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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, ch. 11-15 Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Posted by ladyandrea in harry potter, Lady Andrea, summer of awesomeness, unhealthy obsessions.

Hermione’s Helping Hand sees Harry receive his ordered Potions book, but he switches the covers with the old one and keeps the “old one” that looks new, putting the new one that looks old back in the cabinet.  Hermione also reads at breakfast that Stan Shunpike, from the Knight Bus, has been arrested on suspicion of Death Eater activity.  Harry cannot believe it and Hermione says the Ministry must be trying to look like they are at least doing something.

Harry conducts Quidditch tryouts and finds 3 great Chasers in Katie Bell, Demelza Robins and Ginny Weasley.  His Beaters are Jimmy Peakes and Ritchie Coote.  The Keeper tryouts are last and Cormac McLaggen, from the Slug Club, saves 4 of 5 goals.  On the last one, he veers off in the complete wrong direction.  Ron saves 5 of 5 and gets to be the Keeper again.  Harry suspects Hermione confunded McLaggen so he’d miss the 5th goal and her blushing confirms his suspicions.

They go visit Hagrid, who is at first cold to them because they all dropped his class.  He warms up, though, because he wants to get some sympathy about Aragog dying.  They try to comfort Hagrid, though they all secretly think Aragog is kind of a monster.  After dinner, there’s a Slug Club meeting that both Harry and Hermione get invited to but Harry cannot go because he has detention with Snape.

Silver and Opals sees Harry staying up late reading his Potions book, noticing random spells that the Half-Blood Prince seems to have invented himself, including Levicorpus.  Harry promptly tries this non-verbal spell on Ron and sends him flying out of bed, suspended as if by an invisible cord.  In the morning, Hermione tells Harry she’s starting to think the HBP was a bit dodgy, inventing spells and stuff.  She reminds Harry that Death Eaters at the Quidditch World Cup used a spell a lot like Levicorpus.   He tells her it’s not like that and that she’s just jealous the HBP is better at Potions than she is.

Ginny gives Harry another note about a lesson with Dumbledore and he invites her to hang with them in Hogsmeade, but she says she’s hanging with Dean.  In Hogsmeade, Harry runs into Mundungus Fletcher with a satchel of Sirius’s stuff that he stole from Grimmauld Place.  Harry goes apeshit and when Mundungus apparates, they decide Hogsmeade has kind of sucked today and that they should go home.

On the way, they overhear Katie Bell arguing with her friend Leanne about a package.  They both tug on it, then Katie is suddenly lifted into the air, screaming.  They all help to drag her back down to the ground, where she lays there thrashing around.  Harry runs to get Hagrid, who lifts Katie up and runs her off to the castle.  Harry goes to McGonagall and gives her the opal necklace that was in the package, who sends it with Filch to give to Snape, making sure to keep it wrapped in a scarf.  Harry confides to McGonagall (because Dumbledore is away) that he thinks Draco gave Katie the necklace, as it is the same one Hermione say in the display case the day they followed Draco to Borgin and Burkes.

McGonagall doesn’t put much stock in Harry’s accusations, telling him Draco was in detention with her all day for not doing his Transfiguration homework.  McGonagall dismisses the Trio and Harry keeps at it, but Ron and Hermione don’t think it was him.  They do admit it wasn’t a great plan, though, as the necklace never made it to the castle and they have no idea who it was actually intended for.

The Secret Riddle sees Harry go to his next lesson with Dumbledore, telling Dumbledore about suspecting Draco of the necklace fiasco.  Dumbledore says he heard from McGonagall and would rather concentrate on the next lesson.  He tells Harry that he knows Merope went to London after Riddle left her and sold the locket to Mr. Burke for only 10 galleons.  She had no idea how much it was worth.  Dumbledore says she stopped using magic after Riddle abandoned her and Harry wonders why she wouldn’t even try to stay alive for her own son.  He’s starting to kind of feel sorry for Voldemort.

