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Covnobyl Thursday, March 22, 2007

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Every great song lives on and on throughout time. We remember that band for their epic song that will last throughout the annals of time, which is until 2036 when that asteroid extincts the human race. Every once and while another band will come and will feel the need to put their touch on the song. Sure sometimes it works and the song is made even better, but most of the time what happens is something I call “Covnobyl”.

With this article I have attempted to avoid the usual the obvious ones while continually announcing how much I hate Scooter and anyone who has ever bought music from them. Sometimes though I just can’t avoid the obvious ones.

Hop aboard for a cover of Behind Blue Eyes

If you aren’t familiar with the Who then I’m not sure how you got here.

Behind Blue Eyes is one of their approximately 750 million songs that are undeniably amazing.

It also works for bitching montage youtube music made by people who have way too much time on their hands and know how operate video editing software.

Doesn’t that make House so much more badass?

The Gothika came out and they needed a song for the movie. Behind Blue Eyes is good right? And everyone loves Limp Bizkit, right?

Let’s combine them and have a music video where Fred Durst and Halle Berry make-out

Any music video that starts off with a shirtless Fred Durst singing into the camera is going to be bad. Any music video involving Fred Durst is going to be bad.

This one is particularly bad due to the “artistic” changes made to the song. That ramp up with a guitar solo? Limp Bizkit is too classy to ramp up their song. They are a classy music group that sing songs about emotions and hot dog flavored tears.

What it is replaced with is a different. That’s for sure. Good? no Ear bleed causage? yes. During the make-out scene with Fred Durst, by the way I don’t know about anyone else but I always wanted to watch Fred Durst make-out with Rosetta Stone, they added in the lyrics



Just in case you didn’t know who they were, which being made in the year 2003 most people may have eliminated them from their memory.



That seems like the best way to end this abortion.



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