on the phone room in protest.

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