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My Identity Crisis-Was A Blast From The Past Friday, November 16, 2007

Posted by Shakarean Hutchinson in I don't get out much, Reasons why I am single, SA, Scrubs, TV.

And by past I mean it was a light show that didn’t have any overwhelming issues that carried over from one episode to the next. Or at least so far it doesn’t look like it will. And while some may disagree with me, I thought it was one of the better episodes so far this season. Granted this season for Scrubs is four episodes old, but you get my point. I thought the show had many funny moments and two good storylines that gave us a beginning, middle, and ending. Plus there was a lot of character interaction (mixing Dr. Cox’s and JD’s stories) that added to the show. So let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

First scene of the show shows Carla and Turk getting nice and cozy in a patient’s room. Turk straps Carla in the bed and, with the help of JD and Elliot (JD being able to go to water parks the world over with Turk and Elliot being able to raise Izzy) kill Carla. This is just a dream, but it spooks Carla because the dream was in English, as oppose to Spanish, which is the language her dreams normally are. She begins to speak to Izzy in Spanish when Turk isn’t there, getting freaked out when Turk calls Izzy his “little African princess.” Carla starts to worry that people only see one side of Izzy and not Carla’s Latina heritage. Turk doesn’t worry about this too much, but Carla thinks she’s losing herself. She thinks that she’s losing her identity and therefore won’t be able to pass that down to her daughter. Turk reassures her that she’s not losing her heritage and that Izzy will know that she’s both black and Latina. I really liked this story, mostly because it is believable. I would think that Carla would have that concern for her child, that she wouldn’t know that she has two different heritages to be proud of. There was some good humor, like both kill scenes. Kudos to Donald Faison, Sarah Chalke, and Zach Braff for being able to speak Spanish believably. I’ve seen one too many characters that’s suppose to know Spanish fluently but speak it a little too slowly. Very annoying. Dr. Kelso lamenting about having to ask Carla favors in Spanish was good as well. Also, very cute ending to this story as Turk was listening to one of those “learn to speak Spanish” tapes.

Usually the show has three different stories, but this show had two as two of the stories dealt with the same thing. Jordan is taking the kids to her mother’s house for the weekend and leaving Cox all on his own. He’s thrilled about this opportunity to be alone (even starting a hospital wide wave) and he and Jordan make a bet on who will be able to last longer without calling the other. Cox thinks he won’t be lonely during this time, and tells Elliot and Kelso this while eating. He makes sure to mention that he has the day off and will love it, but when he gets home that night and receives a call from Jack (Jordan made sure it’s not from her) he gets lonely when she tells him that they are staying there for the week. He goes back to the hospital and helps JD out with his crisis of the day (more on this later), but Elliot tells him that he’s helping out JD during his day off. Cox wonders what happened to him, when did he stop being who he was before, basically a self-centered jerk. Elliot tells him that he didn’t stop being that, he just now has a family that looks forward to seeing him when he goes home. Cox gives in to this and contacts Jordan and Jack first and tells them that he misses them, although Jordan won’t tell him that back. Once again, a very believable situation. Grown man in his 40’s, set in his ways, changes and doesn’t realize it. Question: why was Elliot so bitchy this episode? Funniest moment of the season BY FAR came during Cox’s story, when JD had a daydream on how Cox would spend his day off. It was a “Risky Business” spoof with Cox, followed by JD, followed by Turk, followed by Todd (who wasn’t invited). I’m going to try to find this clip today, because it was that good. Did anyone catch what Todd said? I missed it. Carla’s and Cox’s stories were similar as they both didn’t know who they were becoming and wanted to get back to who there were, finally realizing that who they are now isn’t that bad.

