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Oscar Week Special! Watching the Noms So You Don’t Have To: The Departed Thursday, February 22, 2007

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Unlike most blogs that wouldn’t piss on you if your hair was on fire, here at DeadOn we care about our readers.
Departed - poster 2

We know that you don’t have the time, money or dating capacity to get out and watch all of this year’s Best Picture Oscar nominees. But you absolutely want to be able to impress your co-workers around the water cooler with your ruminations of what each movie has to say about the human condition, and you damn well want to win your Oscar office pool.

Therefore, as a service to our readers, some of our contributors are gathering every night this week at a renovated strip club now operating as a movie theatre (with very sticky floors) in Cary, North Carolina.

We are capturing their observations through a liveblog while they watch and annoy the patrons around them by talking incessantly throughout the movie and by kicking the chairs of the old people sitting in front of them.

Today’s movie is The Departed, as viewed by CDNMoose, goathair, AthleticSupporter, SA and Lingering Bursitis.

Warning: This post contains spoilers (hint: everybody dies).

[Update: For our OSCAR WEEK SPECIAL!, we sat (and drank) through all the nominees: Babel, The Queen, Little Miss Sunshine, The Departed and Letters From Iwo Jima)…]

Liveblog virgin AthleticSupporter preps for the movie.

AthleticSupporter: I’ve got a sixer of fat tire, three sierra nevadas and the ass end of some homebrew. I plan on finishing it all.

Ahhh, well done, Grashopper. You are learning well.

The film begins with a simple, white-on-black title card: “BOSTON: Some years ago.”

Lingering Bursitis: could they be more specific than “some years ago”?

Hey, at least they totally nailed the “Boston” part.

We are shown some old school violence stock footage (stock footage! my favourite!) and hear Jack Nicholson kick it off with a voice over…“I don’t want to be a product of my environment…I want my environment to be a product of me”.

goathair: Good year for brad pitt. plan B had this and babel nominated for oscars

Good thing, because otherwise, that guy has absolutely nothing going for him.

CDNMoose: Sweet. Gimme Shelter makes my hair stand on end.
goathair: i support any and all use of gimme shelter
Lingering Bursitis: it ain’t a scorsese without gimme shelter
Lingering Bursitis: someone buy him a new CD
goathair: no. keep using the stones.
goathair: you have to take it

We learn about the old school crime in Boston (way old…you know…like way back to the ’60s and ’70s) and more-or-less figure out Jack is an Irishman who does not care for other races. It happens.

Once we find out Jack is a badass through narration-over-stock footage, we head to a groceteria/confectionary/thinger where Jack is in mid-shakedown.

goathair: who wears their watch like that?
goathair: oh. creeps. thats who

For the record, my Dad also wears his watch reversed like that. One day, goathair and I will come to blows.

It seems he is not too happy with this week’s take from the owner, who promises a better take next time.

Jack checks out the store owners daughter. His teenage daughter. His “not-18” teenage daughter.

He’s smooth with the young ladies, I can tell you that.

CDNMoose: “Did you get your period yet, Carmen?”. Is that what passes for a pickup line?
Lingering Bursitis: i will ask my child the same way

He buys a pile of groceries (and a Wolverine comic. Rawk) for “Johnny Sullivan’s kid”. His red hair and earnest intensity remind one of a young David Caruso.

For the record, that’s the second time this week he has been on my mind. I think I am in love with him.

goathair: that kid is going to grow up to have a terrible hairline

Since that kid will one day become Matt Damon, I have to agree with goat.

The young Matt Damon agrees to make a few extra bucks with Jack and we cut to his garage/office and see Young Matty learning some life lessons from the master.

CDNMoose: Jack in shadows means he can look 20 years younger without CGI
Lingering Bursitis: no CGI can fix the nicholson
goathair: jack in shadows means he can creep everyone out

Lingering Bursitis: best nicholson ever: witches of eastwick
Lingering Bursitis: mark it

In case we’re not positive that Jack is a bad guy, in the next scene he and his partner kill a bound man and woman on the beach with shots to the back of the head.

Lingering Bursitis: that’s gonna leave a mark
AthleticSupporter: how about a drinking game… every time somebody dies…. drink
CDNMoose: I don’t want to get hammered, AthleticSupporter. I gotta work tomorrow
AthleticSupporter: me too.. what’s your point?

Lingering Bursitis: NICE, ray winstone!
goathair: i think the blood shot out her head before the trigger was pulled
Lingering Bursitis: limeys unite!

Switch to “today” at the Massacheussets State Police academy. We see young Matt turn into…

goathair: and theres the eyebrows!
Lingering Bursitis: fucking damon
AthleticSupporter: Maaaaaaat daaaaaaaamon
goathair: MATT PINFIELD!

Matt is playing rugby (cops vs. firemen). SA is strangely silent with her commentaries during this this section of the movie where young, beefy firemen and cops play rugby…and one of them is Matt Damon.

Just sayin’.

Lingering Bursitis: matt damon is not man enough to play rugby

We actually don’t see much of the game, but at the end, Matty taunts the firemen “Go save a kitten in a tree…you fucking homos“.

I’m guessing this was pre-911, ‘cuz nobody talks that shit with first responders anymore.

He also talks funny.

Lingering Bursitis: eff that
goathair: how you like them apples?
CDNMoose: Jackin’ up that Southy accent
Lingering Bursitis: accent alertttttt

Oh, we also see that Leo (Costigan) is at the same academy…

goathair: dicaprio is dreamy
SA: yes he is gothair

Matt sits on a park bench with a buddy and dreams of what may come, like maybe moving to the uppity-side of town– he looks across to Beacon Hill…

CDNMoose: Winnipeg City Hall?

Oh. The Mass State Building. My bad.

As Matt dreams of rising up the social ladder, Leo works out with a buddy at the academy…

Lingering Bursitis: YEAH! Anthony Anderson!!
CDNMoose: hide the women on the set!
goathair: is this pre or post sexual assualt?
Lingering Bursitis: how the hell did he get this far in the testing?
AthleticSupporter: those are some mighty special effects to make it look like anthony anderson is running
Lingering Bursitis: there is a footlong sub right behind the camera
CDNMoose: he has the smallest hands I’ve ever seen
goathair: does he smell like cabbage?

We learn that Anthony, as a black guy in Boston…is completely fucked.

