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Real World Recap – OOH, No, She Didn’t! Friday, October 12, 2007

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This episode opens with Trisha and Parissa talking about both of them taking a walk with Alex and laughing about things. A little later, KellyAnne tells Parissa that she has to tell Trisha that she kissed Alex, but Parissa says that Alex should be the one to set things striaght because he told her that he doesn’t like Trisha in that way. Want to find out how badly the shit hits the fan? Join me after the jump.

Shauvon, Trisha and KellyAnne all go out (shopping?) and Shauvon decides to tell Trisha that Parissa kissed Alex. Trisha tries to play it off like she doesn’t care, but it is obvious that she is upset. We then see Parissa talking to Dunbar about the situation, and then we see her talking to KellyAnne (huh? Clearly, this is poor editing, as it makes it seem as if KellyAnne is in 2 places at once). We cut back to Parissa sitting outside talking to Dunbar when the other 3 girls come home. Seeing them talking, and assuming (correctly) that they are talking about Alex-Parrisa-Trisha, the 3 girls begin talking shit about Parissa (MEOW!).

Later that night everyone goes out drinking and we see Shauvon and Trisha bonding, with Shauvon proclaiming that “Parissa isn’t my #1 anymore” (how sad). Back at home after some serious drinking, Parissa drunk-dials Alex and then puts Trisha on the phone to talk to him. Parissa then takes the phone back and confronts Alex about he said to Trisha (i.e. does he like Trisha or not). Once off the phone, Parissa begins making grilled cheese sandwichs for the house. When Shauvon asks for one with tomatoes, Parissa tells her that it is too much trouble to cut them up. Parissa then tells Isaac that she is making him a sandwich, and Shauvon absolutely explodes, yelling at Parissa that she is more concerned about being nice to the boys than sticking with the girls. Cohutta gets angry and begins to defend Parissa, and then Isaac intervenes and tries to calm everyone down, noting that “Shauvon is a big fan of partying too hard and acting like an anus” (fantastic!). Shauvon and Cohutta continue to argue (while Parissa cries in the background), and eventually Shauvon throws a plate at Cohutta, which breaks near his hand. In an act of stunning maturity, the likes of which have never before been witnessed during any season of the Real World, Cohutta walks away from the confrontation with his sandwich. Noting that Parissa actually made her a sandwich, Shauvon says that she will not eat it, instead saving it to throw at Parissa (sadly, she never gets the chance).

The next morning, Parissa tells Shauvon that she has hurt her feelings, and Shauvon actually admits that she was wrong (although only to the camera, and not to Parissa).

Later that night, while Parissa is working out, Alex comes over and Trisha begins flirting with him shamelessly while they play pool. We are then treated to a wonderful shot of Parissa dressed up in a very nice dress removing her panties (presumably in an effort to waft some pheromones towards Alex). Everyone goes out, and as soon as Shauvon, Trisha, and Alex walk in the club, Parissa grabs Alex and they go make out somewhere (the men’s room? coat check?). After making out with him, Parissa asks Alex if he is playing both she and Trisha (shouldn’t she have asked before making out with him?). Alex says no, and then immediately goes over to Trisha and says “things are only going to get worse”. Alex then leaves by himself, followed shortly by Parissa, who only makes it a few feet outside before she must stop to puke. Trisha goes outside to try and take care of Parissa (she brings her a bottle of water in an uncharacteristic display of compassion), but Parissa tells her to get lost and then walks home alone.

Back at home, Dunbar tells Parissa that Alex told him that he is tired of being caught in the middle of things. Parissa then sits in the confessional talking about the situation and puking (yummy – I’m sure the confessional will smell wonderful!). Trisha overhears Parissa talking about things, and they begin to argue. The episode ends with this beautiful exchange:

Parissa: “Trisha, why don’t you go fuck yourself?”

Trisha: “Why don’t you learn to like someone who wants to fuck you?”

Parissa: “Why don’t you go back to your boyfriend who hopefully already broke up with you because you’re a slut?”

Oh, kids. Can’t we all just get along?



1. DougOLis - Saturday, October 13, 2007

You can’t play with my ball anymore!

Part of me feels bad for Parisa because she’s kind of the black sheep of the house, but she’s also a raging bitch so I don’t feel that bad.

My anus explodes too when I’ve been partying too hard.

2. babaoje - Sunday, October 14, 2007


3. Jesse - Thursday, October 18, 2007

parisa makes me sick every time i hear her fat mouth go off. lame.

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