Dumbledore takes Harry into his memory this time, following a younger Dumbledore down the streets of London to an orphanage.  He’s there to tell 11 year old Tom Riddle that he’s down for Hogwarts.  He gets the woman in charge drunk enough to spill about Riddle, saying he scares the other children.  He possibly hung a rabbit from a rafter and he took two young kids, Amy Benson and Dennis Bishop, into a cave on a seaside outing and they’ve never been quite the same.  Finally, Dumbledore goes to see Riddle.

Riddle is an interesting kid, saying he knew he was special and different all along.  Dumbledore keeps getting glimpses behind the cool exterior, revealing a controlling, dark young man.  He tells Tom to get a box out of his closet and tip it out onto the bed.  It contains a yo-yo, a thimble, a mouth organ, etc.  Dumbledore tells him he’ll return them to their owners with apologies and he shall know if Tom has not done it.  He also tells him at Hogwarts stealing is not tolerated.  Riddle doesn’t like being called Tom because it’s so common and he’s convinced his father must’ve been a wizard, because his mother wouldn’t have died if she were a witch.  Dumbledore bids him goodbye, saying he’ll see him at Hogwarts.

Back in Dumbledore’s office, Harry and Dumbledore talk about the memory.  Dumbledore reveals he thought that Riddle deserved a chance and therefore reserved judgment until he was at school.  However, the stories of the rabbit and the cave and the fact that he was a Parselmouth were all signs.  He also points out that Riddle hated his name.  He hated anything that made him common and shed that name in favor of Lord Voldemort in only a few years’ time.  Also, he was self-sufficient and secretive.  Dumbledore doesn’t think Voldemort ever had a friend.  And finally, he liked to collect trophies.  These things will all be important, he tells Harry.  On the way out, Harry glances at the table where the ring had been the last time, saying he half-expected to see the mouth organ there or something.  Dumbledore says that is very astute, but that that mouth organ was only ever a mouth organ.

Felix Felicis has the Trio in Herbology, with Ron being snotty about not being invited to any Slug Club meetings.  Hermione tells her she was going to ask him to the Christmas party, but if he’s going to be a snot about it….and Ron is surprised and happy she was going to ask him.

The first Quidditch match is fast approaching and Harry puts Dean Thomas in as substitute Chaser, since Katie is still in the hospital after the necklace curse.  On the way back from practice, Ron and Harry find Ginny making out with Dean and Ron flips his lid.  Ginny calls him pathetic, saying he’s just jealous because Harry’s kissed Cho and Hermione’s kissed Viktor and now Ginny is kissing Dean and Ron’s only ever kissed Auntie Muriel.  HEE!  Also, Harry gets pretty upset about seeing Ginny kissing Dean too, but he tries to tell himself it’s because she’s Ron’s sister.  Uh huh.  Suuuuure.

Finally, the morning of the match dawns.  Harry gets caught by Hermione slipping something in to Ron’s drink, but Ron downs it anyway.  Hermione is scandalized and really pissed and in their locker room, Ron realizes Harry slipped him a little Felix Felicis to make him lucky.  The match goes great, Ron saves everything and Harry gets the Snitch.  Also, Ginny flies into the announcer’s table because Zacharias Smith is doing the announcing and is being kind of a prat.  Heh.

Afterwards, Hermione berates Harry until he reveals that he didn’t put anything in Ron’s tea, he only pretended to so that Ron would feel like he was lucky.  It’s a mental thing.  (Also, props to Harry for realizing he should save Felix Felicis for something actually important.)  Ron gets mad at her for thinking he couldn’t have saved all those goals without help and she runs off crying.  Harry enters the common room to find Ron entangled with Lavender Brown and when Hermione sees, she gets even more upset.  Eventually, she sets a flock of tweeting birds that she’d conjured to keep her company dive-bombing Ron.  Heh.

