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Survivor: Did You Guys Know We’re in CHINA? Friday, October 12, 2007

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Previously, some stuff happened.  Back from Tribal, we learn that JR’s “game plan” is starting to kick in.  He says his work ethic has improved now that he’s past last night’s vote.  He says Courtney is going home next for sure.  She calls him a “cocky son of a bitch” when he raises his voice to tell her not to grab a hot pot.  Oh fuck them both.  Seriously.  I am so over these two.

Over at Fighting Tiger, they discover their rice is wet and moldy.  Ew.  We see an interview with Erik (WHO?) about separating the rice.  Dave starts in on Sherea and she snaps and it is AWESOME.  He’s such a dick.  He says she’d have grounds to say those things if she did stuff around camp.  She goes to toss some shells away (not sure why) and he goes running after her because he was saving them for his mom (not sure why).  She talks about how condescending he is and I gotta say, I’m siding with Sherea.  Frosti and Dave go swimming and Frosti counsels him to be nicer to the people he’s “leading.”  Frosti interviews that Crazy Dave may have worn out his welcome.  Well, he certainly has with ME.

Tree Mail at Flying Dragon says that tonight both tribes are going to Tribal and there will be food.  We get more pixelated pubic hair of JR’s and I feel a little nauseous.  That night at Tribal, the challenge is to have two members use giant chop sticks (BECAUSE WE’RE IN CHINA, REMEMBER?!?!) to carry a fire ball (a CHINESE fire ball?) and use it to ignite some fireworks (CHINESE FIREWORKS???).  When they are done, the next pair goes.  As they go along, the chopsticks get longer and more unwieldy.  The prize is a fisherman and his family coming to camp and teaching them to fish, bringing vegetables and spices.  Mmmmm.

Flying Dragon sits out Courtney (WHAT?  Now she HAS to play in Immunity and we all saw how well that worked.  Jesus.)  Todd and Denise take on PG and Sherea.  This looks tricky as hell.  Denise and Todd get a lead, but PG/Sherea catch up and they both light their fireworks.  Next we have Amanda/Aaron vs Jaime/Frosti.  A/A kick ass and light their fireworks.  Last we have JR/James v Dave/Erik.  JR immediately starts bitching about how hard it is, but he and James kick ass and win it for Flying Dragon.  Woo woo.  They kidnap Dave and he gets a secret tube of secrecy.

Back at camp, Dave says he feels like he’s on vacation because of the break from his tribe.  James gives Dave a lime and Dave goes to hug him and James goes, “Oh man, you be alright…I told you about the hugging.”  HEEEEE!  Dave says that his tribe is threatening to him, so he needs to align with other people.  He goes to open his tube and we see a snake (in the grass, not in the tube.  Though it would be pretty sweet if a snake slithered out of the tube of secrecy).  He sucks up to Courtney about NYC and then decides he likes Todd, so he gives Todd the tube of secrecy.  Todd agrees that if Dave’s tribe kidnaps him, he’ll give Dave the tube.  That was smart.

The clues have added one that goes “When creatures of night take flight as they may, the treasure they carry allows them to stay.”  WTF does that mean?  Anyway, the Duh Camera reminds us it’s the doodad on top of the constructed archway.

Back at Fighting Tiger, they kind of enjoy that Dave isn’t there but they do realize that they all need to really work now that he’s gone.  Heh.  Sherea does a lot of lazing around while everybody else works, which makes me not like her again.  She can’t go all crazy on Dave and then not move her ass to help out.  She says she has to conserve energy for challenges and she is lounging in her interview and we get pixelated boobage because OF COURSE she is still only wearing her gross, dirty bra.

At Flying Dragon, the fisherman family shows up with some adorable kids in tow.  JR reveals that he can speak Mandarin.  Wow, I am impressed.  That’s pretty sweet.  He talks to the kids and then Aaron and Denise go fishing.  It involves using cranes (birds) that have something on their necks that keeps them from swallowing the fish, and then the cranes fish and bring the fish back to the boat.  That is……really interesting.  Huh.  JR gets a little guff from people for ordering them around, but he’s really just translating the fisherwoman’s wishes.  James is a little uppity, but you don’t speak Mandarin so I wouldn’t look down your nose, James.  They fry up the fish and veggies and have a feast.  It looks delicious.  Everybody really appreciates the reward and waves the fisher family bye-bye.

At the Immunity Challenge, each person is dressed in traditional Chinese armor (where are we?) and has to throw meteor hammers at their opponent’s porceline vases while trying to block the opponent’s throws with a bamboo stick.  IT’S SO CHINESE!  The tribe that breaks the most vases in 3 rounds wins.  Flying Dragon sits out JR (huh.) and the first round is two women on each side.  It’s Sherea/PG vs Courtney/Denise.  That sounds like a good pairing, Courtney needs the strongest woman with her.  Because she sucks.  Each team gets 3 throws per round.  In the first round, we get a slo-mo Samurai camera shot of the only scoring throw, done by Sherea.  Then Todd/James take on Frosti/Dave.  Todd and James immediately get all 3 points.  Wow.  So Flying Dragon leads 3-1 and it’s Amanda/Aaron v Jaime/Erik.  Jaime connects with two vases to tie it up, then Amanda gets one to lead 4-3.  The last throw is by Jaime, but she doesn’t get any and Flying Dragon wins.  Woot!

Back from the challenge, Fighting Tiger Dave is immediately kind of uppity about water and starts taking charge again.  He feels vulnerable, as well he should.  He tries to get info out of PG and Erik, but they are pretty mum.  Everybody interviews that it’s between Sherea and Dave.  So it’s basically Does Nothing Lazybones vs Annoying Douchebag.  That’s quite the conundrum.

Praying Mantis eats a grasshopper.

Erik interviews, with a sly smile, that if it were up to him they’d get rid of both of them.  Hahaha.

At Tribal,  nothing really remarkable happens except that Dave takes a lot of credit for how they got where they are today.  Well, that’s good.  You’ve lost 3 of 4 Immunity challenges.  Good job, Dave.  PG says that you need a balance between helping at camp and challenges, which:  duh, Sherea and Dave.  We have seen him work too hard and blow a challenge, and we’ve seen her be a lazy-ass and not help at all.  They both suck.  I honestly have no idea who is going home, but I’d put my money on Sherea.  Interestingly enough, Dave goes home unanimously (obviously minus his own vote for Sherea).  Huh.  Meh.  Whatever.

Next time, Jaime and Erik seem to be having a little thingy.  (I TOTALLY CALLED IT, Y’ALL!)

Dave’s goodbye speech is about integrity and listening and being humble.  Um, what?  Also, he says there are pieces of him that are “worth a lot.”  Ewwww.  Bye Dave.



1. Cedrick (BTO) - Friday, October 12, 2007

Not just ‘worth a lot’, but ‘priceless’. Nice humility, there, Dave. Both he and Sherea annoy the shit out of me, so I really hope that she goes next.

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