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Greatest or GREATEST Episode? Wednesday, August 8, 2007

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    While the Simpsons deserve 20 episodes to be talked about at length most shows only deserve 1, and plus if every show got 20 posts dedicated to itself this blog would be feature a lot more clog.

And some episodes deserve recognition for generally just being too bizarre to fit in with the rest of the episodes.

This week MacGyver Episode 521: Passages. Greatest or GREATEST Episode ever?

While this video does a fine job of attempting to summarize this insanely baffling episode of MacGyver, it can’t truly bring out how this episode makes no sense at all.

The episode starts with MacGyver’s grandfather having a heart attack and Mac trying to go see him but being stuck doing his “job” which currently is protecting ancient egyptian artifacts. The grandfather dies, blah blah blah.

Where this episode picks up is when someone steals the artifacts causing MacGyver to go try and save the day. This ends in him being dropped from a parking garage and through the roof of a car, somehow not being instantly dead he is rushed to the hospital. Thus beginning, what for any other show, would  be a standard coma episode.

Not for MacGyver, standard coma episodes aren’t good enough. What this episode lacked in standard anti-drug, anti-gun MacGyver conventions it made up for in near dear experiences.

MacGyver gets on a “cruise boat” which symbolizes the ship to Heaven, or the Bahamas, or something in between the two. There he sees his parents and grandfather and thinks everything will be fine with him dead and nothing bad can possibly come of him dying. This is when he realizes that the entire universe does actually revolve around his swiss army knife.

The captain of the boat refuses to let MacGyver leave and makes sure that he doesn’t leave the boat by jamming an ax into an unguarded door to a room whose contents he does not know with MacGyver and his grandfather trapped inside for what surely will be the rest of the time. Unless MacGyver finds a fire hose, and remembers something he grandfather told him when he is a child.

Conveniently when  MacGyver exits the boat he is instantly transported back to his body. He still doesn’t have full bodily functions though, so how ever is he going to tell his boss who stole the Egyptian artifact that we had forgotten about for the last 40 minutes or so.

He draws it for him in sand. Obviously.

MacGyver not only survives a 20 foot drop into the the ceiling of a car, and breaks out of a metaphorical heaven-eque place but also solves the crime.

That is how amazing MacGyver is.



1. Ivan - Wednesday, August 8, 2007

MacGyver is the balls. That mastercard commercial a few months back was classic.

2. stopmikelupica - Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wow, I am touched. Having never watched a full episode of Mac, I had no idea it could be so inspiration.

Still not better than the softball episode, though. Nice try.

3. LenBiasCocaineSurplus - Thursday, August 9, 2007

If you have never watched an episode at least read the Wiki that explains how he has done every thing.

I need to see the episode where he “uses a pulley system to help a small dog cross a busy road”

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