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Covnobyl. Can you make a bad cover of a song you made? Thursday, April 12, 2007

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Every great song lives on and on throughout time. We remember that band for their epic song that will last throughout the annals of time, which is until 2036 when that asteroid extincts the human race. Every once and while another band will come and will feel the need to put their touch on the song. Sure sometimes it works and the song is made even better, but most of the time what happens is something I call “Covnobyl”.

Can you ruin your own song? Even if it wasn’t that good to begin with?

You get a triple threat this week after the jump. I treat you guys too well. Why three? Because everyone needs to get off my metaphorical writing lawn

1. We start out first with what might the pinnacle of music:

Everything about it screams perfection from highest peak of Everest. The hair, the dancing, the representing of the University of Miami. The song works on so many levels and has such a deep connotative meaning. Then one day Vanilla Ice decided “I hate this song because I hate making lots and lots of money”, so he did what all rappers do. Became metal. You remember that Fat Boys metal album right?

When remixed with the original video the metal version becomes even more *looks in thesaurus for word more fitting than “craptacular”*

As bad as both versions are he should have won Surreal Life Fame Games that was robbery of the highway variety.

2. Next is Korn. No I don’t no how to type backwards letters.

Freak on a Leash is a song I have never liked, will never like and furthermore I will never understand why Korn was popular. For what little I care or know about the song I know that the unplugged version is beyond bad.


Yes using that version is completely needed, but I digress.

Survivor shockingly never gained much glory after Rocky was done slaying Mr. T and Dolph. They have gritted in there for 20 years on grit, hustle, determination and the fact they have one song that everyone loves and another one that people recognize as a song by them.

Slowly over the years they have faded into obscurity minus the vein attempts to gain more money from that one song they made. Speaking of which fast forward to 2007 (hey that’s this year!) and the best show featuring celebrities dancing competitively.

A broken hollow shell of the moderately decent band that was made famous through soundtracks.

They have in the past made simply genius covers of their song.

Case and point.

Can you cover your own song? Can you do it with horrendous results? Yes and double yes.

Now to leave you with more Vanilla Ice



1. Baba Oje - Thursday, April 12, 2007

I’m pretty sure you are not allowed to mention Vanilla Ice, without bringing up the greatest fight scene in the history of film.

2. DougOLis - Thursday, April 12, 2007

Baba – If it wasn’t for that scene, I would despise Vanilla Ice. As it is, I still consider him to be an underrated talent.

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