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Real World Recap – Whereupon We Realize That Cohutta is the Most Normal Person in the House. Friday, October 5, 2007

Posted by The NY Kid in Fuck You Nibbles, MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

This episode opens with Tricia and Isaac teasing Cohutta about having sex with KellyAnne, although Cohutta says that he won’t kiss and tell. Their conversation prompts Tricia to call her boyfriend and tell him about her flirting with Alex, the Aussie boy. Follow me after the jump to explore the rest of Alex’s antics.

Later that night, Alex comes over and looks at pictures with Trisha. This is followed almost immediately by Parissa asking Alex for help in picking out her clothes for the evening (anyone see any drama developing? Nope, me neither). Before he leaves for the evening, Alex writes a poem to both Parissa and Tricia (wonderful idea – they’ll never find out that he wrote to BOTH of them!).

The next morning, Alex calls and invites the girls out to lunch. Unfortunately for him, Parissa and Tricia realize that he wrote a sappy poem to both of them. Parissa stays at home, while Tricia goes out to lunch. Once there, she confronts Alex about his ‘player’ ways, but he responds that he was only ‘warming up’ on Parissa’s poem because he didn’t want to sound stupid in the poem for Tricia (Smooth!).

That evening, Alex comes over again (does he come over every night?), and after talking to Parissa for a little while they go out together. Everyone else goes out to a different bar, where some random guy begins hitting on KellyAnne. Cohutta comes over and tells the guy that he and KellyAnne are together, and the two guys get into some verbal jousting. After arriving back at home, Cohutta and KellyAnne discuss the incident, and he tells her that girls love it when guys fight over them.

In the morning, KellyAnne calls a friend back home, and she finds out that her boyfriend was dancing with someone else. This shouldn’t be an issue, since they are on a break, but KellyAnne gets upset. She goes off to talk to Cohutta about it, and she admits that she wanted it to happen. Cohutta tells KellyAnne that she can’t be mad at her boyfriend since they are on a break, and KellyAnne responds that she doesn’t really care since she doesn’t love her boyfriend.

That night, Trisha goes out to the bars with her ‘other’ Aussie boys while Parissa makes dinner for Alex. Trisha comes home and finds out, and says that she is like a dog that peed on a fire hydrant, so she marked Alex as her territory (suprisingly, this does not lead to her referring to Parissa as a bitch, which would have nicely extended the dog analogy). Shauvon calls Ky to ask about Alex and Trisha and Parissa, but Ky doesn’t really give up any information. Trisha goes into the confessional and says “if you want to pursue Alex, you’re an idiot. Watch your back” (apparently she didn’t have the metaphorical balls to tell PArissa to her face).

The next night, Isaac asks Trisha why she is talking to Alex since she has a boyfriend. Trisha gives him some bullshit about being on a break, and she punctuates the point by going out with Alex (and Ky and Shauvon). When Trisha asks Alex if he likes Parissa, he says ‘No’ and tells her that he wouldn’t pursue anyone other than her. This somehow devolves into a conversation about ‘ratings’ and Ky tells Shauvon that she is a ‘6’ (WOW! That’s some balls, man), and naturally she gets pissed and storms off. When she arrives at home and describes what happened, Cohutta tells KellyAnne that “she shouldn’t ask if she didn’t want to know” (sound advice, I would say).

The next morning, at breakfast, Parissa laughs at the fact that Shauvon got upset, which only makes her more upset. MEOW!

Later that night, Isaac talks to KellyAnne about the dangers of getting involved with a roommate. Alex comes over and talks to Parissa, and they wind up kissing outside. Isaac sees this and lets off the comment of the episode, noting that “if Dunbar got too drunk, Alex might give that a shot too” (zing!). Parissa comes inside and talks to KellyAnne about the kiss, and KellyAnne tells her that Alex is her guy since Trisha has a boyfriend. Trisha, who clearly didn’t get the memo, asks Alex to come outside and they wind up kissing. Shauvon tells Parissa that Alex kissed Trisha (high school!), so Parissa goes outside to talk to Alex. However, instead of yelling at Alex for being a player, Parissa winds up kissing Alex good-bye (way to stay strong, sister!).



1. DougOLis - Saturday, October 6, 2007

Alex is my hero. I aspire to be like him someday.

To continue the “Parisa is a dog” sentiment: Kelly-Anne a “good girl” and petting her back was hilarious.

I gotta say that Ivan is pretty normal too. He can be a drunken manwhore, but he’s still normal. Cohutta’s description of men fighting over women sounded like he’d been watching too much Animal Planet or Discovery Channel.

Did Shauvon say that Alex’s butt hurt? What the hell does that mean? Did Dunbar get to him? Or was it Ky? Or did he have some strap-on fun with Parisa? I could see her being into that.

I gotta give props for Shauvon understanding that “6” indeed is, barely above average. She has some serious opinion of herself if she thinks she’s a 10. Yikes. Her voice alone knocks her down; she sounds like Kirstie Alley when she talks. I’d put her at 7 and Trisha at 8. Alex calling Trisha a 6 or 7 took some serious balls; especially since he still intended to get with her. Maybe he was taking into account personality? haha, right, nevermind.

2. Stepahnie - Thursday, January 17, 2008

Are cohutta and kelly anne still together after the real world????

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