The Unbreakable Vow has Slug Club members trying to find dates for the Christmas party.  Girls keep trying to slip Harry love potions, especially Romilda Vane.  Woo woo.  Harry stops to chat with Luna in the hallway and ends up asking her.  He says just as friends and she goes, “Oh, no, I’d love to go with you as friends!  Nobody’s ever asked me to a party before, as a friend!”  Awwww.  I love Luna.

Hermione sits down at lunch with Harry and Ron, who is all tangled up with Lavender.  Hermione and Parvati start giggling about how Hermione’s asked Cormac McLaggen to the party.  At the party, Harry hangs with Luna (in her silver dress robes.  Awesome.) and Hermione tries to avoid Cormac, who just wants to make out a lot.  Filch comes over to Slughorn, dragging Draco by the arm and saying he caught him lurking around.  Snape says he’ll punish Draco (who wasn’t invited) and Harry slips on the Cloak and follows.  He overhears Snape telling Draco that he is suspected of having a hand in Katie’s necklace curse.  Snape says he is swore to protect Draco and Draco says he doesn’t need it.  He says “he” gave him a job to do and that he’s doing it.  He won’t tell Snape the plan, either.  (I actually wonder at this point if Snape even knows the plan.  Seriously.)  Draco accuses Snape of trying to steal his glory and then storms out.  Harry cannot believe what he just overheard.



1. Ivan - Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I just realized, if DD is an accomplished Legilimens than maybe him saying “Snape, please” has to do with what Snape was thinking. That he could see Snape wavering in his head, and had to tell him to do it.

2. RedEft - Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I agree. I don’t think Snape knows the plan. I think he told Narcissa and Bellatrix he did so he would be in their confidence and he could draw more information from them.

3. ladyandrea - Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I’ve already assumed that DD and Snape were talking in their heads to each other on the tower.

I agree, Red.

4. Ivan - Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I still think Snape is bad, i’m just playing devils advocate.

5. DougOLis - Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Does anyone have any ideas as to what Riddle did to the other kids in the cave?

Riddle didn’t abandon his name because it was common but because it came from his muggle father.

When Ron points a sausage at Hermione, does it mean what I think it does?

I would have been pissed too if I caught my younger sister having a snog in a back corridor. I agree with Ron; it is my business who my sister’s go out with and they damn well better listen.

Are Ramilda and Lavender supposed to be attractive?

While on my Star Wars kick: Malfoy’s dark eye’s and grey skin sound like Star Wars. In the Knights of the Old Republic games when you choose to play as a dark side character you gradually take on those traits as you become more and more evil. We see the same thing with the Emperor too.

6. Ivan - Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Riddle probably made them fly and shit, scaring the crap out of them. Or using a basic form of the imperius curse.


Yes, it does. They’re 16 now, he doesn’t think about anything else.

Again, agree wholeheartedly, i have a younger sister, and she can date whoever she wants. But if i catch her, i’ll fuck that kid up.

Ramilda strikes me as unattractive, but not really just…a bit too pushy. Lavender i dont know, i wonder though. I hope she is, for Ron’s sake.

7. ladyandrea - Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Doug, I am not just making these things up. I am taking them from the book and at that point in the book Dumbledore tells Harry that Tom didn’t like anything that made him ordinary or common and only used Tom for another couple years before he abandoned it for Lord Voldemort.

The losing the name b/c his father was a Muggle comes later. Just like the horcruxes in yesterday’s section. I mentioned the 2 from the actual memory, the other ones come later.

8. Slothrop - Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hey kids be careful out there in the tubes–Boston Globe is reporting that every single page of DH has been photographed and leaked. Every single page.

9. The Fan's Attic - Wednesday, July 18, 2007

From the latest HP movie, does anybody recall seeing a hot blonde in the Slytherin house? I am trying to figure out if she was an actual character from the book.

10. ladyandrea - Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Inquisitorial Squad appears to have both a blonde guy and a blonde girl in the ranks that are unidentified.

