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Real World Recap – Gay Mardi Gras is Kind of Redundant, No? Friday, September 21, 2007

Posted by The NY Kid in the balls.

This episode opens up with the roommates sitting around at home discussing the fact that the upcoming weekend is the gay and lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney (which apparently is some sort of international capitol for the gays). Cohutta lets everyone know that he doesn’t want to go since homosexuality makes him uncomfortable (shocking point of view considering that he’s from Georgia), although he says he might go if KellyAnne walks next to him so that everyone knows that he isn’t gay (how enlightened!). Follow me after the jump for the rest of the ridiculousness.

Later in the day, Trisha gets an e-mail from her father discussing how her whole family is praying for her, knowing that she will make the right decisions during her time in Australia, and asking her to provide spiritual guidance for her roommates. Trisha goes on to inform us that even though she drinks and has friends who are gay, she really believes that both of those things are sinful. What is not sinful, apparently, is her flirting with Cohutta while playing pool, where he tells her that he will shove a pool cue up her ass.

The roommates all go out to do some sightseeing in Sydney, and they stroll down by the Sydney Opera House. While Isaac and Cohutta are discussing how much time Trisha spends bitching (ironically, they are bitching about her bitching), Trisha sees a street bad performing a religious song and she stops to listen to them. While everyone else moves on, KellyAnne stops with Trisha, and she begins to sing along to the song, which makes Trisha cry.

Back at the house, Cohutta and Trisha are both talking about not going to the Mardi Gras parade, but Cohutta says it is because he doesn’t want to be around “so many thousands of obnoxious drunk people” (in his head: “especially them queers”). Getting ready to go out, the girls all dress slutty, while Isaac goes the whole nine yards and wears an outfit that consists of a purple shirt, lime green Daisy Dukes, roller skates, and a surgical mask. This is quite possibly the most frightening thing that I have ever seen on TV.

While at the parade, everyone is talking about how they are glad that Trisha didn’t come, because she would have been “a downer”. At the same time, Trisha, KellyAnne and Cohutta go out to dinner. At one point, Cohutta lifts up Trisha’s skirt and exposes her panties, which obviously upsets her. They get into a big argument during which Trisha patronizes Cohutta by asking if he can “comprehend” what she is saying. The other roommates, however, are having a much better time while at the parade. Except for Dunbar, who sees an older man looking at him in a sexual manner and randomly decides to divulge that his 80-year old grandfather used to molest him. Despite this admission, Dunbar and the rest of the crew have fun prancing around in the middle of the parade and generally acting like drunken idiots (although, admittedly, they appear to be somewhat lovable, fun-having idiots).

Back at home, Dunbar runs in to tell Cohutta how much fun they all had at the parade, and KellyAnne says that she would much rather have gone to the parade than been “in hell” with Cohutta and Trisha arguing the whole night. Shauvon tells Trisha that she is upset that Trisha didn’t go (presumably because Trisha would have had such a great time).

The next day, Dunbar talks to Parissa again about his grandfather molesting him, and he says that it made him into a great fighter, knowing that he would never allow himself to be backed into a corner like that again. While they are having a real heart-to-heart moment, Cohutta tells Trisha that he just won’t talk to her since he can’t say anything without upsetting her.

NEXT WEEK: Hopefully fewer life lessons. This is some horseshit!



1. DougOLis - Friday, September 21, 2007

Isaac for Real World Australia MVP. I am disappointed he didn’t wear assless chaps though.

Dunbar had a somewhat legitimate reason to want to bug out and even he stuck around. Trisha and Cohutta are pussies. Despite not being gay, attending Gay Pride Parades and Festivals have been extremely fun in my past.

2. Jerkwheat - Friday, September 21, 2007

since we didn’t get a flaming gay stereotype cast member this season, we get a group of hypocrtical homophobes instead?

I <3 you MTV

3. JustAguY - Saturday, October 13, 2007

It made me sick to hear the comments from the roommates (mostly Trisha) that didn’t go to the parade. Isn’t she from California where there is a HUGE population of gay people? She has a lot of growing up to do and needs to realize that being gay isn’t a “sin.” I think she and her overly religious family should be worrying about her fake boobs and botox treatments more than gay people. It almost ruined the whole season for me.

Sorry for bitching but just wanted to express it somewhere…

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