Lingering Bursitis: fucking massacheusetts
CDNMoose: unlike the first three movies we did, there are plenty of black people in this movie, so we won’t count
SA: moose i was just about to say that no way that many black people are in boston

Graduation day for Matty and Leo. If either of them had any family, they’d probably be really proud right now.

goathair: and bagpipes
AthleticSupporter: what the fuck is up with cops and bagpipes?
Lingering Bursitis: it’s an irish thing, i guess
Lingering Bursitis: damn irish

At graduation, Matt gets a special gift from Jack in the back of his car.

goathair: step 3. make him open the box

We never see what’s in the box, but like goathair, I like to imagine that there’s a dick in there.

We then see Leo in some intense state police training…

goathair: jason bourne would have no problem with any of this
Lingering Bursitis: i see matt damon, i think “linus”

Matt passed his detective’s exam, and he meets Martin Sheen and Marky Mark.

He’ll be working for the Special Investigations Unit, so this is just a friendly “hello”.

Sheen is friendly. Marky Mark seemingly has social issues. He does nothing but insult poor Matty.

goathair: dirk!
CDNMoose: He’s so butch!
AthleticSupporter: Dirk Diggler makes his first appearance
Lingering Bursitis: the sheen machine!
goathair: masheen?

CDNMoose: It’s good cop, douche cop
Lingering Bursitis: it’s old cop, calvin klein cop
CDNMoose: wrinkled-dick cop, 16″ cop
Lingering Bursitis: he’s got old man balls

goathair: leonardo is my 3rd favorite ninja turtle
Lingering Bursitis: i hope raphael is #1
goathair: raphael is #1 BY FAR
Lingering Bursitis: excellent, glad we agree
Lingering Bursitis: i’m thinking donatello is 2?
Lingering Bursitis: surely not the party dude
goathair: michaelangelo
Lingering Bursitis: he’s a party dude
Lingering Bursitis: raphael is cool but crude

Just like Matty before him, Leo meets with Marty and Marky Mark (Dingham), but they are considerably harsher for poor little Leo.

departed - verbal beatdown

Marky Mark welcomes Leo to the depahtment with a string of insults that would make Andrew Dice Clay blush

Good news for Leo, though…he’ll be working for them undercover.

AthleticSupporter: Dignum is a cunt.. yes
goathair: dicaprio is bulldogish
Lingering Bursitis: damn
Lingering Bursitis: dicaprio will look 12 for the rest of his life

Lingering Bursitis: SA, do you like ’em young?
Lingering Bursitis: jung?
SA: not as young as Bosox Sally
Lingering Bursitis: haha, good point

The SIU meet. Alec Baldwin is the head of the group and he takes his new recruits through pictures of Jack’s gang.

departed - schwetty

“Yep. Right where you’re all looking at is where I want to put the plasma screen. It’s gonna be fucking *sweet*”.

Also in the crowd is Madolyn, an attractive (?) woman who we will learn later is a psychiatrist and is into hunky men.

AthleticSupporter: *beer #3*
Lingering Bursitis: pass me the bourbon again
goathair: shes about a 7
SA: that’s a good thing
Lingering Bursitis: “i never fucked a 10, but one night, i fucked 5 2’s”

goathair: does everyone in the police force talk with a crooked mouth?
AthleticSupporter: how come we don’t see more of her!
AthleticSupporter: and by more… I mean full frontal nudity
goathair: shes an 8.5

goathair: alec baldwin makes everything better
CDNMoose: what is the head of NBC doing running the cops? did GE buy them or something?
Lingering Bursitis: coffee is for closers!!!
goathair: schwetty balls

Lingering Bursitis: that dude in the 1st picture was in “made”
goathair: nick nolte?
SA: ooo, not a good pic of Jack
goathair: see above

Marky Mark continues to lay into Leo in their session.

goathair: marky mark has problems with fake bostoners
SA: isn’t he from boston?
goathair: yes. hence, problems.
AthleticSupporter: wait… donkey fucking? southie projects are like tijuana..??
CDNMoose: I think Marky Mark and Matt Damon are having an accent-off. I think they had a side bet on who could go more overboard.

goathair: whoa. kinnear and wahlberg movies were both nominated for best picture. ergo, Invincible is movie of the year???
CDNMoose: I’d buy that
goathair: its math
CDNMoose: it’s science…

Matt buys his condo near Winnipeg City Hall. He’ll be “upperclass by Tuesday”.

goathair: thats a total “MATT DAMON!” face
goathair: I have a cosigner = ####
CDNMoose: Who is that realtor dude? I recognize him…
goathair: i believe he’s the realtor

Thanks, goat. Glad you always have my back.

Back at the PD, and with nothing to lose, Leo signs up to go deep, deep undercover in Jack’s crew.

CDNMoose: so….PMITA prison in exchange for $5K and a nice watch?
CDNMoose: or PMITA prison in exchange for $12 and a casio
Lingering Bursitis: woo hoo! screw taxes

“The Departed” title card finally comes up (in case you forgot where you were).

goathair: hey guys, the movie just started
goathair: and …lady
AthleticSupporter: and we get the credits at 19 minutes in?
Lingering Bursitis: that’s so indie

goathair: also our first topless leo shot
goathair: rawr
AthleticSupporter: evidently people don’t wear shirts in prison
Lingering Bursitis: i prefer the dude in front of him
CDNMoose: “no, no, no, no, wouldn’t have a choice, no”

SA: leo without a shirt…
SA: sorry, had to do that

Leo gets out of jail and visits his aunt and cousin.

AthleticSupporter: smoking with the oxygen…. how genius!
goathair: if youre a criminal, you have a goatee

Lingering Bursitis: nice, kevin corrigan
CDNMoose: when did Oliver Pratt lose 200 pounds?
Lingering Bursitis: indie hero
goathair: i prefer billy corgan

He hooks up with his cousin to help him do drug deals.

AthleticSupporter: is that a guy with a ravens jersey walking by on the sidewalk?
CDNMoose: couldn’t be. no gunfire.
goathair: not possible. no one has ever bought a ravens jersey
goathair: caaauuuuwwwwwwp
CDNMoose: is he wearing purple camos?

goathair: ironic, as he looks puerto rican
AthleticSupporter: gotta give our non-51’st state some love
CDNMoose: Canada?
CDNMoose: nice. thanks, AthleticSupporter
CDNMoose: heheh
goathair: don’t you mean, eheheheh

At a local watering hole…Leo starts some shit in the bar after a guy implies his order of “cranberry juice” is only good for women on their peroids.

