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Guitar Hero III: More Fun than a Pet Rock Vol 1 Monday, August 6, 2007

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Your air guitar is now obsolete as Guitar Hero III will be released October the 29th. Every week leading up I will take you on a preview of the magical songs that will be in this game. In fact you can call the article weekly.

This week. Dragonforce, Slayer, and… Heart?

Through the Fire and Flames- Dragonforce

Difficulty- Billion/10

Will likely be the hardest song in the game and even more likely hardest song in any of the games before it. You will most likely never beat it. And if you do your arm will be in such bad shape the Cubs will sign you to a multi-year deal.

Drunken Fun Factor- 0/10

Playing this song drunk will only end with curled up in a ball in the fetal position rocked back and forth crying more than if you actually saw Dragonforce try to play the songs live.

Really it is going to be hard.

Will Not Include- Arm brace

Raining Blood- Slayer

Difficulty- 8/10

While they do play fast it would be hard if there was blood pouring down on you while you play it.

Drunken Fun Factor- 6/10

It hinges on the detail of where Slayer falls on your awesome scale. Although the intro won’t be much fun, ever.

Will Not Include- Blood

Barracuda- Heart

Difficulty- 3/10

This will be one of the first songs in the game most likely, unless they include the flashing blue background from the video. That would double the difficulty right there.

Drunken Fun Factor- 7/10

Only for the excuse to prance around and say Barracuda.

Will Not Include- Witch brooms.



1. Tuffy - Monday, August 6, 2007

Also, if you can get your girlfriend to play Barracuda while you’re both wasted, you can imitate Cameron Crowe and chase her around with the video camera, insisting that Nancy Wilson would totally start to strip during the bridge. No, really, you heard it on VH1 Inside the Music or something.

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