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Urban HIMYMs: “Spolier Alert” — AppleOrchardBananaCatDance8663 Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to my season’s worth of recaps for How I Met Your Mother. Welcome, once more, to Urban HIMYMs.

The short form version of the recap seemed to work better last week, so I am going to try that again.


And away we go…Ted is dating Kathy and she’s perfect, flawless, absolutely no issues, which, well, that has to be a lie. But Ted is suffering from what the French call rage romantique, the initial burst of passion in a relationship where everything is fresh and new and nothing can ruin it. So he wants the gang to meet her, because she has something for everyone, a knowledge of art for Lily, an acceptance of the possibility of the existence of UFO’s for Marshall, hot for Barney, but not hotter than Robin for Robin. Everyone’s completely on board, though Robin would like to know how not hotter. The answer to that would be significantly.

At dinner though, things do not go well, as Robin and Lily both send snap retorts back in Cathy’s direction, leading Ted to question what is wrong with her. But the gang refuses to tell him, they don’t want to shatter Ted’s illusion of perfection. It’s nice of them, if it were not setting up tonight’s A plot.

Ted presses Marshall, but he has bigger concerns on his mind, like tonight’s B Plot, or as we would say in the real world, eagerly awaiting his New York bar results. I liked the flashback on Marshall taking the New York Bar. Save the fact that I think it’s now all done on laptops and that the rooms it is done in, from my understanding, are somewhat larger, they got the tone of it right, especially in getting Around the Horn’s Kevin Blackistone to be the proctor. * It’s also how I pretty much envision my students being on the morning of May 9, 2008, but that is neither here nor there. Robin’s lack of understanding of how many people fail the bar is priceless, but to be fair, she’s Canadian, and I believe the only prerequisite to be a lawyer in Canada is that you have to be able to look good in the wig. * Barney wants to jump on the laptop to show him something awesome, in this case, a video of a dog pooping on a baby called “Caca Spaniel” but Marshall does not want!

* — May not actually be true

The results are in…but Marshall needs his password. And after furiously looking in one drawer and finding a meticulously plotted out list of candy purchases, Marshall proclaims the password lost. This is why my mother always told me to tape important things you did not want to lose inside your kitchen cupboards. And I’ll be honest, it’s worked every time. Except when I keep losing my keys. But I digress…Marshall will now have to wait for the results to come by regular old U.S. Mail, and that could be a while, what with the insulting the mailman and all. But people keep calling him, so Marshall can’t keep his mind off of it. Marshall is losing his mind, but Barney has a solution, and it’s hackertastic.

Meanwhile, back at the bar, Ted is freaking out about what the thing about Cathy is. After a wonderfully executed comedy triple, Ted begins to doubt the veracity of their claims, but they say that because Ted wants to sleep with her, he has a huge blind spot to her flaws. After a Barney story that’s really more bragging than anything, the gang breaks down and tells him. She talks…a lot. The gang asks Ted to flashback to the dinner and see it for how it really went down, and [glass shattering], Ted sees it.

Now, I have many flaws. I have many many flaws, and one of the prime accusations against me is that I talk too much. I personally feel it’s a matter of preference. There are extroverted people and introverted people, and I would like to think there can be advantages into dating people who talk a lot.

So Ted now realizes that she won’t stop talking, and the bloom is off the rose. And Ted, because he believes is misdirected anger, blames Marshall and the gang for telling him. Marshall points out that Ted wanted to know and besides, there are flaws in every relationship, you just have to learn to deal with them. Ted asks if Marshall means like Lily’s excessively loud chewing, to which Marshall expresses confusion. After a wonderfully executed comedic triple as to why Marshall thought Ted called Lily “Chewbacca”, Marshall realizes Ted’s right and his illusion is shattered. This begins a spiral of illusory shatterings (complete with the Foley guys desperately going for an Emmy), which I shall not list here, though Ted clearly has the most annoying of all of them (in part because I used to be that guy too. Wow, I do suck.), and eventually they are in a pretty rip roaring fight at the apartment when they realize that the nonsensical sing-songy line that Marshall was signing AppleOrchardBananaCatDance8663, was his password. Marshall inputs and learns he’s a lawyer. And the fight ends. I have to admit, this was a wonderful moment, because for all of the petty things they were fighting about, they were still all thrilled for their friend’s success. The way that Jason Segel so quietly and correctly had his epiphany about his password was just perfect.