CDNMoose: woustah!
AthleticSupporter: what the fuck is with the periods in this movie?
goathair: must be a boston thing
AthleticSupporter: boston red wings?

Lingering Bursitis: oh dicaprio, trying to beat people up
goathair: if a person appears to be 12 or younger, you ask about their period
goathair: dicaprio looks like he has a dip in
goathair: smash his head leo!!!!
CDNMoose: can’t be his period
CDNMoose: no bears around
AthleticSupporter: bears are america’s number one threat

goathair: with all due respect, cranberry juice is pretty tasty
goathair: nice pleats jerks

Alec Baldwin and Marky Mark address the group about their undercovers in with Jack’s group.

goathair: marky mark is testy
goathair: must be his period
CDNMoose: he’s wearing briefs, that’s why
CDNMoose: all his boxers are at the chinese laundry

Mark is asked if he has someone undercover in Jack’s crew “maybe, maybe not or maybe you go fuck yourself”.

goathair: i think he’ll choose option a) maybe
CDNMoose: I dunno…maybe he’ll go fuck himself

Lingering Bursitis: they should rename this movie
goathair: the depahded?
Lingering Bursitis: “the woostah periods”

Matt tries to get some information on a deal that may be going down. He is…rejected by the lady at the front door as Jack rolls by in a burgundy caddy.

goathair: snitches get stitches
CDNMoose: cherry ride, jack
SA: i feel left out if i don’t say “fuck yourself”

Matt meets up with Madolyn the psychiatrist in an elevator and do a “meet cute”. He says he wants to take her to dinner, she says he should shoot someone so he’ll have to come see her. They’re so flirty…

goathair: matt damon has no feelings
AthleticSupporter: I’d do WAAAAAY more than stab someone to nail her
Lingering Bursitis: i will kill that dude holding coffee
Lingering Bursitis: and then go bone her over the fountain
CDNMoose: I don’t think that’s enough
CDNMoose: unless you brought her the coffee too
AthleticSupporter: of course, if he stabbed her, there wouldn’t be much resistance.
goathair: id stab her
AthleticSupporter: she’d put out on the first date

At a convenience store, Leo sees a couple of guys shaking down the owner.

goathair: are these guys possibly italian?
AthleticSupporter: whoever they are… that red/brown jacket is pimpin
goathair: take the canolis!
goathair: i could go for canollis and cranberry juice right now

He takes some action and starts kicking some ass, breaking his hand in the process…

Lingering Bursitis: no way dicap could beat those guys in real life
Lingering Bursitis: no way
Lingering Bursitis: nope
Lingering Bursitis: don’t buy it

CDNMoose: and *that’s* how you use a coat rack
goathair: he totally suckerpunched them though
SA: while i love leo, there is no way in hell he could beat up two dudes
AthleticSupporter: “SPURT!”

Matt and Madolyn are at an upscale restaurant.

goathair: chocolate tower?
goathair: why is she crooked-sitting? i hate that
CDNMoose: “crooked sitting”?
goathair: to the left, to the left
CDNMoose: like she has a coat rack up her hoo-ha?
goathair: she’s riding side-saddle
AthleticSupporter: side saddle… I’m sure she’s all about the bareback.

AthleticSupporter: what a bitch… whining that he cant get his french food
AthleticSupporter: Surrender Cake?

Lingering Bursitis: if he eats it correctly, he gets to bone her

goathair: burned
goathair: i would eat that tower so fast
goathair: which is coincidentally what this broad is thinking
AthleticSupporter: “eat that tower” … is that a euphamism for something?
Lingering Bursitis: i’ll arrest her

At the bar, Leo meets up with Jack.

goathair: finally got that cranberry juice
Lingering Bursitis: goddamn
goathair: some crazy guy
AthleticSupporter: every nicholson movie now comes back to “Anger Management” for me now. I just imagine him throwing eggs against a wall.
CDNMoose: that’s a shame, AthleticSupporter
AthleticSupporter: I know
goathair: he has the same grooming for that movie as this one
AthleticSupporter: I think he has the same grooming for every movie
goathair: not Batman
AthleticSupporter: ok, well except batman.. where he got a makeup artist and two grapes to stick in his cheeks
goathair: agreed
CDNMoose: he was a little “pastier” in that one

SA: animal print ties are never good
CDNMoose: his tie matches his banana hammock
goathair: timbals on his toes, and this is how it goes

AthleticSupporter: I could take French.
goathair: leo taking his cues from marty mcfly
AthleticSupporter: where is his levitating skateboard?
goathair: north boston
CDNMoose: Nice shot, Biff
AthleticSupporter: speaking of biff… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwY5o2fsG7Y

Jack, searching to see if Leo is wearing a wire, breaks his cast on a pool table with his boot. “ARE YOU A COP?! ARE YOU A COP?!”

goathair: “did you just call me a coward?”
goathair: why does he hit him if he says he’s not a cop?
Lingering Bursitis: they should use this scene in the next commercial for boots
Lingering Bursitis: those lugz

departed - hand

Once his giant foam cowboy hat checked out, they started in on the cast to see if he was wearing a wire.

Convinced he’s not a cop, he tosses some bills down on the table to take care of his freshly-re-broken hand.

CDNMoose: Yeah, $20 should do it
AthleticSupporter: there should be a running count of how many racial slurs they use in this movie
goathair: i cant count to ninety billion

AthleticSupporter: *beer #5*

We see the Providence muscle Leo beat up are now…all the way beat up. Dead.

Matt investigates.

CDNMoose: more dead people
Lingering Bursitis: he was better in witches of eastwick, though
Lingering Bursitis: mark it
CDNMoose: Cher lover
goathair: and batman
Lingering Bursitis: no, 80s geena davis/susan sarandon lover
Lingering Bursitis: not the current day version of either one
Lingering Bursitis: but the 80s versions
CDNMoose: you are excused, limey
Lingering Bursitis: yum

AthleticSupporter: “the principals of detection” tell me matt damon is an assclown and quite possibly blows ben affleck every night.
goathair: if he had seen the wire, he would know to get burners
AthleticSupporter: see… more lepoard print

Jack, Leo and French have a chat up in Jack’s pad.

Lingering Bursitis: that is a sweet penthouse thing
Lingering Bursitis: shame those ugly fuckers are in it
SA: how dare you call leo ugly
Lingering Bursitis: come on SA, he’s not looking tip-top in this flick
SA: you’re right, but he’s still hot
SA: which can blind at times

Jack talks about John Lennon (“he said give me a tuba and I’ll squeeze some music out of it”)

goathair: how could lennon get music out of a tuber?
CDNMoose: Yoko could
AthleticSupporter: did he say “tuber” or “tuba”
Lingering Bursitis: he could play a mean potato
goathair: everyone knows that beans are the musical fruit

He makes his point with Leo by (naturally) removing a human hand from a Ziploc bag.