11. Ivan - Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I think the blonde guy is Blaise Zabini(sp?).

Also, Slothrop, i have shutout everything except a few webpages at this point. Avoiding any links on news sites because they spoiled DD dying for me last time.

12. The Fan's Attic - Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What? DD died. I didn’t know. Thanks, Ivan.

13. Ivan - Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Liar. You almost had me too.

14. The Fan's Attic - Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I suppose my constant posting over the past two months about all my theories and questions about what will happen in DH gave me away.

15. DougOLis - Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I said nothing that wasn’t accurate Andrea.

16. ladyandrea - Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Well, yes you did. Riddle abandoned his first name because it was common, as Dumbledore says. He abandoned his last name because his father was a Muggle. But we aren’t up to that point yet.

17. DougOLis - Wednesday, July 18, 2007

If I was talking about his first name I would have said Tom and not Riddle. I never said anything about his first name for that matter.

18. ladyandrea - Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fair enough. : )

19. DougOLis - Thursday, July 19, 2007

Do you think they took the same precautions with Neville’s parents (and all other pregnant women) by sending them into hiding like Harry’s?

20. RedEft - Thursday, July 19, 2007

Maybe they knew from Snape that Voldemort was specifically going after the Potters.

21. Ivan - Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yeah, i think RedEft is right, that is why Snape became remorseful. Because he knew they were going after the Potters. Although, it isn’t as if the Longbottoms were spared.

22. ladyandrea - Thursday, July 19, 2007

I don’t think Lily Potter was pregnant when they went into hiding. I think they already had Harry.

Also, sorry the posts have disappeared. Real life is too much this week.

23. RedEft - Thursday, July 19, 2007

I think Andrea is right, Harry was a baby when the Potters went into hiding.

It is interesting that the DEs immediately went after the Longbottoms after Voldemort disappeared. I thought they didn’t know all the details of the prophecy that Snape told LV, but they clearly knew the Longbottoms were in the mix somehow.

24. ladyandrea - Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Longbottoms were also Order members, it could’ve just been that.

25. DougOLis - Thursday, July 19, 2007

Even if she had Harry that wouldn’t really change anything. I suppose it’s possible that Snape informed Dumbledore, but I had the impression he didn’t have any remorse until after the Potters were killed. Is it possible that Snape was acting on Dumbledore’s orders longer that we know? Was the unbreakable vow in place from the time Snape overheard the prophecy? It seems unlikely that Dumbledore would want even the beginning of it transferred to Voldemort since he admits that all prophecies aren’t true, but they may have wanted to use it as a trap.

26. ladyandrea - Thursday, July 19, 2007

They didn’t use the prophecy as a trap, I don’t think. Snape didn’t come to Dumbledore until after Voldemort’s downfall.

27. DougOLis - Thursday, July 19, 2007

Then how could have Dumbledore known what Snape did?

28. RedEft - Thursday, July 19, 2007

I am hoping DH will have more details about what happened that night at Godric’s Hollow. We definitely haven’t learned everything.

29. Ivan - Thursday, July 19, 2007

I have to agree with Doug, how would DD know to put the Potters in hiding, if he didn’t know about LV knowing until after his downfall. He knew that Snape knew, because he caught him outside of the room when he heard is from Trelawney. In that case, if Snape doesn’t come to him until after LV goes down, then he would have put the Longbottoms in to hiding also.

30. RedEft - Thursday, July 19, 2007

I think in one of the courtroom scenes (in the Pensieve) Dumbledore says that Snape was spying for the good guys before LV’s downfall.

I think Snape came to Dumbledore after he had told LV the prophecy and realized what LV was going to do in response. However, it may not have been very long before LV’s downfall.

I think the HP Lexicon website may have worked out a timeline for these events, though there is always a certain amount of guessing involved in those.

31. ladylavinia1932 - Thursday, November 27, 2014

You failed to mention Harry’s abusive use of the Half-Blood Prince’s hexes on Crabbe and Filch. Are you afraid of considering the possibility that he can be a bully . . . like his father?

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