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Urban HIMYMs: “We’re Not From Here” — Deathproofed! Wednesday, October 3, 2007

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to my season’s worth of recaps for How I Met Your Mother. Welcome, once more, to Urban HIMYMs.

So, I took some constructive advice from the first effort, tried to include a little more of what actually happened this week, and slipped in my two cents when I could.  I promise, somewhere down the line, I will find the right mix.
And away we go…

So we start with a hand cramp joke, and we go for the obvious, but no, it’s about the writing all the time, and then we’re introduced to the Death Folder, which, because no one has ever heard of it, must be explained.  Basically, all of the info your spouse would need in case they were to die suddenly.  I just realized, my death folder would be the saddest thing ever.  But my hilarious collection of blog posts…nope, saddest thing ever.  I think I need to go grab a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Lighten Up and ponder what the hell is wrong with me.

Ted and Barney start pushing Marshall’s buttons because he needs to finish his letter to Lily before he dies and Marshall starts freaking out.  Now, with Marshall’s superstitious thing, I can feel it, I mean, after all, I actually have to figure out what things are in the Michigan mojo position and what articles of clothing have earned banninated status for Michigan games.  The early part of this season was not kind to my hats or jerseys.  I’m just saying.

So Ted explains that Robin needed some time away from herself after the breakup and we get to see braided Robin pontificating on the nature of the universe and basically playing at hippiechick.  So we see Robin showing off photos from her trip…in an actual photo album?  How so very 1990s.

Barney accuses Robin of not having changed in the least since she came back.  I always enjoy Barney’s friendship with Robin, starting with his insistence on calling her by her last name, Scherbatsky.  It’s built on a foundation of appreciation for the fact that they’re not quite totally friends, but they’re also not rivals or enemies.  So we see Barney and Robin going on about the evolved Robin against the unevolved Robin.

Gael enters the scene and Lily says “Switch to big words.”  I just hope that Roget got his cut for that well-written last sequence of jokes.

Marshall goes to work on his letter for his death folder.  We get Marshall’s voice over sliding in with clouds, a harp, and Marshall in a white shirt.  Marshall’s geographic references include a deep Scottish loch.  That could be important.  And then we hear Marshall is throwing in some suspicious circs notions, complete with a music sting change up and aspersions on Ted.  It’s a great scene for character.  Marshall, allowing his curiosity to get the best of him busts open Lily’s letter only to find out it’s a litany of actual information and suggestions of magazine cancellations.

Gael is regaling the bar with stories about him windsurfing, and Barney and Ted realize that Gael’s out of town status, “an accent and innocent smile” give him an edge, and Ted sees the automatic out of leaving in a couple of days…Smash cut…and Barney and Ted start playing Southern tourist, which I think George Costanza once tried to pull.  Is it America only has one recognizable bumpkin accent?  Is that the problem?  Wow, NPH’s Southern accent is, better and worse than mine all at the same time.  I mean, he’s trying, but…

So at McLaren’s, Lily and Robin breakdown how things are going with Gael, and Robin clearly is not as happy as she had been.  Mostly because the spontaneity of the trip is wearing off.  Then again, considering how happy Robin seemed on that trip, well, you know, never ONCE have I had a vacation that went that well.  Seriously, not once.  Not once.  Seriously, never.  Not Once.

Robin is trying to play at the new evolved Robin, being cool about someone being in the bathroom while she’s in the shower, only to discover that it’s an Australian, part of a group of travelers that Gael has brought back to stay at Robin’s apartment.  So we have Australians…and Robin’s Canadian…OK, so can we get New Zealanders in the room and the Commonwealth can have an auxiliary meeting?

Honestly, we’re at the second act break, and I’m not feeling the A, B, or C plot tonight.  It’s not a bad episode, I’m just hoping this starts to pay off, and soon.

I’m sorry, I have to ask: Are these newlywed jokes funny to newlyweds?  Seriously?  I mean, it’s like a foreign language to me.  I do like that Marshall and Lily are so in love, even the fight has a niceness to it.

All right, I’ll admit it, I have been to New York several times now and well, I just am not a fan.  I’m clearly a suburbanite and I know it.  The whole thing freaks me out.  How can you not have your car?  Seriously?

Ted and Barney are with the local girls and they take them to the Ruby T.G.I Bennigan’s esque Tater Skins.  The whole sequence is blah, but in the background at Tater Skins, there’s a sign that says Crystal Lake Canoe Rentals.  So I have to ask, does Jason Vorhees work there part time?

Meanwhile, back in Brooklyn, unevolved Robin is trying to lay down some ground rules, no wait, they’re really more like guidelines, for her place.  We get a pee joke AND a pot joke.  It’s fish in a barrel week, but sadly, I always laugh at a look at my hands joke.  Damn you Otto!  And of course, all of the Aussies and Argentines are just focused on the soccer.

The girls take Barney and Ted in a cab and Ted’s knowledge of New York geography starts to kick in as he realizes that they’re taking them to the ever dangerous South Bronx.  And sure enough, smash cut, and we see a shot about Ted and Barney having been mugged.

Marshall and Lily are working through the issue about Lily not wanting to write a letter for the folder, and Marshall having to promise that he won’t open it up until she died.