CDNMoose: yeeps
AthleticSupporter: see… jack solves the bloody glove issue by taking the whole hand.

Leo was wired for the talk, but apparently Jack made his point on the whole “scare everyone shitless thing”. He tosses the wire in the toilet.

goathair: that part reminds me of austin powers 2
goathair: “wait a tick. im single again”

Sheen tells Leo about the microprosessors and what’s going down. He wants Leo’s help in nailing Jack at that score.

AthleticSupporter: like anybody from boston knows what a microprocessor is.
goathair: yeah, but they know micrwopwosessahs are

In French’s garage, he’s working over a guy.

Lingering Bursitis: pappas fritas
SA: a “hat attack?”
goathair: face!
AthleticSupporter: “Red Line” in the background

Leo pops a guy in the face and knocks his teeth out with much blood.

goathair: sorry about your tooth
AthleticSupporter: this has to be another refrence to periods
Lingering Bursitis: mike tyson’s on his period in the background
goathair: “and by the way, are you on your period?”

French convinces the guy he’s beating up to pay up…you know, or else.

Lingering Bursitis: “if you don’t make money in america, you’re a fucking douchebag”
Lingering Bursitis: didn’t lincoln say that?
goathair: margaret thatcher, actually

Matt assembles his group of hotshots to find the mole in the department.

goathair: anthony anderson sporting the hardaway moustache
CDNMoose: maaaat daaaamon
AthleticSupporter: anthony anderson strikes again
Lingering Bursitis: how does anthony anderson become a cop?
Lingering Bursitis: surely the fitness test fails him every time
goathair: affirmative action
AthleticSupporter: affirmative action in boston means “hire somebody that isn’t irish-catholic”
goathair: the mass. state police emblem looks like the starbucks one

In a restaurant (where they are clearly being surveilled from outside), Jack and Leo dine next to a couple of priests and a nun.

Jack tells Leo about his Dad and uncle, who were a couple of straight shooters.

CDNMoose: “Flowers By Irene” outside
Lingering Bursitis: a nun
Lingering Bursitis: yum
Lingering Bursitis: haven’t enjoyed one of those yet
Lingering Bursitis: dammit!
goathair: stop. shes on her period.
CDNMoose: Meh. Not a latex nun. pass.
Lingering Bursitis: everyone’s on their period!
Lingering Bursitis: that marlin on the wall is on its period
goathair: if women live together they menstruate together
SA: yeah, i’m not touching any period talk
Lingering Bursitis: i hope that’s not true

Jack goes to the priests’ table and starts some shit with the boys.

CDNMoose: he’s the worst “preists screws boys” joke teller ever
AthleticSupporter: “enjoy your clams, cocksuckers”…. only if the cocks belong to 10 year old altar boys
goathair: clams are good, in my book
CDNMoose: bearded, or otherwise?
goathair: ill go with any clams
goathair: period.
goathair: wait… no

Back at the PD, Matt interrogates Fitz (one of Jack’s boys).

CDNMoose: I beeped…..UUUUUUUUUUU
goathair: sail on, sail on, sail on
CDNMoose: fuckstick. Oh, how I love that word
Lingering Bursitis: fuckstick?
CDNMoose: it has such a nice ring to it, don’t you think?
goathair: its boston for “are you on your period?”

Matt tips off the guy to stop the deal without letting his fellow cops know he’s in on things.

Out where the deal is going down, they torch the room once they know the cops are coming.

goathair: they are so not getting their deposit back
Lingering Bursitis: that dude was in made
Lingering Bursitis: the dragon
CDNMoose: “that’s not a fire…”
AthleticSupporter: seriously… after this movie… the Red Wings should move to Boston.

Matt enjoys some quiet time with Madolyn.

Lingering Bursitis: how did he land that lady?
Lingering Bursitis: he has less flair than a rocking chair
goathair: he’s matt damon
Lingering Bursitis: aww he couldn’t get it up
goathair: the girl thought he looked like tom brady
goathair: her hair looks about 9 different lengths throughout this movie
Lingering Bursitis: it’s because damo was biting it
AthleticSupporter: … this comment, sponsored by the one woman in the group
goathair: im a guy
AthleticSupporter: whoops? ;-)
SA: hey, guys can talk about hair too

French and Leo visit a guy and after saying “I ain’t gonna hurt ya” he shoots him immediately.

I hate liars.

CDNMoose: are we still drinking when people die?
AthleticSupporter: I think I’m ahead of the curve
AthleticSupporter: I’m about to start #7 in a few minutes

Leo visits Madolyn and says he knew her previous appointment was a cop as well. Why? Bad hair, no dress sense, and…

goathair: “an air of scumbag entitlement”. that sounds so familiar.
CDNMoose: the air of scumbag entitlement is what the chicks dig

AthleticSupporter: I heard today that the sequel to the Itallian Job is “The Brazillian Job”
goathair: i hope that is not serious
goathair: and that ed norton is not involved
AthleticSupporter: and the waxing lady from 40 year old virgin is on the fence

Leo scores some pills from Madolyn and there is clearly a spark of sorts between them.

SA: don’t we all want some fucking pills?
goathair: ladies love the guilt
goathair: hawtshawt
AthleticSupporter: *beer #7*
CDNMoose: he is haaaaaaaaad
CDNMoose: her caaaaaaaad!
goathair: cant you see how haaaaad he walks

CDNMoose: when did she acquire an accent?
goathair: which one? the southie or the southern?
AthleticSupporter: which person in this scene has the bigger vagina?
goathair: anthony anderson

Alec Baldwin is set to take down the microprocessor deal. It’s either really hot in there, or Alec is reeeeally nervous.

AthleticSupporter: pwacessors
SA: eww, sweat spots
goathair: where?
goathair: /sarcasm

The deal is going down. Martin Sheen interrupts Matt calling Jack to tip him off that the cops are on to him.

AthleticSupporter: Jed Bartlett disapproves of your personal calls on work time
goathair: cant know the players without a program
goathair: he’s as good as a 16yr old girl with his texting
AthleticSupporter: when does Jason Bourne stab Jed Bartlett with a bic pen?

They prep for the deal. Jack notes who’s doing what job.

