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Your Morning Rock/New Music Tuesday – August 14th, 2007 Tuesday, August 14, 2007

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Hey, we’ve actually got some good music coming out today….real good, in fact. Two of my favorites have new albums and I’m gonna tell ya all about them.

Matt Nathanson – Car Crash

Perhaps my favorite artist to see live, Matt Nathanson has a brand spanking new album out today. What else do you need to go pick up? TO THE JUMP!!!

Matt Nathanson – Some Mad Hope
He gave the world of major labels a shot on his last disc, Beneath These Fireworks, and has come back home to a smaller label for this release. It’s been streaming on VH1.com for a week or so, but I have resisted the urge to listen to it in crappy streamed quality. Expect pretty, gentle melodies and smart songwriting. God knows I can’t wait to hear a real version of “Detroit Waves”.  It isn’t in the studio where Matt wins you over though, it’s on the stage. If you get the chance to see Matt, do so. You won’t regret it. He is hilarious in between songs and the great songs make the experience even better.

Schaeffer – Something Worth Fighting For
Ok, so these guys are not having any kind of big national release today – but they do have a new album “officially” out today.  I got mine last week and have been loving it thus far. They are pretty much local to Detroit, and I’ve been pushing them for a DC show for a long time now. However, the Rossi brothers deserve a national audience. I first saw them when they were known as Huddle about five years ago, opening for Better Than Ezra. The missus and I got to know them personally as the years have gone by (and the band name has changed) and they’ve put out consistently great albums since then. Something Worth Fighting For is no exception. Do me a favor and go to their website here and then to their myspace here to listen to the music. They are worth a few minutes out of your day, I promise.

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds – Live at Radio City Music Hall
Honestly, this is about the only format I still enjoy Dave Matthews in. Live at Luther Hall will always fantastic and I can hardly stand to hear a Dave song anymore. So another pairing of Dave and Tim can’t be all that bad, right? 26 songs here over two discs on what is Dave’s 479878th live album.

There ya go. Three things worth listening too. Three more than there have been the majority of the past month or so, eh comrades? As always, lets discuss more in the comments.



1. Sarge - Tuesday, August 14, 2007

This Nathanson song has been getting a ton of air time on Sirius lately – and for good reason.

Already have my D&T album on preorder…they’re pretty sick together, and like you said, you can’t go wrong with 26 acoustic tracks.

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