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Urban HIMYMs: “Dowisetrepla” — Immature Jackassery Wednesday, November 7, 2007

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to my season’s worth of recaps for How I Met Your Mother. Welcome, once more, to Urban HIMYMs.

Are we going to even look for a yellow umbrella this week, I mean, it’s November, after all.


And away we go…

There’s a Barney meets a girl, and we get a boob based word picture, but we learn that Lily and Marshall, as a married couple, are starting to out grow Ted’s single life.  Like Ted, Robin, and Barney waking Marshall up at 3 in the morning.  And there’s another Barney and Robin hint.  But the lid being left off the peanut butter is the last straw, they’re moving out to get their own place.  There’s a wonderful use of the word jackassery in there, of which I approve.  So they start looking for a new place, and Marshall decides that they should buy, but that would run headlong into Lily’s massive credit card debt (which looks like it’s going to be a thing, Lily’s even in a 12 step program for it), but Marshall still doesn’t know that yet.  Lily tries to soften the blow on the reveal by claiming that Marshall spending tens of thousands of dollars to get a name brand law school education 

OK, honestly folks, I’m not feeling it.  This whole episode boils down to real estate, New York real estate at that, and so you’re not going to get my usual 1,500 words.  Here’s the short form, do with it what you will.

Marshall falls in love with the place and doesn’t make the right call on the hard sell.  The “what he should have said” will become a recurrent theme through out the evening. 

Marshall’s vision of starting a family: four boys, a family band, rock and roll posters, and chocolate pancakes.

Robin says that Lily has a pile of credit card debt the size of Mount Wadington, drawing a look of confusion from Lily.  Robin notes that it’s the tallest mountain in Canada, it’s like 4,000 meters high, and now it’s the meters that are throwing Lily.  What Lily should have been thrown by is that it is Mount Logan at almost 6,000 meters that is the tallest mountain in Canada.  But it’s not like these things can be researched or anything.

Barney schmoozes the real estate agent, claiming he’s interested in the apartment, mildly enraging Ted, but no, Barney is just going to use it to land the crazy girl from the pre-title credits. 

Marshall’s crazy, desperate look when he learns there’s “another couple interested in the place” is a really great bit of acting by Jason Segel, especially when you hear how he hits the “we’ll give you so much more money.”

We then see Lily’s vision of starting a family: two girls, a dog, and the girls painting with mom for their family show at the Met, while Marshall makes crepes chocolate.  Well, at least that’s one thing they’ve got. 

So Lily and Marshall are going to buy it, and Marshall wants to celebrate with the comically large bottle of champagne.  Wendy the Waitress tries to wave him off, but no such luck.  Lily’s plan for beating the system shows a clear lack of fiscal acumen.  A wonderful blackout gag is sometimes just as good as a sight gag.

Barney takes commitment girl back to the apartment and we see as deft a footwork as possible.  He’s executing a game plan like the 2007 Patriots, running his offense and not caring what anyone thinks about it. 

Lily and Marshall’s trip to the mortgage broker, well, all I can say is, I think 18% violates New York State’s strict usury laws, but I could be wrong.  The Bad One is pretty sure he could qualify a dog for a credit card with a lower rate, which is true, largely because Geoff has a way with dogs.

But what comes out in the wash at the broker is that Marshall finally learns Lily’s dirty little secret. 

Come on Act Three, you better pay off…

Barney’s slip out of the apartment…That made the game 52-7.  Crazy girl was at least classy about it in the post game presser, but Gregg Easterbrook starts calling him Barn-a-cheat.

Oh, Cobie is smoking hot in the denim skirt.  But the poor Yorkie. 

Ted comes back in and realizes that there had been a fight in the apartment, there’s a lot of evidence.  Robin does an eye roll, since, well Ted had a detective club as a kid, and Robin snarks back about Ted solving a lot of cases with his sister.  So wait, there’s a real aunt?  How come we never hear about her?  I’m hoping nothing bad happened to her.

Wait a second.  I just realized something.  Ted’s wearing an Ohio State shirt.  Well, that answers that question.  I think we’re going to have to start referring to him as “the Ted Mosby” from now on.  I hope there’s an episode later on when Ted starts weeping about how his Buckeyes suffered the most humiliating defeat in their history that November in Ann Arbor.  And how they burned many a sweater vest in effigy.  OK, rant over. 

Now, this next sequence, I cannot do it justice in words.  It is a pitch perfect parody of every CBS police procedural, in pacing, attitude, music, lens filters, shot selection, and the coup de grace, the Ted homage to Caruso sunglasses with the stinger line.  It turned a weak episode into a solid one in just those three minutes.  And Robin, there’s a reason your name is Robin, and not Batman.

But wait, a divorce attorney.  Robin, Ted, and Barney scarf some Cherry Garcia on the kitchen floor as they ponder the future.  I love the hang a lantern on the whole Ted and Robin still hanging out after they broke up being awkward. 

I really also enjoyed Lily and Marshall’s make up scene in the bar.  It feels very genuine.  Even the pragmatic on paper approach was a nice touch.

In the epilogue, we learn what Dowisetrepla means (which, admittedly, I should have seen coming), and we wonder why exactly would they NOT run the sewage treatment plant on the weekend. 

Overall, it’s another solid episode that gets us no closer to How Ted met the kid’s mother, and while a lot of it was hit or miss, the third act was so strong, I forgave virtually everything else about the episode.

Once again, I’d like to thank my pal Geoff (aka The Bad One) for his witty and insightful comments as I worked on this.

So, that’s all I have for this week’s edition of Urban HIMYMs. With that, this is Yostal reminding you to just chill, ‘til the next episode.



1. JB* - Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The “…is what he/she/we should of said” got beaten into the ground during the episode, but other than that, the last third made the episode worthwhile.

The Mosby Boys ending also convinced Mrs.JB* to watch the opening of CSI: Miami which was, amazingly, even cornier then Ted’s line.

And in a cross between my two favorite shows, wasn’t the mortgage broker the same guy who played Hooch on Scrubs?

2. DougOLis - Wednesday, November 7, 2007

You can be sure that I will never tell my children about the time my roommate walked in on me shaving my pubes.

3. DougOLis - Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Mosby Boys and the homage to David Caruso was beautiful.

The whole “what he should have said” bit got old after awhile. As did Lily and Marshall’s fantasies about raising a family. I fear that HIMYM is starting to fall back on devices like these, kind of how Family Guy did last year in a pretty weak season.

Yes JB, that was Hooch. Also making an appearance: Maggie Wheeler (Janice from Friends) as the real estate agent and April Bowlby (Kandi, Alan’s one time girlfriend on gulp, Two and a Half Men) as the chick Barney slept with.

4. DougOLis - Thursday, November 8, 2007

Also, a HIMYM blog in French.

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