Commercial musing: Can the UN Security Council put forth a resolution offering sanctions against Kid Nation? Because it couldn’t hurt.

The coda, by the way, was that ted eventually did meet up with Cathy again to find that she was engaged…to a deaf guy. Wonderful callback to Ted’s knowledge of sign language, and a wonderful bit of fourth wall reading the subtitles, which I have always loved as a sight gag.

Overall, a strangely strong episode in that the plot was not necessarily intricate or complex, which allowed for more room for the jokes to breathe, and certainly the knowledge that friends have a clear conceptualization of their friend’s deepest flaws, but a complete willingness to overlook them for the most part was one of the most real things they have done all year. But, you know, it’s late in Sweeps, and there’s no yellow umbrella yet. You promised guys. You promised.

Once again, I’d like to thank my pal Geoff (aka The Bad One) for his witty and insightful comments as I worked on this.

So, that’s all I have for this week’s edition of Urban HIMYMs. With that, this is Yostal reminding you to just chill, ‘til the next episode.



1. Peter Cavan - Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We may not see that yellow umbrella again this season if there are no new episodes after November. This writers’ strike sucks, even though they’re right.

2. DougOLis - Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Heyyy, it’s Lindsay Price from the disastrous American version of Coupling. Her character on HIMYM is somewhat similar. Actually, this whole episode was quite Couplingesque (British version).

So, how many other people Googled (or Youtubed) “Caca Spaniel” immediately after Barney said it?

I liked the loud crunching on the Cotton Candy. I realize it’s not that funny and a pretty obvious gag for the triple, but hey I like what I like. I liked Lily’s eyes after Robin said “enough with the pretzels”.

I’ve got Ted’s flaw too. I don’t think it’s as bad; at least I hope not. That kind of came up in a meeting today too. Maybe I am as bad. My sister’s ex-roommate was horrible at that.

I liked Barney’s suggestion that Robin pour the water over her shirt. They should do that more often.

The entire sequence between the start of the fight and hanging out in the bar was great. And Spoon too!

3. The Bad One - Thursday, November 15, 2007

I don’t really mind a girl who talks a lot, since I certainly don’t. As long as it stays a conversation and not a lecture, we’re OK. Kathy, however, has clearly crossed the line.

I like that, since it’s television and necessary to the plot, Marshall looks in one drawer, can’t find his password, and therefore it’s lost forever. And there’s no way to recover a lost password by, say, having it emailed to you.

They did an excellent job of integrating character quirks we already know about the episode. And I hate having to side with Ted on this one, but the misuse and abuse of “literally” bugs me to no end if someone does that as much as Robin.

4. Mark - Friday, November 16, 2007

I was amused by the classroom style setting of Marshall’s bar exam. When I took it there were a good 500 people in the room, and if I’d tried to pull what Marshall did at the end of the exam they probably would have torn my blue book up on the spot. The proctors do not mess around.

Sadly, no one freaked out or threw up during my exam, but we did have a lunchtime freakout during the essay day when one of the questions focused on UCC article 4, which (at the time) wasn’t something you really studied unless you were specializing in banking. Lots of frantic searching in bar review books at lunch that day, but not by me. I knew it was a lost cause. Might as well enjoy my meal.

I am a semi-Ted, though I really only correct people when they pass off urban legends as fact. The wife hates it, but I take a kind of glee from telling folks that, no, Bill Gates isn’t sending you a free copy of the latest Windows for forwarding an email to 20 people.

5. Yostal - Saturday, November 17, 2007

But Mark, in that case, you’re just helping everyone. Anytime anyone sends me a forward which they have not fact checked, I email them back the Snopes link. It cuts down a lot on my forwards.

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