CDNMoose: “Fitzy’s got the chicken”…if you know what he means

(That means he has the case with microprocessors, by the way).

So they meet up with the Asians who are doing the deal.

goathair: careful, ninjas
CDNMoose: turtles?
AthleticSupporter: crazy asians = crasins?
goathair: you don’t see the turtles until they hit you
goathair: and/or you deliver a pizza

goathair: funny, he just recited my entire order from last night
CDNMoose: Does anyone here speak crazy?
AthleticSupporter: where is Kim Jong Il…. that dude looks like Al Davis
goathair: this is ourrrrrr country
AthleticSupporter: john mellencamp has no dick
goathair: fung chern must be an insult

The order is to go with no phones.

goathair: you don’t lose reception when you close your phone
AthleticSupporter: no, you loose reception when you switch to “cingular, the new at&t”

The deal is…$1,000,000. How trite.

goathair: one meeeeeeeelionnnn dollars
CDNMoose: that hat is hardly intimidating
AthleticSupporter: bucket hats were for badasses in the 90’s
goathair: or gilligan in the 70s
goathair: take your pick
CDNMoose: on the other hand, he doesn’t have wrinkles on his forehead

As the deal is screwed up (since Matt tipped them off), Baldwin goes ape shit on everyone in the surveillance room.

goathair: police brutality is out of control
goathair: let me buy you an ice cream
AthleticSupporter: Jack Donaghy is pissed

departed - deal surveillance

In about two minutes, you’re gonna have a peacock shoved up your ass…

Madolyn meets with Leo in a bar. They talk abstractly of her boyfriend Matt.

goathair: when did she get dark hair?
goathair: shes chameleony
CDNMoose: Mmmm..chameleony
CDNMoose: the sexual tension is….well, non-existant, really

She moves into his condo to the strains (once again) of Gimme Shelter.

goathair: gimme shelter!
AthleticSupporter: Haaaaavahd
goathair: bad move letting her move in, dreamboat
AthleticSupporter: *beer #7 done*

She picks up the phone and hears a weird voice.

AthleticSupporter: uncle ned is calling….
goathair: ned is my homeboy

Jack walks and talks with his fashion flair. He asks if the “shrink cunt” answered the phone.

CDNMoose: nice. fucking. jacket.
CDNMoose: don’t all men fantasize about the shrink cunt?
CDNMoose: caaaaaaahk
goathair: only when they wear lavender coats

AthleticSupporter: I think Jack needs the “Bottom Buddy”
AthleticSupporter: http://www.lifewithease.com/bottombuddy.html

Leo figures out that Jack is actually an FBI informant.

goathair: informer, i sfhsldufljalfasldhafkljasd yeah, i like you boom boom down
AthleticSupporter: Virgin Mary on the wall
AthleticSupporter: this entire story is about periods and the virgin mary

Jack attends the opera with a couple of “dates”

CDNMoose: Yeah, the whores I “date” don’t like the opera
goathair: whoperores?
AthleticSupporter: that’s cause you get them off craigslist

…post-opera, he brings them home, throws a handful f cocaine on one hooker and invites the other in for a sniff. *Yawn*…typical Friday for me.

CDNMoose: but they do like to be coke bukakke’d
goathair: bucokked

goathair: when i eat fundip, it makes me think of coke
CDNMoose: you do coke with a chalk stick thinger?
goathair: yeah. its tastier like that.
CDNMoose: probably lasts longer, too
CDNMoose: good tip!
goathair: free of charge
CDNMoose: and one day, I will share the joys of black tar heroin and pop rocks with you
goathair: that sounds terrifying

goathair: pink floyd!
AthleticSupporter: *screwdriver #1*
AthleticSupporter: the homebrew was just a little too bad

Leo visits Matt’s phychiatrist girlfriend at her house before she moves in with Matty.

goathair: “im freaking out man”
goathair: best. pickup line. ever
CDNMoose: I thought “Are those space pants? because your ass is out of this world” was
goathair: not in boston
goathair: its always encouraging when a lady doesn’t have cats
SA: i know now never to get a cat

AthleticSupporter: I see nipple
goathair: maybe its code
goathair: “wait. are you on your period?”
AthleticSupporter: morse code requires three dots or dashes… her titties don’t even make out a full letter

Alec puts Matt onto finding the mole ‘cuz he has am immaculate record.

CDNMoose: My immaculate rekkid was a mint-condition version Supertramp “Paris”…

Jack relaxes in a porno movie house waiting for Matt to show. He was followed there by Leo.

AthleticSupporter: Jack can rock the purple shirt
goathair: jack loves purple
goathair: hence, the lakers

AthleticSupporter: here we go… lezbo porn!
CDNMoose: this room smells funny
AthleticSupporter: and the big american flag on damon’s hat
CDNMoose: butter your popcorn, guvnah?
goathair: creepiest scene of the year
goathair: hats off, scorsese
CDNMoose: layin BITCHES is what I do

goathair: nate dogg killed it on “lay low”

AthleticSupporter: Jack’s moustache is not the balls
goathair: nor are his balls
AthleticSupporter: although.. he is probably the only one in this movie with them

CDNMoose: why is his hand sticking to Matt’s shoulder?

departed - theatre

Pay attention, Matt…Winona is about to do her ping-pong ball trick…

Leo attempts to follow Matt out of the theatre into Chinatown…

goathair: careful of the crasians leo!

goathair: big trouble in little china was a terrific movie
CDNMoose: “You’ve got the biggest dick I’ve ever seen”
AthleticSupporter: who was in that? kirk douglas?
goathair: yep
goathair: “six demon bag. sensational. what’s in it egg?”
AthleticSupporter: skewered chinaman… I’ll take the number 6

Matt, spotting his tail, goes back to the office to check the traffic cameras in the area.

goathair: “ive got him. Its a white guy with a goatee and a redsox hat!”
CDNMoose: total “surfing porn and caught at work” look/reaction
CDNMoose: not that I have experience with that
AthleticSupporter: I’m a master of the ALT-TAB at work

Jack meets with Leo in a restaurant. He wants to know if Leo is the rat.