JD’s story this week was relatively light compared to the first three episodes this season. After seeing Janitor and Jordan talking, JD tells Janitor that he (Janitor) doesn’t get along with anybody, unlike him (JD) who gets along with everybody. JD sees “Shirley” and, after telling her that she looks like a former nurse who used to work there Laverne, gives her the nickname “Lavernagain.” She obviously doesn’t like this, but just like JD, he doesn’t realize it. After noticing that he gives nicknames to everyone, Janitor asks JD to give the real names of “Lavernagain,” “Snoop Dogg attending,” “Dr. Beardface,” and “Colonel Doctor.” JD can’t do this and makes a bet with Janitor. If he can’t name everyone in the hospital then he has to do Janitor’s job for a day (or was it week?) and if he can then Janitor actually has to do his job for a week. JD goes about trying to remember everyone’s name. Cox (coming in on his day off) helps him out, telling JD to use mnemonic devices. When Elliot comes up to grill Cox on him being lonely, JD takes full advantage of the situation, calling them friends and putting his arm around Cox. After studying, he takes Janitor’s test and we see him passing it with flying colors, using the trick Cox told him to use. Until we get to the last picture, which is one of Janitor. And of course we don’t get his name. JD losses the bet and does Janitor’s job. We even see him acting like Janitor, yelling at doctors and such. I really liked this story. Like I said, it was light and funny, which I think the JD character needed after three episodes of dealing with relationship and baby stuff. Finding out Colonel Doctor’s real name was good (Coleman Sloshky [sp?]) and seeing JD behave like Janitor was good. And I must say, while Janitor messing around with JD is almost always funny, I like that we say them acting like two adults and there wasn’t any physical pranks.

Good episode, much better than what we saw last week. I hope like last season the episodes get better and better as the season progresses. But, with the way the network execs are treating the writers, it seems like we might not get that, which is unfortunate. Don’t screw this up network execs*. This show, and it’s fans, deserve an ending.

*Totally 100% behind the writers



1. The Bad One - Friday, November 16, 2007

Definitely a good episode last night. I loved the bit where Carla asked the random guy what he thought Izzy’s race was. “Looks like half black, half Latina, probably…Dominican. Then again, I am the hospital’s new geneticist.” Also, learning that Dr. Beardface’s name is Beardface.

2. ArnoldLayne - Friday, November 16, 2007

I think Todd said something like “why is everyone wearing such big underwear”.

3. SA - Friday, November 16, 2007

Bad One-I loved that too! I forgot to add it when I wrote this up last night before going out. That was definetly one of the better lines from the night.

Arnold-Thanks! I was laughing and missed it.

4. DougOLis - Friday, November 16, 2007

I found the “pistol whip” line regarding Turk’s junk flying at JD’s face at 40mph in the waterpark to be quite funny.

The Bad One: We learned Dr. Beardface’s last name last episode I think. One of the more recent ones at least.

ArnoldLayne is correct. The Todd said “Fellas, why are you wearing such big underwear?”

5. metschick - Friday, November 16, 2007

great epi. I love any episode where Carla’s Dominican-ness is discussed. (I’m Dominican, too!) I speak only Spanish to Baby Mets, and she now speaks only English. Guess where she learned it? Playhouse Disney.

Izzy is too cute.

Jordan’s hair looked great.

I love Snoop Dogg Attending.

(Sorry this is so disjointed, but I just saw the episode and haven’t thought it over yet.)

6. Ivan - Friday, November 16, 2007

I thought the pistol whip line was great, as well as the “Risky Business” fantasy sequence.

I also noticed that Elliot was quite bitchy and was wondering about that as well.

I wonder if the name thing is hinting that we may eventually learn The Janitor’s name. I don’t know if i want to know really, i feel like its become like the case in Pulp Fiction, i don’t think anything they can come up with would make it worth it in the end.

Carla’s story line was good, and i have the opposite problem, sometimes i dream in spanish and it throws me off completely. Great episode all in all.

7. Ivan - Friday, November 16, 2007

Mets, thats funny because my parents came from the home country and i was born here. So, when i was younger they only spoke to me in spanish, but i magically learned english before i got into school. I blame TV as well.

8. SA - Monday, November 19, 2007

Doug-I just re-watched the episode and yep, that was a good one as well.

Ivan-I hope we do find out his name, but I understand waiting until one of the last episodes to do it. It’s one of those things that need to be resolved in the show and it makes sense to drag it out until the very end, like the whole JD/Elliot stuff.

I wish I could do that, dream in another language.

Metsy-I thought Jordan looked great, especially compared to the end of last season.

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