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My Inconvenient Truth-Bored Me Friday, November 9, 2007

Posted by Shakarean Hutchinson in I don't get out much, SA, Scrubs, TV shows.

So this whole “Green Week” thing NBC has going continued with the third episode in Scrubs series finale season. And it was a big bore for me. Yes, it was good. Yes, I enjoyed seeing Tom Cavanagh as I really like Cavanagh as an actor and the character of Dan. But overall the show spoke of network intrusion. It felt forced. Big time. It’s like NBC told Bill Lawrence and crew at the last minute what they were doing with the whole “going green” thing and, in a haste, the show wrote up this episode. Oh NBC, wasting one of the precious last episodes of this show on your advertised to the point of no importance week long television event. When will you learn? With all that said, the big storyline this week was a good one with one minor exception.

We’ve been down this road before. JD needing to grow up. JD needing to put others first. JD needing to realize he’s not an intern anymore. See where I’m going here? In fact, we had this episode (sans baby) this calendar year. “My Perspective” anyone? How many of these “JD realizing he needs to grow up and become an adult” episodes do we need? Anyhoo, we find out that Kim took a job at a different hospital 40 miles away, but with JD’s only mode of transportation being his scooter, it takes him too long to get to Kim’s new place and he can’t bring Sammy back with him. So while complaining about “how bad he has it” to Turk, they walk to room where Turk tells him a story about the patient and how he came into the hospital for a simple procedure, but bled out and died. Even though you could tell this was a set up for Dan (before they showed the hospital watching them), it was still a good prank as Dan jumped up and scared JD. After the prank, we find out that Dan has his life together finally (yea!) as he flips houses now and does well in the real estate market. JD is uncomfortable with this and is even more upset when Dan gives him a new hybrid car. JD doesn’t want Dan’s charity and when he lashes out to his brother Dan tells him to grow up. JD at first ignores Dan, but then starts asking everyone around him if he needs to grow up. He eventually asks Turk (whom he knows will be straight with him) and Turk tell him that he does, indeed, needs to grow up. When questioned by JD on how he can say that while his head is painted like a basketball, Turk tells him that while he is with JD he’s all fun and games, but when he gets back home he’s a father and a husband. JD takes this to heart, accepts the car from Dan, and the two of them go and see Sammy. The closing scene was very touching as the two of them drive back from Kim’s and (with the windshield being broken) Dan tells JD that the baby looks like their father. Like I said, it was a good story this week, except we’ve seen this. Multiple times before, albeit in different circumstances. It was nice to see that it was Dan this time telling JD what he needed to hear, after so many times seeing Dan being the screw up. And as I stated before, I love Tom Cavanagh, so anything with him I’m pretty much going to like. I’m just hoping that finally-FINALLY-JD grows up and becomes an adult.

The other big storyline from this week dealt with Janitor and him becoming an environmentalist (once again, thanks a fucking lot NBC). After Ted shows Janitor the movie “An Inconvenient Truth,” he decides that the hospital could be more environmentally conscience, so with Kelso permission goes about trying to help out the hospital. Except he doesn’t really do a lot. He gets people to recycle and draw up some carpool parking lanes, but that’s it. Y’all are going to have to tell me if he did anything more, as I was thoroughly BORED with this. The crushing cans on JD’s head was kind of funny, but after that not much else. He gives up after 36 (or was it 48?) hours and even though he didn’t become what he had set out to be, he did get Kelso to start carpooling with other doctors at the hospital. Like I said, I didn’t pay all that much attention to this story because it flat out bored me. Which usually doesn’t happen when Janitor is on the screen, as I really like the character. And plus, out of the rest of the characters on the show, Janitor is the one going green? The man had a squirrel army for Christ sake! There is no way I can believe that Janitor, even for those 36 hours, is the environmentally conscience one. But I guess that was the point.

Third and final story deals with Elliot. She criticizes the rest of the doctors at Sacred Heart for telling their patients one thing and doing the other (like Kelso telling his patient using a oxygen mask that smoking will kill him, while smoking a pipe). She has a patient that is malnourished, and Cox (after weighing her on the new patient scale) calls her a hypocrite for everything she’s said but hasn’t done herself. [As someone who’s shorter than 5’5”, I would LOVE to be 5’8” and 118 lbs. Just sayin.] So Elliot and her patient make a pact to gain weight together, only Elliot doesn’t gain any weight. He makes sure that she’s just self-conscience enough that she doesn’t eat the two pieces of chocolate cake that she gets with lunch. At the end of the show we see Elliot barking at the patient to gain weight, becoming everything she said was wrong about the other doctors in the first place. Once again, a bit on the boring side. There actually wasn’t that much we saw in this story. It looked like the writers needed another storyline in the episode and wrote it up really quickly or something. Held my attention more than the Janitor environmental crisis stuff, but wasn’t moving.

As always, so good moments, like the first scene where JD’s daydream has the women of the hospital weighing and branding JD and Turk, JD trying to break the windshield yet failing, the “crazy eyes” comment, Ted’s description of how he and his mother ride his bicycle together, and also Ted giving Janitor some advice. I loved the Cox white noise routine. I really liked that they showed Carla giving Elliot the same speech two weeks prior right after her speech to Elliot and Janitor. I thought the hedging symphony and Turk as a basketball was a bit much, although the dribbling and JD wanting to go “between the legs” was funny. So a good episode. Just boring.



1. metschick - Friday, November 9, 2007

This epi was a little better than average, but not by much. I, too, love Tom Cavanaugh, and still think casting him as JD’s brother was genius. Nice to see that he’s no longer a loser.

My favorite bit was whem he gets JD to buy him lunch, then takes JD’s sandwich:

Dan: [Takes half of JD’s sandwich]
JD: You have your own sandwich.
Dan: Now I have yours.


2. Yostal - Friday, November 9, 2007

Glad to see I was not the only one who felt that the way in which Scrubs was being environmentally conscious was by recycling old plots.

Great summary as usual SA>

3. DougOLis - Monday, November 12, 2007

It was a disappointing episode for sure; everything was too forced. If this is the crap we have to look forward to, bring on the scabs during the strike.

I liked the Janitor’s retort that “janitors aren’t people.”

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