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Greatest or GREATEST episode? Wednesday, August 15, 2007

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This week I try to figure why kids in wheelchairs get kicked over but more importantly why animated Wayne Gretzky is more American than me.

ProStars episode title “Roll To Victory”. Episode 3 on the DVD

In this episode we see MJ start off by receiving a video from one of his old friends. Apparently a basketball team known as “the Hoods” is ruining his charity basketball tournament to benefit kids with physical disabilities with their rough play. Play so rough no one will play them he says.

MJ tells Bo Jackson that he is going to Chicago to help but they need not come along because this isn’t a big case. Wayne and Bo won’t stay behind though, Wayne needs to go to Chicago to try the deep dish pizza, because Wayne Gretzky loves Chicago pizza more than anything. Bo agrees to go saying “Bo knows pizza”. If you weren’t aware Bo is all knowing and could be a god or quite possibly even the god.

When they arrive in Chicago after jumping out the Pro Star 1 in and landing safely thanks to their reverse boost shoes Gretzky and Bo give MJ their team entry form which is their way of making a donation, this entry will in no way come into play later in the episode. Not a chance.

Gretzky runs off with Bo because being the All-American boy that he is pizza is top priority. Jordan meets Tommy, the kid in the wheelchair and watches him shoot “pretty well”. This “pretty well” Jordan is describing is Tommy hitting 10/10 shots… from halfcourt. He is rudely interrupted by the leader of the Hoods, whose last name happens to be Pain. He demonstrates that he is indeed a jerk by kicking Tommy across the gym floor then accepts a challenge to have a shoot off for the gym. Tommy loses and thus loses all hope in ever playing basketball again. Jordan goes to his house and convinces him to play again.

The day of the tournament arrives and the Hoods beat the competition with the rough and tough style of basketball. Play so tough that Wayne Gretzky almost loses his American sized appetite for American cuisine. They think they have won but a new team enters the tournament. No it is not the Vancouver Grizzlies…but THE PRO STARS! Plus show sidekick Denise and wheelchair Tommy. The Pro Stars take an early lead, as imitation Marv Albert reveals to us this very much do to the fact that Michael Jordan is on their team.

The Hoods in their secret halftime plan figure if they injure MJ they will stand a better chance seeing how MJ has 30 of team’s 47 points and is lacking his best basketball sidekick Bill Murray.

The half begins with MJ spraining his ankle, I know this is an emergency because Bo says he knows injuries and he has mentions his knowing of emergencies. How will they go on?

Tommy comes up with the plan for MJ to play. Jodan will continue to play… in a wheelchair. Reversing the roles, because see he can’t play in the wheelchair, and Tommy has to teach him to play basketball. It is genius.

The Hoods comeback to tie the game thanks to Michael Jodan’s inability to play well without standing. MJ steals the ball in the final seconds and passes to someone for the game winning 3.

You will never guess who…

Nope not the All-American basketball phenom Wayne Gretzky.

Tommy wins the game, and fake Marv Albert goes crazy!

The Prostars win and everyone learns a valuable life lesson. They did it for the kids. Just remember that.



1. HentaiM - Friday, April 3, 2009

I agree with you, this episode is really good!!!

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