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Friday Night Lights – Season Two, Episode One Monday, October 8, 2007

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When we last left the residents of Dillon, Texas our beloved Panthers had just won the state championship, Coach Taylor was heading off to be an assistant at TMU, Mama Taylor was pregnant, Street was still paralyzed, Riggins was being Riggins, Landry was trying to work his game on Tyra, the whole Garrity family was a huge mess, and umpteen other things were left in balance. AND we didn’t even know if there would be a second season! AAAARGH!!!

Thankfully, NBC picked it up for season two. And Season One is out on DVD right now for less than 20 bucks at most retail outlets! Get it already! Unfortunately, the bullshit Emmy Awards decided to ignore the existence of the best new show of last year. Booo Emmy’s!!!!! Also, unfortunately, my DVR didn’t record this week’s episode so I don’t have it to go back over in this recap. Booo Jerkwheat!!! However, what we are gonna do this week is hit up the bullet points, the quick highlights if you will. Expect the full bore reviews to come back next Monday. So….what happened in Dillon this week?

Looks like the Dillon gang is participating in one of the great summer rituals – hanging out at the public pool. Why look! There’s our precious Julie serving as a lifeguard! There is Riggins on a float with a couple of hot chicks, which Saracen has decided constitutes Riggins captaining the “S.S. Ta-Tas!” (By far the best boat this side of the S.S. Poon Farmer) Oh no! Pregnant mom has come to embarass Julie in front of the boys! And “the Swede”! I don’t know who this Swede character is, but I hope Saracen fucks him up if he moves in on Julie.  Aaaaaand, whaddyaknow – Tami’s water just broke in the pool and here comes the child.

Coach Taylor gets back in town just in time for the birth of his child and just in time to set off all the little future plot points coming this year. Over here, out in the woods, we have Lyla Garrity getting saved in the river! I hope she throws a book at someone this season and informs them of how full of Christ’s love she truly is! Or maybe she’ll just call out the dude who is trying to get with her Mom before the divorce is even final. And if she could do this while saying Grace at the family dinner table that would be more awesomer. Excelllllent. So that’s where we stand with Lyla. She loves Jeebus more than you.

Smash is on the cover of Texas Football magazine. I’m sure this pleases Smash to no end. Smash likes it a lot. Yay Smash.

Julie has decided to be a bad girl since she has serious daddy issues now. Flirting with “the Swede”, being bitchy to Eric, going to bars to meet up with guys in bands, ignoring Matt.  Good times are heading her way.

Riggins, as mentioned earlier, is sleeping with lots of hot girls. Imagine that. Also, he is not getting along with the new asshole coach of the Panthers. This new coach is a little overly dickish on the coach stereotype wheel for my taste. At one point, Street tells Coach Assface that he should handle Riggins differently. Coach Assface pretty much calls Street a sideshow attraction and tells him to shut up if he wants to be a coach of the Dillon Panthers.

Coach Taylor and Tami are in for a lot of good old fashioned television family melodrama. His being gone in Austin is tearing Tami up and making Julie ultra resentful. There is going to be much sadness in the Taylor household this season.

Additionally, there is one slight plot point which may prove pivotal this year. Remember the guy who tried to rape Tyra last year? Well, he sorta stalked her this episode. And, uh, her and Landry were out at the ol quick stop and he tried to be all rape-y again. So Landry loses his shit and kills him. And then they dump his body off the bridge and into a river. So, uh, nothing going on here of interest.

So, in short, this first episode featured: a baby being born, Lyla getting born again,  Riggins getting laid, Saracen getting worried, Julie being confused and rebellious, the Taylors being fretful, and Landry being murderous. Looks like another winner of a season on tap.



1. apostles03 - Monday, October 8, 2007

Like sands through the hourglass, these are the plays of our drives.

2. Jerkwheat - Monday, October 8, 2007

Well played apostles.

I may start referring to this show as my “stories”.

3. DougOLis - Monday, October 8, 2007

Who hangs out at the public pool?

There were copious amounts of Wilco’s “Muzzle of Bees,” so that was nice.

During one of the commercials and the “More You Know” crap or whatever it is now, Tyra looked ridiculously hot with some short hair.

4. joe - Friday, October 12, 2007

Tyra is a babe i want to get with that

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