Hmm, in the wake of surviving the mugging, Ted and Barney start rating levels of the type of sex.  Been there before.  The joke, not the actual types of sex described here.

We learn that the girls are actually from New Jersey and it just launches Ted on being a real New Yorker.  Ted, Ohio native, is having New Jersey issues.  “Pretty much New York.”  You know, Michiganders call themselves Detroiters all the time, but only if they aren’t in Detroit.  Comedian John Bowman has an exceptional sequence on this.

So, based on this and if we’re to believe EDSBS’s Orson Swindle, that would mean that New Jersey jokes and Mormon jokes are the only two prejudices that seem to be socially acceptable still in America.

Vacation Robin’s stoner voice sounds REALLY Canadian.  I’m just saying.  So Vacation Robin and Work Robin start having it out over what’s important, and Work Robin realizes she hates Vacation Robin, but Vacation Robin pulls a trump card, as she starts moving Work Robin’s hair away…So wait, does making out with yourself count as a lesbian kiss…and Robin does the bolt straight upright, and well, that answers that…

Robin busts out of bed and kicks the Aussies out and when they refuse to leave, she goes back to the night stand and pulls out her…OK, I’m not completely sure what kind of personal firearm that is, but I do thjnk it’s probably been a Guns and Ammo centerfold at least twice.  The now displaced Aussies accuse Robin of being an American, and Robin reasserts her Canadianness.  You know, Dave Foley once said “I’m Canadian, it’s like being an American, but without the gun…”, so it’s all very confusing.

Robin breaks up with Gael as an Enrique song plays lightly in the background and Robin explains the break up to Barney and then, as almost a “you were right” nod, playfully tantalizes him with the fact that Vacation Robin showed up in her dream again last night.  It’s a wonderful touch of two good friends talking.

But wait, come back for the stinger…Oh, real quick.  My friend Dwight pointed out that Dennis Haysbert shaved the head and kept the goatee, and whereas I think he looks like Ben Sisko’s kick ass older brother, he thinks he looks like former Pirate, and Operation Shutdown leader Derek Bell.

So we’re back and Lily finishes the letter and Marshall promises that he won’t open the letter.  Until 22 years later, when sadly…and we cut to a combed over Marshall reading the letter that points out that you suck, you totally suck, and we see a very attractive late 40s version of Lily coming in to bust him.  This isn’t that great a sequence unless you freeze frame and see that the newspaper article in the background says “N.Y.C Lawyer captures ‘Nessie'”.  Wonderful work guys.

So, it’s not a home run, but it’s not a fly out either.  I wonder if my less than stellar mood has anything to do with my reaction, but I do think I’ll be looking forward to next week more than reflecting back on this one.
So, that’s all I have for this week’s edition of Urban HIMYMs. With that, this is Yostal reminding you to just chill, ‘til the next episode.



1. DougOLis - Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It was subpar episode compared to last week and many others, but in all it was fine. I really liked the dynamic between Robin and Barney; one of the best parts of the episode for me.

There was too much brevity at the end to take the “Lily death” seriously. They should have played it up as more somber if they wanted to pull a joke with the “you suck” part.

It was nice of them to offend all New Jerseyans (ites?). I wonder how Metsy feels about that? Doesn’t she live in New Jersey?

It’s Dave Foley’s part of the joke that doesn’t make sense because I think Canada has more guns per capita than the US.

2. Peter Cavan - Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The best line of the show was Ted’s: “I will do a lot to get laid, but I’m not going to New Jersey!”

I loved the freeze-frame in Marshall’s office. The photo on his desk was Marshall and Lily at their wedding with Marshall wearing the fedora. And there was something else in the background that I don’t remember right now, but it was another previous show reference.

3. mikechumpchange - Thursday, October 4, 2007

I missed the flash forward to the future, as the Pats game was starting and I ended up deleting the episode, but that sounds pretty funny. Am I the only one that thinks Jason Segel is one starring role in a Judd Apatow vehicle away from saying, “Screw TV, I wanna be a movie star” sparking a HIMYM scene where Lily gets her own “Damn! Damn! Damn!” Good Times reenanctment scenes?

4. MoL - Thursday, October 4, 2007

Random thoughts:
No yellow umbrella this week, oh well, I guess we will have to wait. I think this is one the best sitcoms out there. Is it me or has “Wait for it…” really gained in popularity in pop-culture? I keep hearing/reading it more and more which is great, but this show is not that that popular so I wonder how it has gotten out there. As much as I love the show, I’m concerned about it jumping the shark once the “mother” makes an appearance. Oh yeah, Victoria’s 2-year stint in Germany is up this spring, any chance she makes a return? I got season 1 on DVD for my g/f and I was disappointed that Spit on a Stranger did not make it onto the DVD for the episode where he returns to the bakery to find Victoria. Must not have gotten the rights to it, damn, it set up the scene beautifully. I love that Ted is from Ohio — maybe if the Tribe (yeah right) wins the WS they will write that in? I’m looking forward to single-Ted and Barney debauchery this fall.

5. The Bad One - Thursday, October 4, 2007

They didn’t get the rights to “Spit on a Stranger” for the DVD release? That seems like a major oversight these days. It’s not like it’s WKRP-vintage. That’s really disappointing.

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