AthleticSupporter: dinner tonight is pizza… out of respect for the dead itallians in the movie
AthleticSupporter: more purple on Jack

CDNMoose: No, I don’t think Jesus is the informer.
goathair: snow is the informer
goathair: you’re canadian, you should know that
CDNMoose: I don’t admit to knowing who that is
CDNMoose: ba ding ding do doo daaaamn

CDNMoose: Nicholson just did a Nicholson impression
goathair: he’s been doing that for a long time
goathair: unfortunately

AthleticSupporter: Nicholson needs botox
SA: old guys don’t look better with botox
AthleticSupporter: shame! Jack is timeless!
AthleticSupporter: *Screwdriver #2*

goathair: you could keep your keys in that forehead crease

AthleticSupporter: jack is gonna punk him
goathair: ill take marky mark in a fist fight
AthleticSupporter: Jason Bourne could take him
goathair: jason bourne could take anybody probably
CDNMoose: I’d let him take me….*swoon*

Matt talks to Sheen about finding the rat.

goathair: damon could have a pretty solid stache
goathair: super troopers esque
AthleticSupporter: Damon + Stache = Smoky and the Bandit 3
CDNMoose: Smokey is the bandit!
goathair: mattstache

goathair: i wonder if affleck watches a movie like this and thinks, ”where did i go wrong”
CDNMoose: and it comes to him in a wave…”Armageddon…Armageddon…Armageddon…”
AthleticSupporter: Oh come on… if you’ve been in south park getting a hand job.. you’ve hit the big time
goathair: good point(s)

AthleticSupporter: “I…have a dream.”
AthleticSupporter: “I’m up to my elbows in blood, that was one bloody bitch on her period”
goathair: or that
goathair: “nothing about periods.”
AthleticSupporter: oddly enough… both quotes from MLK Jr.
goathair: thats why we were off work for his birthday

They follow Sheen to an abandoned building.

AthleticSupporter: is that henry rollins?
goathair: i dont think so. he wasn’t screaming at the top of his lungs.
CDNMoose: That was Jerry Rollins…his retarded younger brother
AthleticSupporter: kinda like casey affleck?
CDNMoose: exactly like casey affleck
goathair: i prefer casey affleck
AthleticSupporter: you would
goathair: better stache

AthleticSupporter: *off to hunt for more beer*

Leo and Sheen meet up at 344 Washington Street for a meeting. Leo wants out.

goathair: 344 wash. must have something to do with those asian drycleaners.
goathair: typical FBI
CDNMoose: 314, 344…same diff
goathair: same block

AthleticSupporter: keg still had rasberry wheat in it….. *beer # 8*
CDNMoose: Kawartha Lakes Brewery makes a wicked Raspberry Wheat…good breakfast beer

Downstairs the cops are surveilling the building looking for the rat. At the same time, Jack’s crew show up to find Sheen’s rat. Total ratfest.

goathair: jerry rollins in the car with eric sutherland

goathair: jackie chan could get out of there
goathair: man with sawedoff = good time for sarcasm?
AthleticSupporter: Leo Dicaprio’s loss is Tom Brady’s gain….. Giselle

Martin Sheen is tossed from the building and splats right in front of Leo.

goathair: who knew blood splattered so much when you get thrown off a building?
CDNMoose: yeah. I think he’s dead

The cops see Sheen has been tossed off and decide to take on Jack’s crew who did the tossing.

AthleticSupporter: GO GET HIM MR ROLLINS!
goathair: jerry rollins is an errant shot
goathair: much like 4th cousin, jimmy
CDNMoose: too bad henry wasn’t there.
CDNMoose: he could have “intensed” them to death
goathair: he’s the best intenser around

AthleticSupporter: Is that pete townshend?
goathair: nah. ron townshend.
AthleticSupporter: ron mexiçø?
goathair: potato potahto

Big shootout.

goathair: “that really got out of hand.”
CDNMoose: Brick killed a guy
goathair: fitz threw a guy off the building!
CDNMoose: Yeah, fitz I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that

Leo finds out Ron Townshend is an FBI guy before he dies

AthleticSupporter: Leo’s goatee is horrible… I think “The Balls” should give him some facial hair grooming lessons

Matty’s psych girlfriend meets up with Leo…

goathair: she’s dressed like a pilgrim
AthleticSupporter: When does she give the indians diseases?
CDNMoose: looks like now
goathair: after leo hugs her uterus

She lets him know, however, that she can’t see him anymore.

goathair: i cant be a friend of you? i think scorsese forgot he wasn’t writing the godfather
AthleticSupporter: “I can’t be a friend of you” … that sounds like an email I got from a guy in Nigeria yesterday.
goathair: did he want you to help him get his money out of a locked bank account?

Leo sits in his aparment, trying to figure out what to do.

AthleticSupporter: The vibrations are freaking me out…..
AthleticSupporter: thanks to George Lucas… my speakers are THX certified… the vibrations are too real. I feel tingly when they are happening.
CDNMoose: worst. decision. ever.
goathair: too loud!
goathair: “what’s that one ringtone? the one that sounds like a jackhammer.”
CDNMoose: I was totally expecting “Flight of the bumblebee” ringtone

Matt talks to him from PD

AthleticSupporter: is that Linux in the background computer?
goathair: the penguin!
AthleticSupporter: Tux!

AthleticSupporter: *beer #9* … fading fast

Jack’s crew watches the news at their hangout.

AthleticSupporter: who watches the news on the WB?
CDNMoose: bugs bunny?
goathair: and michigan j. frog

Jack gives Fitz some shit about not burying the body properly.

AthleticSupporter: don’t laugh at my funny blow job line!
CDNMoose: oooh, “burn”?

“Shipping Up To Boston” plays (again) as Jack makes his way to the drug deal.

AthleticSupporter: Buick… wonder if Tiger is inside
goathair: you’ve got a tail. plus there is a car following you.
CDNMoose: it’s vestigial
CDNMoose: cut him some slack
AthleticSupporter: ITS GOT TIGER WOODS IN IT

goathair: is this reality tv?

goathair: forgot
goathair: whos on first?

A pile of coke is ready to go…

goathair: fundip!
CDNMoose: and here Jack is without his chalkstick
CDNMoose: he must be so embarassed
goathair: im going to eat fundip with a sharp knife from now on
CDNMoose: Mm…stabby

AthleticSupporter: There is a soundtrack to this movie….
AthleticSupporter: I thought the only two songs were Gimmie Shelter and I’m Shipping up to Boston
AthleticSupporter: evidently the beach boys are on it
CDNMoose: and comfortably numb
AthleticSupporter: http://www.amazon.com/Departed-Soundtrack/dp/B000J3FBVG

The cops make their way to the warehouse on Sheffield. Much shooting ensues.

