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My Own Worst Enemy-Got Scrubs Back On Track Friday, October 26, 2007

Posted by Shakarean Hutchinson in SA, Scrubs, Things too long to read, TV.

Who gives a fuck about the World Series and the Boston College-Virginia Tech football game when Scrubs is back! Finally after every other show had it’s season premiere, Scrubs kicked off their seventh and final season. And I must say that this was the best season premiere since Season Two. Everything was back on track to the Scrubs that made us all fans. Hey Bill Lawrence…good job. And what started it off right was the wrapping up of that situation Elliot and JD had gotten themselves into during the season finale last May.

So we start where we left off, JD and Elliot lying on the cot in the On Call room, almost about to kiss. But Elliot pulls away and is across the room (at least that’s what we see after having to watch JD’s really bad kissing technique). She realizes that the only reason they were in that position to begin with is because they’re both facing huge commitments and were running away yet again. Thank you Elliot! During that moment she’d come to the conclusion that she didn’t want to marry Keith, she just wanted to be married. She breaks up with him and gives him his ring back with the whole hospital watching the. They also watched Snoop Dogg intern resident attending telling Josephine the tiny intern his feelings for her and then turning to see a rainbow. She then moans and groans about Keith being upset with her about breaking up their engagement a week before the wedding. Which I don’t understand. Why must they still write Elliot as a naïve spoiled rich girl when over the last seven seasons she’s grown from that? Anyway, while Keith tells her off while packing up his things Elliot gets turned on and they have sex, making Keith believe that they are back together again. Which leads to Elliot breaking up with Keith yet again, making him angrier with her. Although I seem to be one of the few that liked Elliot and Keith together, I wasn’t too sad about their breakup. For some reason I really liked the insults Keith gave to Elliot whenever they were in the same room. I’m going to call someone a skanky straw-haired pig whore sometime this upcoming week. And most of all, I liked Elliot doing the right thing and telling Keith how she felt, not stringing him along.

Which brings us to JD. I know he’s the lead character, but he’s getting on my last damn nerve all of a sudden. JD is wondering how he became a self-saboteur and wants to change this characteristic of himself. This includes Janitor and his new girlfriend Lady and JD not believing that they are a couple. But the good part is a conversation he has with Turk and the very end of the episode. While talking to Turk about his situation with Kim, Turk tells JD about the girls he’s dated and how they were all wrong for him except Mole Butt (note: there is no way in hell Lawrence just threw in that nickname and doesn’t remember who Mole Butt was. Or has all of a sudden change who Mole Butt was. If he did then the show has lost all creditability with me. I hate it when shows go back and re-write their history. /rant). Turk then tells JD that the only reason he’s still with Kim despite not loving her is because he got a girl pregnant on the first date and realized that he has not feelings for her, but because she’s having his baby he’s going to be with her forever. JD originally dismisses this thinking, but in the end realizes that Turk was right. Which is very sad, not only for JD but for Kim and Sam. Kim doesn’t need to be strung along in a relationship where the other person involves feels nothing for her. It was a complete opposite of Elliot’s situation, and while I was annoyed with her wanting Keith to just forgive her, at least she did the right thing. How is JD doing the right thing in this situation? Yes, it built up angst. Yes, it’s possibly the beginning of JD and Elliot Part III. But I think you could have lead to that with JD not being the “annoying whiny manchild” that Dr. Cox so aptly described him.

Leading us to the third storyline from the show-Dr. Cox and his patient Joe. Cox really likes Joe and originally diagnosis him with Lyme Disease, but Josephine the intern can’t find a tick bite. After a consultation with Turk, who decides that Joe doesn’t need surgery, they hide Joe from Kelso to find out what’s wrong with him. After Kelso has met with him and likes him too, all three try to figure out what’s wrong with him. The entire storyline sets up the ending and the theme of the show, which is that the simplest answer is sometimes the right answer (Occam’s Razor). The patient really did have Lyme disease and the tick bite was in his head. Elliot, while hurting Keith, was right to tell him the truth and call off the wedding. And Turk was right when he told JD about his problem with Kim.

There were quite a few funny moments in the show-seeing Janitor’s girlfriend and finding out her brother is named Him, Kelso sleeping on Cox’s lap, the “Who Caresies Awards” (great fantasy sequence there, showing everyone in the reaction boxes and the different expressions when “Dame Judy Dorian” was announced as the winner), “Suck it, Tony Shalhoub!” Todd saying “Good Morning” to his penis (don’t ask, just watch), Elliot after having sex with Keith, and Turk smelling like eggs when he sweats. Ok, that was mostly Kelso quote about having a stroke or smelling an omelet. I’m going to forget about the Turk/Carla chocolate stuff because it didn’t add anything to the show besides filler. All in all, I thought it was a very good show to begin the last season.



1. Metschick - Friday, October 26, 2007

This epi was great. I usually give a pass to season premieres because they have story-telling to do, instead of just letting the action be.

I can’t wait to see the resolution with JD/Kim, and whether or not JD/Mole Butt end up together I don’t really care as long as it’s entertaining and funny.

2. SA - Friday, October 26, 2007

See, I think season premieres set the tone for the entire season. Season 6’s premiere wasn’t very good and it took half the year to get it back on track. Season 4’s premiere was good, but I thought this one was better.

3. Yostal - Friday, October 26, 2007

Firstly, SA, I was as excited that Scrubs was coming back knowing it would mean a return of your recaps as I was the show’s actual return. But I digress…

On some level, I like that Bill Lawrence has decided to be very challenging with the JD/Kim relationship. When Kim faked the miscarriage, it was the first time I had genuinely been angry with a television character. When they got back together, I questioned JD’s overall thought process and the only think I could think was that blood was thicker than water and that JD would want to be a part of his child’s life. The exact reason Kim faked the miscarriage is the exact way JD feels, he doesn’t really love her, but they’re going to have a kid together and that has to be enough to hold them together. The likelihood is, it won’t. But I like that Scrubs has enough respect for its audience that it can actually ask it to not like the main character all of the time.

Oh and I would also really like Bill Lawrence to give permission to have Perry drop by Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital next year when Scrubs is done. Because he’s already got the diagnostics and sarcasm down pat.

4. SA - Sunday, October 28, 2007

The exact reason Kim faked the miscarriage is the exact way JD feels, he doesn’t really love her, but they’re going to have a kid together and that has to be enough to hold them together.

But Kim does have feelings for him. It could be the pregnancy hormones, but remember when she asked that if there was any way JD could love her? This was the second to last episode of Season 6. He at first answered no, but then changed his answer and ever since then she has had feelings for him. JD knows that and if he doesn’t then he’s a idiot. It’s very unfair to Kim or Sam (their kid) for him to stay in a relationship that he isn’t going to put himself into 100%.

5. Ivan - Sunday, October 28, 2007

Great recap, and i agree with all your points. I dont know that JD should just stay with her for the kid, but that seems to be the direction in which they’re going with that. There is ways to stay in the picture and not stay with the other person. I also think that there is no way that Lawrence forgot about Mole Butt, and it is just foreshadowing that there is going to atleast be a JD-Elliot III, if not end with them together. Although that would be a downer to a certain point because scrubs has always been unorthodox in its relationships, and having them end up together would be pretty typical of a sitcom ending. All in all, i’m excited for the rest of the season and am also looking forward to more recaps.

6. SA - Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yeah, it would be a downer if JD and Elliot did get back together. I would hope that the show can let them both move on to other people and just stay friends, because they’ve always been better friends than anything else.

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