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Guitar Hero III. Who doesn’t love Bret Michaels? Oh not you? Monday, August 20, 2007

Posted by LenBiasCocaineSurplus in Guitar Hero!, Len Bias Cocaine Surplus.

An all Bret Michaels edition!

Can you feel the excitment?

Now we are getting into why this game is called “Legends of Rock”!

Poison- Talk Dirty to Me

AWESOMENESS- 15/10. Awesome is the only ranking involved with legendary musician Bret Michaels. Saying this song is the epitome of 80s hair metal songs made by bands by bands with a name starting with “P” and ending in “oison” would be a severe understatement to how legendary this legendary song is in the annuls of music history. If you don’t play every note you will automatically fail the song for bastardizing an all-time classic song.

Go That Far- Bret Michaels

AWESOMENESS- errmmm/10. Really this song? Can I skip it when I buy the game? Is there a version I can get where I can play Talk Dirty to Me twice instead.

Not to question the legend of Bret Michaels or anything. The downfall of this song must be the other band members.



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