CDNMoose: Mmmm….violence
goathair: shootings!
goathair: “you shot me! right in the arm, you shot me!”
AthleticSupporter: LOUD NOISES
SA: i love how jack is the only one without a bullet wound despite being in the front car

goathair: they shot the wrong bearded fat man

French, knowing he’s about to die or get caught (or both)…pops one in his own head (sort of)

CDNMoose: did he just shoot his chin in an attempted suicide?
AthleticSupporter: suicide + blowing up portable building = simultaneous
goathair: hes a notre dame fan?
goathair: thats disheartening
CDNMoose: or he wanted to go out “travolta” with a good chin cleft?
goathair: now he looks like the joker
AthleticSupporter: notre dame fan on the brink of death…. Charlie Weiss… is that you?

Matt confronts Jack about being an FBI informant. He has a bullet wound in his gut.

AthleticSupporter: “Wait Until They Get a Load of Me”
CDNMoose: “Matt…do you have a Tic Tac”?

“You’re like…” “…a son to you?” as they shoot each other. Jack misses. Matt does not.

CDNMoose: Christ, I hope my dad doesn’t try take me out like that
goathair: FINISH HIM
AthleticSupporter: rip his head off and throw it at his body!

Jack lays back, arms extended in the usual “death as a Christ figure” pose that criminals often do.

CDNMoose: how….symbolic

goathair: fatality!
CDNMoose: drink up, AthleticSupporter-O

Jack’s cell rings. His ringtone is…

AthleticSupporter: …. you know how I know your gay?
goathair: better than “my humps”
AthleticSupporter: … you listen to Coldplay

They do the wrap up at PD. “Mission accomplished” and all that.

CDNMoose: a smattering of applause
AthleticSupporter: … “coffee is for closers”
CDNMoose: I can’t believe I actually just heard “No…Thank *you*”

CDNMoose: trooooooooopah
AthleticSupporter: covah
goathair: im just sad there wont be anymore talk of pwaaasessahs

Matt meets up with Leo. Leo wants his identity back.

CDNMoose: No, he physically wants his birth certificate. *duh*

Matt needs the password for his file. Leo tells him the password is his name. Genius.

goathair: ya fiiieell
goathair: everyone knows you try the name first
goathair: nice work detective
goathair: he spelled trooopah wrong

AthleticSupporter: “blooey” … does that mean “he blue himself”
CDNMoose: He should try tymicyl
CDNMoose: “There’s no I in Teamocil…at least not where you’d think…”
AthleticSupporter: he should try valtrex
goathair: i think it means the computer has its period

Leo sees Matt working the computer, evilly…

AthleticSupporter: spooky… leo behind the blinds
goathair: pay no mind to the man lurking in the window
AthleticSupporter: run away!

Matt figures out that Leo is on to him and deletes Leo’s file and his whole identity. Bummer. Not a good way to start a weekend.

AthleticSupporter: as a programmer… I can verify that a standard user would never be able to delete a personnel record

Psychiatrist girlfriend shows Matt the ultrasound.

goathair: here comes the stomach punch
CDNMoose: your daughter has a penis?
AthleticSupporter: it’s the penis that Marky Mark dedicated his book to

goathair: why the long face?
CDNMoose: she does have an SJP quality to her
AthleticSupporter: Dee Mirch?
CDNMoose: it’s her retarded sister, perhaps
goathair: Rhonda Jessica Parker
goathair: not a beautiful profile

She opens up a CD from Leo sent to Matt and puts in in the CD player.

goathair: please be Gimme Shelter
CDNMoose: “What are you lsitening to?” “GWAR”
AthleticSupporter: when she crosses her arms… back off and cover your nuts
goathair: i had the last costigan album, but i don’t like the new direction they’re going
CDNMoose: “Pennies” will always be the tops
goathair: yeah, “play me now” is just so blah
CDNMoose: Actually, I think “Play me now” was the Pumpkins’ Aerosmith tribute album

Actually, what was on the CD is Jack and Matt talking about stuff. He’s busted as the mole.

Leo wants his identity back and meets Matt on the roof. Leo is gonna arrest himand take him downtown.

AthleticSupporter: he sure knows how to work a knob
goathair: peek-a-boo!
AthleticSupporter: they are going to play grabass up on the roof
AthleticSupporter: … says the gym coach
AthleticSupporter: more bagpipe talk
SA: wow that was fake
CDNMoose: mm hmm
goathair: no, we already learned that there is a part in people’s heads that explodes when you shoot them

Leo called Anthony Anderson to assist.

AthleticSupporter: nice… anthony anderson shows back up
goathair: it is black history month after all
SA: that’s sweet he’s getting some time
AthleticSupporter: anthony anderson is “Me, Myself, and Irene” was his best role
goathair: no doubt
CDNMoose: fuck that. kangaroo jack all the way, baby
AthleticSupporter: actually… Harold and Kumar was pretty good… “Me and pookie gonna burn this mothafucker to the ground”

On the elevator down, Matt changes from “Fuck you I’m invincible” to “Oh shit I’m dead”

goathair: i though they would have been playing “gimme shelter” as musak

The door opens and Matt’s academy buddy pops Leo in the head.

CDNMoose: bing
AthleticSupporter: BANG
CDNMoose: boom

CDNMoose: i gotta tell ya, when I first saw that, I kinda freaked in my pants a bit

Apparently Matt’s buddy was also one of Jack’s boys. Who knew?

Anthony Anderson comes down as Matt and his buddy are over Leo’s body. They pop Anthony Anderson as well.

goathair: sorry anthony
SA: always gotta kill the black guy
AthleticSupporter: at least he didn’t die first
goathair: outlived leo and jack
SA: i know…some improvement

And, just because, Matt pops his buddy for good measure. He’s the only one left standing.

CDNMoose: Well, this is wrapping up tidily…

Matt gives his interview with the cops about how it went down.

CDNMoose: he went down on me…er, “drew” down on me

The funeral for Leo.

AthleticSupporter: more bagpipes
goathair: bagpipes!
goathair: why are they playing bagpipes for anthony anderson? i dont think he’s irish
CDNMoose: yeah, but he was fat
goathair: good point
CDNMoose: black irish?

AthleticSupporter: we don’t have much time left in this movie… when is Ben Affleck’s cameo?

