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Real World Recap – Dunbar Continues His Douchey Streak. Friday, October 26, 2007

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This episode opens with Shauvon making a phone call to David (her ex-fiance). She gets his voicemail, which says “If this is Shauvon, just know that this is a new phone and I’m having problems with it” (sure, buddy). Shauvon leaves a message, and then goes to talk to KellyAnne about the situation. KellyAnne tells her “if you really love him, you should go” (way to be supportive of her independence!). Join me after the jump to find out how the rest of episode focuses on Dunbar being a very large turd.

We see Parissa cleaning up around the house, which looks as if it was the setting for a midget “luchadero” match. Dunbar is on the phone talking to his girlfriend Julie, who is supposed to be coming out to visit. When he gets off the phone, Dunbar comments that “if this visit goes bad, there is nothing I wouldn’t do to anyone here” (anyone else get the feeling that he has anger issues?). He overhears Parissa bitching about cleaning up, so he goes to help her out.

Later in the day, everyone goes to their job at the Contiki offices to get their next assignment, and they find out that they need to review food and nightlife around Sydney (wow, tough job). Back at the house discussing their options, Dunbar wants to go out right away for their assignment, but Parissa wants to work out, which will take her over 2 hours (to work out, shower, and then get ready). For some reason this leads to an argument about cleaning up around the house, which causes Dunbar to unleash a string of profanity like it was his fucking mother-fucking job, you cocksucker. Isaac then makes the insightful comment that he thinks they are arguing due to sexual tension.

That night, while they are getting ready to go out, Dunbar and Trisha are talking about the argument he had with Parissa. Trisha tells him that his behavior was “a little inappropriate”, and Dunbar tells her that he won’t apologize for anything. At the same time, we see Parissa talking to her mother about the argument, and her mother comes up with this gem: “If a man raises his voice to you, it’s your fault” (the Ladies just collectively rolled their eyes).

The next morning Dunbar picks Julie up at the airport and they spend their whole today. They go out to dinner, and then go back to the house to cuddle. Also at the house, Shauvon is talking to Trisha and Isaac about David. She decides to call him, and David begins to curse at her (there is a lot of fucking profanity in this episode. That’s fucking bullshit!), so they get into an argument about her coming home. David ends the conversation by telling her “I don’t think that you really want to come home” (I wonder why, you fucktard).

The next day, everyone goes out to look at lunch options for work, and Dunbar is frustrated that everyone else is being so slow because he wants to spend the rest of his day with Julie. Back at the house, Dunbar is talking to Julie about his relationship with his roommates, and how they feel that he has bad temper when he says “I have never been violent towards you” (oh boy). When Julie responds with “I don’t know about that, you can be mean sometimes”, Parissa yells out “I LOVE JULIE” (although presumably not in THAT way). This of course upsets Dunbar, who tells Parissa to get lost.

The next morning, Julie wakes up, packs and says good-bye to everyone, while Dunbar lets us know that he is really “crying inside” (how sad). The roommates then go to work, where Parissa tells Dunbar that she didn’t have a receipt from lunch the day before. Obviously, this enrages Dunbar (a perfectly rational response), and they argue, leading to another impressive string of profanity. After a while, Parissa tells Dunbar that if he continues to speak to her that way, she will inform their boss that he is acting inappropriately. Dunbar’s response of “Shut the fuck up” doesn’t seem to placate her, so she goes to talk to their boss. Their boss then informs Dunbar that his behavior is inappropriate, and he makes him apologize. Immediately after this, Dunbar says that Parissa is outwardly hostile to him, and that he only retaliates, and never initiates, their arguments. After they both calm down, their boss says “I’m detecting that you’ll try”, to which Parissa responds “definitely” while Dunbar just sits there in silence. OH, THE DRAMA.



1. manchakowsky - Thursday, November 1, 2007

definition of a southern gentleman

molested by grandpa + estrangement from parents + steriod abuse + shrunken testicles + hatred of women + beating girlfriend =

southern gentleman

oh no that’s right?!?!
that’s the definition of a southern douchebag

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