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My TiVo Hates Me Sunday, February 25, 2007

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tivoI was originally going to call this “My Tivo Hates Me”. But now, in hindsight, I see that my Tivo is simply schitzophrenic and oscillates rapidly between thinking I’m a redneck, a housewife, and a MTV obsessed idiot.

A year ago, I noticed that Tivo wasn’t doing so hot with it’s recording suggestions. After some thought, I realized I was better off using it like a glorified VCR that only recorded the things I actually wanted. So I turned off the “Suggestions” feature. Fast forward to present day. I was thinking to myself that maybe that year of data collection made it a little more accurate, so I turn the “Suggestions” back on. And here are the results of this colossal mistake…..after the jump


Just for some reference to see how far off the suggestions are, here are the shows I have my tivo record and will watch.

Heroes, CSI (Vegas), The Unit, House, NCIS, The Office, NUMB3RS, and sporting events when I’m not around to watch them.

The Rundown

The shows in bold are ones that I might actually watch. The others have no hope of ever seeing light of day on my TV.


Jackass – “Steve-O gets his butt pierced”
Jackass – “Bam makes a pitfall”
Law and Order CI – “Bedfellows”
Criminal Minds – “Machismo”

Nothing too drastically terrible here, but overall a pretty weak selection of shows. I think the people at tivo should employ some soft of Ouiji board to help with their reccomendations. Success Rate 1/4, Frustration Level 2/10


The Simple Life – “Women work at a fast-food restaurant”
Boy Meets Grill – “Taste of Peru”
Law and Order – “Helpless”
Law and Order – “Virus”

The Simple Life – “Paris and Nicole milk cows”
The Simple Life – “Socialites move in with a farm family”

I guess the Tivo is taking it easy over the weekend. It’s still picking fairly brainless things that have a broad appeal. I expected more from you Tivo! How about a TNT movie or something? How about Psych or Monk? Success Rate 2/6, Frustration Level 3/10


Law & Order CI – “Crazy”
Crossing Jordan – “Believers”
ABC Word News With Charles Gibson
The Hills – “What Lauren thinks about Spencer”
General Hospital
All My Children
Earth Revealed – “Earth’s Structures”
Austin City Limits – “Juanes”
Dateline NBC
Crossroads – “Willie Nelson & Sheryl Crow”

Tivo’s estrogen pills kicked in today. It’s picked out 2 soap operas, the Hills, and something with Sheryl Crow. I didn’t think it could possibly get any worse, but we are only three days in…. it’ll happen. I do like Willie, but I just don’t think I can deal with Sheryl Crow. Success Rate 1/10, Frustration Level 6/10


Blue Collar TV – “Getting Sick”
General Hospital – “Robin wants another test”
Days of Our Lives – “Kate tells Lucas her suspicions of Sami”
All My Children – “Face to face with the Satin Slayer”
Boy Meets Grill – “Spicy Fish and Chips”
Road Rules – “Viewers Revenge”
Road Rules – “Viewers Revenge”
Bill Dance Outdoors
Elk Country Journal
ABC 7 Morning News
Poker After Dark – “Sam Farha, Chris Furgeson, Ted Forrest”

So it looks like Tivo’s cousin, Billy-Bob, came over this morning and helped him pick out some shows. Elk country journal, Bill Dance Outdoors, and Blue Collar TV. Then once Billy-Bob left, the estrogen pills kicked in and I got 3 soap operas and crappy MTV shows. Success Rate 1/11, Frustration Level 10/10


Deal or No Deal – “Contestants try and win $1 million”
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – “After the Show”
It Takes a Thief – “Solid Gold”
General Hospital – “Sonny and Carly’s feelings”
Days of Our Lives – “Lucas is suspicious of Sami’s request”
All My Children – “Kendall and Zach’s secret mission”
Boy Meets Grill – “Caja China Cooking”
Law and Order – “Black, White and Blue”
NBA Action
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – “Feeling the Heat”
It Takes a Thief – “Beach Hamlet Heist”
Road Rules – “Viewers Revenge”

The first couple days, I thought the inclusion of soap operas might be a mistake. Now I’m realizing the tivo thinks I’m a housewife. Today was brightened by the fact I got a Law and Order and some CSI, which I can appreciate, but still probably won’t watch since they are repeats. Success Rate 3/12, Frustration Level 6/10


It Takes a Thief – “Bachelor Break In”
ABC World News With Charlie Gibson
NBA Action
Family Feud
Passions – “A masked person grabs Jessica”
Days of Our Lives – “Willow allows Shawn and Belle to escape”
Crossing Jordan – “Digger”
Weather: “Day Planner”

NBA Action, huh? I would really prefer it record Sportcenter, then I would be able to see Stewart Scott stare at the camera and his co-anchor at the same time. I’m kinda sad I didn’t have enough time or patience to see which version of Family Feud this was, because the one with Louie Anderson is horribly fantastic. The others are pure shit. Success Rate 0/8, Frustration Level 8/10


House – “Insensitive”
If Walls Could Talk – “Symphonic Surprise”
It Takes a Thief – “Hectic House”
NBA Shootaround
Law & Order – “Deceit”
General Hospital – “Jason goes after Mr. Craig”
Days of our Lives – “Nick ruins Chelsea’s date”
All My Children – “Zach makes a shocking discovery”
Date My Mom – “Young Men date mothers”
Basic Instinct
ABC 7 Morning News

Once again, a pretty solid day of crap. I don’t really see myself watching a TV edited version of Basic Instinct. House and Law and Order were bright spots, I still may watch them since they haven’t been deleted yet. Success Rate 2/11, Frustration Level 8/10

Overall Impressions

Tivo is a big a hunk of shit as ever at predicting my viewing habits. Cumulative score for the week was 9 out of 62 shows that I would possibly watch. I’ve already turned off the suggestions and will definitely not be turning them on ever again… unless my hillbilly cousin comes over.



1. BubbaCJ24 - Sunday, February 25, 2007

Wait, you will watch NCIS but not Criminal Minds? CM is one of the best shows on TV. At least you had The Office on there. All is forgiven..

2. Baba Oje - Sunday, February 25, 2007

Boy Meets Grill (or anything on the food network) is worth watching

3. steve - Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bubba… I’m “eh” on Criminal Minds. It doesn’t really fall into that category where I won’t ever watch it. But I probably would have to be bored to do so. I think the fact that somebody from Dharma and Greg is in it, is deciding factor for me not.

4. Perry P Perkins - Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just FYI…La Caja China just released a cookbook, “La Caja China Cooking”

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