The psych gf is at the funeral, crying maybe more than she should have

CDNMoose: this is all her doing….somehow
goathair: because she’s on her period
AthleticSupporter: and it comes full circle
SA: it’s always the woman’s fault
CDNMoose: actually…she isn’t
SA: i’ve come to accept it
CDNMoose: maybe that’s her problem
goathair: oh yeah
goathair: cold as ice
CDNMoose: you gotta see the bayyyy-ybeee
AthleticSupporter: “your gonna paaaaay the price”

Matt makes his way to his condo with a bag of groceries. His neighbour’s dog is not too impressed.

CDNMoose: dogs sense douchieness
AthleticSupporter: dogs are douchebags themselves

As Matt opens the door, he sees a pair of feet with shoes with “clean room” slippers over them.

CDNMoose: not a good sign

Marky Mark shoots Matt.

AthleticSupporter: Bagels and Milk
goathair: should have took the onion rings
goathair: yeah, those are definitely bagels

We close on a shot of the State Building. A rat walks on the balcony rail.

CDNMoose: that’s somehow…symbolic
CDNMoose: or something
goathair: of what???
AthleticSupporter: you sure thats not a ferret?
CDNMoose: I think there’s a ferret in the depaaahtment
CDNMoose: nice marmot

The End.

The closing credits roll…

goathair: directed by mahhhtin scowasaysee
AthleticSupporter: Brad Pitt?!
SA: i was thinking the same thing AthleticSupporter
goathair: told you. good year for him
CDNMoose: and jennifer aniston was also a producer…until, yeah. the breakup
goathair: the breakup sucked

AthleticSupporter: This movie should be called “Everyone Dies”
CDNMoose: Everyone but alec baldwin and marky mark…and francesca jessica parker
goathair: and unborn tiny penis baby

goathair: michael ballhaus?
AthleticSupporter: Thema Poonmaker
AthleticSupporter: Carol Cuddy got the small font
CDNMoose: poor carol

CDNMoose: Man Glassed in Bar was good
AthleticSupporter: Uncle Edward: Dick Hughes
CDNMoose: as was Man killed by french
CDNMoose: bookie harassed by french
CDNMoose: gang member with mr french

goathair: Craig “Radioman” Valdano
AthleticSupporter: Peewee Piemonte

goathair: i think if we wait long enough, we’ll hear gimme shelter again

goathair: set dressers – Greco

CDNMoose: I saw “Infernal Affairs” at the Toronto Film Fest a few years back…I don’t recall it being too similar
goathair: i just netflixed that, any good?
CDNMoose: it was good (as I recall)

AthleticSupporter: Score Recorded By: Jim Breuning ….
AthleticSupporter: I missed him after that movie with Dave Chapelle
CDNMoose: half-baked?

goathair: freida orange?
AthleticSupporter: Cateriong: Wayno’s Catering

goathair: they used Gimme Shelter in this?
AthleticSupporter: At least Gimmie Shelter got top billing
CDNMoose: I don’t remember hearing that

goathair: one last question
goathair: is this reality tv?

CDNMoose: but does he have the stones to do it in a language he does not understand?
goathair: scorsese has stones
goathair: this much we know
CDNMoose: kidney or gall bladder?

AthleticSupporter: Nice to see they filmed it in bahaston
goathair: the deepahded
AthleticSupporter: *looks around* wheres the pisser

The Departed is your Oscar favourite at -150. No way Marty doesn’t pop this one this year.



1. Elric VIII Emperor of Melnibone - Thursday, February 22, 2007

Today’s movie is The Departed, as viewed by CDNMoose, elric, AthleticSupporter, SA and Lingering Bursitis.

Apparently I’ve been liveblogging in my sleep?

2. athleticsupporter - Thursday, February 22, 2007

cdnmoose: Fantastic job of editing this conversation. I don’t sound nearly as drunk as I was.

3. cdnmoose - Thursday, February 22, 2007

heh. elric, goathair. Same diff.

Wait– you’re not the same guy? SHIT! I gotta cancel that strip-O-gram….

4. Texas Gal - Thursday, February 22, 2007

Every year there’s one Oscar-nominated film that I haven’t seen, that I feel guilty about not seeing before the ceremony… that film this year is The Departed. So thanks for making me feel slightly better about the whole thing this year, because now I feel like even though I didn’t see it… I’ve “seen” it.

5. cdnmoose - Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sweet, TexasGal.

Oh, you owe me $12.

6. Elric VIII Emperor of Melnibone - Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sweet, TexasGal.

Oh, you owe me $12.

Is that also for the strip-o-gram?

7. SA - Thursday, February 22, 2007

Damn this is a long ass post. I must add two things:

1. Mark Walburg should never wear his hair like that again.
2. That baby could be Leo’s. That fucking slut.

8. Clare - Thursday, February 22, 2007

I enjoyed the live blog 10x more than I enjoyed the actual movie. I had a distinctly “emperor’s new clothes” feeling about The Departed.

9. Lou P. - Thursday, February 22, 2007

Great write-up. I just rented (and watched) the movie yesterday, and your comments made me laugh long and loud.

10. Suss-- - Thursday, February 22, 2007

I’m still laughing from the Little Miss Sunshine IM wrap. Give me some time to get to this one.

11. Filthy Fowl - Thursday, February 22, 2007

Troy O’Leary was Boston’s original Black Irish.

12. Disco Stu - Thursday, February 22, 2007

Havn’t seen The Departed, &/or other Best Picture Nominee?

… Well, I hate to shill for my company, but if there’s an AMC in your area that is doing the all-day movie-marathon the 24th February, go to it. All five BP Nominees, for 30$US (that’s about, what, 34$CN?), plus all-you-can eat popcorn & all-you-can drink soda. Could be a good deal.

As to the show order, the AMC in my area is showing: Babel, Queen, Departed, Letters from Iwo, Little Miss. Tickets on-sale thru the first twenty minutes of third movie. The first part may vary in other markets, though.

13. CabbageHead - Friday, February 23, 2007

Which Cary strip club did they turn into a theater? I live in Apex, so I’m curious.

14. you gotta be a straight shooter jack nicholson - Wednesday, May 28, 2008

[…] over?? ….. jack tells Leo about his Dad and uncle, who were a couple of straight shooters. …https://deadon.wordpress.com/2007/02/22/oscar-week-special-watching-the-noms-so-you-don%E2%80%99t-hav…MySpace.com – Marrrrrrri?? – 22 – Female – LAREDO, TEXAS – http://www.myspace … … Walken, Al Pacino, […]

15. Casio Men - Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ohh..Oscar Week Special! Watching the Noms So You Don’t Have To: The Departed

16. koluis - Monday, May 3, 2010

I like this content so much.Imagination is more important than knowledge.

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