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Real World Recap – Dunbar the Douchebag. Friday, August 24, 2007

Posted by The NY Kid in Fuck You Nibbles, MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

This episode opens on the beach, with Parissa putting lotion on Dunbar. She definitely looks like she is really into it, while he makes several comments indicating that he is uncomfortable. So what makes him such a douchebag? Follow me after the jump to find out.

Later that night, while everyone is out drinking, Dunbar is making fun of Parissa. Oblivious (or perhaps just not caring), she tells Dunbar that he is her best friend in the house. She eventually goes on to talk about how her back hurts and that she needs someone to rub it, to which Dunbar replies “I cannot be that person for so many reasons” (let me guess: # 1 reason is that you have a girlfriend?).

The next day, the boys are in the kitchen reading a “TO-DO” list that they have placed on the refrigerator door, and they decide to focus on the last task – “Pimp Harder”. So Isaac puts on a track suit (making him look like a London gangster), and Cohutta and Dunbar wear some overalls to go out and find some “Aussie vagina” (you stay classy, boys!). While walking around, the boys meet some girls, and Isaac is immediately attracted to Noirin. Isaac laughs about the fact that he had to come all the way to Australia to meet a hot chick, and she’s black Irish. The girls tell them that they are going to a beach bar later that night, so the boys decide to meet up with them.

Later during the day (or so it would seem through editing, although I think it’s a different day), we see everyone walking around Sydney when Dunbar decides to take a short-cut over a bridge. Parissa stops him, pointing out that there is a “Private Property” sign on the bridge, and Dunbar tells her to lighten up. He walks next to KellyAnne and talks to her about Parissa being too neurotic and high-strung, and that he needs to avoid flirting with her (so don’t do it, then, douchebag!). After their walk, back at the house, Dunbar and KellyAnne are wrestling around in front of Parissa, which prompts her to state that “it’s almost offensive for them to do that in front of me.” KellyAnne, in the confessional, says that she hopes Dunbar’s girlfriend wouldn’t mind about how they “play” with each other because “nothing is going to happen” (and I’m sure we all believe that).

At night, Isaac convinces his housemates to go out to meet Noirin and her friends, but the girls in the house are taking far too long getting ready. When they are finally ready to go, the guys segregate the cabs, forcing Parissa to ride with the girls (when she clearly wanted to ride with Dunbar). At the bar, Isaac and Noirin are making out and talking about love within a few minutes of seeing each other again, and they eventually go back to the house where they end up in the hot tub (naturally). As they get out of the hot tub, we see that Noirin is topless, and they go into the guest room where they presumably have sex (all we see is a lot of movement underneath the covers). At the same time, KellyAnne climbs into bed with Dunbar while he is trying to sleep. The next morning Noirin leaves, and Isaac immediately walks over the “TO-DO” list on the fridge and puts a check mark next to “Pimp Harder”. He says that he enjoys having an “outside friend”, and follows that up with the classy statement of the episode – “I need to ice my penis down.”

At lunch with everyone, Parissa accuses Dunbar of talking down to her, but winds up deciding that “because he respects [her], he has to mistreat [her]” (well, obviously). Parissa goes home to write Dunbar a letter about wanting to be friends and feeling hurt by his actions, and while he reads the letter Parissa talks about it to Shauvon. Shauvon has some actual insight, noting that “he is trying to act like a good guy and he’s not, and he’s messing with 2 girls’ heads.” As if to confirm her statement, Dunbar goes to talk to KellyAnne about the letter, and they make fun of Parissa. Cohutta overhears them and tells Isaac that Dunbar told KellyAnne “we would be having sex right now if it wasn’t for my girlfriend.”

So, in summary: Parissa likes Dunbar, who uses the excuse of having a girlfriend to reject her, and then he goes to cuddle with KellyAnne. Ergo, Dunbar=douchebag.



1. DougOLis - Friday, August 24, 2007

She’s black Irish or black and Irish? Either way, I don’t get why it’s humorous. Care to explain?

2. DougOLis - Friday, August 24, 2007

Did you know you can watch the episodes online? It was black and Irish not Black Irish. While I’m at it, Parisa has 1 “s.”

3. undergroundbto - Sunday, August 26, 2007

At one point, Isaac (or maybe Cohutta) says “black Irish”, which amused me because they obviously didn’t know the difference between that and being Black and Irish.

I think Isaac just thought that it was “ironical” to have the first girl that he was attracted to in Australia not actually be from Australia.

4. Amanda - Monday, November 19, 2007

I love The Real World and have been watching every season for 7 years and this by far takes the cake. I don’t think anyone has ever been this mean before. Can we please get rid of the ugly, fake, blonde bimbos who think that they are better than everyone else? Do the people that cast this show really like to watch people get hurt. I mean I watch the show, but seriously, after this season I probably won’t watch again because I honestly feel bad for Parisa. They are so mean to her and treat her so mean. Sorry Tricia, don’t be jealous that she can sing and you can’t and that she doesn’t look like a slut and fake and doesn’t cheat on her boyfriends like you do. I hope Tricia gets back to her life and everything changes for her. Also, Dunbar needs to go have some “alone time,” if you know what I mean because he is sooo worked up all the time. He’s just being ridiculous like everyone else in the house is.

5. Josue - Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I love The Real World too Amanda.. jaja and don’t feel bad for Parisa

good luck!

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